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'Abtahi given pills to forget the world'

02 Aug 2009 19:0521 Comments


Photo: Mohammad Ali Abtahi, before and after incarceration.

Source: Parliamentnews via blog In an interview with Parliamentnews, Mohammad-Reza Tabesh, head of the minority Reformist bloc of the Iranian parliament, said the manner in which the trial of post-vote detainees was being conducted has left everyone in a state of shock.

A court session was held on Saturday in which detained opposition activists and protesters were charged with rioting, threatening national security and conspiring against the establishment.

"A will stronger than that of the law and the Supreme Leader does not want the trial of the detainees of the post-election unrest to be held according to the law and with justice," he said.

"If the Leader is made aware of the situation in the prisons, the treatment of the detainees and their families, and the violation of the law in dealing with them, just as he ordered the closure of the Kahrizak detention center, he would immediately order the closure of these compounds, the administration of justice and fairness in the trial of the detainees, and he would order that those responsible for prisoner abuse be punished."

"Everyone has been shocked by the form of these trials in which the detainees are not allowed access to lawyers and neither they nor their families are aware of their charges."

"We cannot refrain from expressing our concerns over the manner of these trials and hope that this tactic is not aimed at completing the pre-planned scenario in which prisoners have been isolated and confessions have been extracted," Tabesh added.

"After a period of having no news, when families were finally allowed to make a short phone call or visit, they were told not to pass on [to the detainees] any news about the situation outside the court."

Tabesh quoted Reformist figure Mohammad-Ali Abtahi's wife, who recently visited her husband in prison, as saying that he had lost 10 kilos in the 43 days since his detention and that he had said," they have been giving me some pills in the past few days that detach me from everything going on around me."

Tabesh, however, stressed that Abtahi had told his wife that the pills bring him peace.

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They can never feel superior over America again in torture terms; because they have & are going on showing that in the worst of "Torture" they are the "World Champions"!

And that record will never be beaten...because the victim's are its own people...& within Iran they'll never ever be forgiven!

v.gerrard / August 2, 2009 4:15 PM

america tortures, Iran does not. Iranian culture is the oldest in the world. Respect Iran, respect our government, respect our leader. What is happening in Iran now is america's and their agents fault. It is not the fault of the Iranian people.

Radical Guy / August 2, 2009 5:03 PM

Radical guy, what is wrong with you? it is not Americas fault at what is happening in Iran. Its your own governments fault. We do have respect for the iranian people. Your government is really sick the way they torture people, it is inhumane.All the iranian people want is a fair election. Your government is the worst i have ever seen. I feel so bad for the people to have to live in iran.

oplar / August 2, 2009 5:50 PM

It is the fault of the radical people of Iran like you...that are blind to the heinous acts committed on your fellowman. You can't blame America & the rest of the world forever...go home sit in a bath & clear out your eyes with soap...then you might see the scope of your blindness & your many people's torture which is happening on this (Your) hellish governments "Watch". Especially since Ahmadinejad got the job, that was the Iranian's first mistake...but we all make mistakes & now the majority of people practiced their right to right theirs but were cheated of same. The mouse that's probably running under one part of my unrepaired floorboard even knows that from where I am, because he can hear the anguished cries...so can the whole world with him. Radical Guy, time you woke up!

v.gerrard / August 2, 2009 5:59 PM

Please do not feed the trolls. Radical Guy is not worth the time you folks waste by replying to him. This is someone who talks all of his pro-Landslide/Khamenei nonsense from the safety (and freedom) of Canada. This is also a man who, when asked why he opposed Israel on the grounds that they killed Muslims yet supports China and Russia even though they killed Muslims too, replied by saying that the massacres of the Chechyens and Uighurs were okay because they were "low Muslims."

That should tell you everything you need to know about him.

Dave In America / August 3, 2009 12:36 AM


Bush > Religious Government > Torture and Bloodshed

Iran > Religious Government > Torture and bloodshed

Look at the repeated words above.

Its not the government, its "religion". For God's sake, lets abandon religion. There is a god but he sent NO religion.

What will you say, if god asks you: " I never sent you Islam or Christianity". Mohammad and Jesus were not directed by me, they made up their own stories.

What is your answer?

IranianAmerican / August 3, 2009 12:34 PM



chippy / August 3, 2009 4:23 PM

Dave in america,

Because I don't agree with you I am a troll? This is a typical american attitude with anybody who disagrees with them. Stay out of Iran. And I did not support the massacres of the Chechyens and Uighurs. Their massacre made me sad and it was wrong.

Help me understand america Dave. I am trying to understand this country -- why is it so great, why do you want to run (rule) the world. Why do you support Israel to the exclusion of other Arab countries? Why did you invade a Arab country? When have you ever critized Israel with enough teeth that they feared you? Israel laughs at you. Was the Middle East responsible for World War ? and what did World War 2 have to do with taking over the nation of Palastine. What have the Palastine people ever done to you? And the list goes on and on -- do you want me to send you pictures of burned up Iraq babies, thanks to your bombs? I will if you wish.

Have you ever critized your country -- have you ever tried to understand the other guy's viewpoint.

Peace be with you my friend

Radical Guy / August 3, 2009 8:58 PM

Unfortunately for humanity, even if Radical Guy is a troll, there are a lot of people who share his misguided world & life view.

Maziar / August 4, 2009 2:33 PM


Humanity -- what does humanity have to do with laser guided bombs?

Radical Guy / August 4, 2009 11:29 PM

I'm saying it's unfortunate for humanity that there are people with your world view, although I believe in your right to express your view and I'm glad that you're allowed to do so without a government arresting you.

If I had to pick between the governments of Iran, Russia, China and USA as the world power ... I would pick the USA all day long. Not because I agree with all of their decisions (I was against the Iraq war, but for the Afghanistan one), but because they are the best choice available. China and Russia (& Soviet Union) have 2 of the worst human rights abuse records EVER. And Iran has not been a free country in over a millenium.

You obviously have a bias in favor of Islam (the religion forced on Iran through rape, torture and war) and the current Islamic Dictatorship in power in Iran.

So although I hope you will always have a right to express your view freely, I also hope that your way of thinking and the support for theocracies and dictatorships dies out.

Maziar / August 5, 2009 12:39 PM

"There are three of people One is the Godly Scholars. The Second category is The student on the way of salvation. The the third ones are the silly and stupid ones who run after every call, and move to and from with each wind and blows. They are the same (people) who have not been illuminated by the light of knowledge and have not taken refuge in a strong and firm pillar." Imam Ali

Which one are you Maziar?

Radical Guy / August 6, 2009 11:39 AM

I don't believe in the words of your fairy tale religion or its supposed founders. So I will not categorize myself according to the 3 categories you've put up ...

Which one of the following are you?

1) Rational, self-critical and analytical thinking human being

2) Brain-washed follower of a religion/cult that spews hatered

You see? We can both come up with ridiculous generalizations.

Maziar / August 6, 2009 5:16 PM


I believe that I am rational as I believe in the pursuit of knowledge, certainly critical of myself and analytical, but I also have a deep faith that keeps me going throughout life. I need my faith and believe it has made me a better man. I am sorry that you consider my religion as fairy tale. Religion, regardless if you are Muslim, Christian or Jew requires faith that cannot be proved. Faith is the basis of Religion. Moreover, Maziar, my friend, if you are analytical you would understand the concept of infinity and in an infinite universe all things must exist, including God.

Peace by with you Maziar.

Radical Guy / August 6, 2009 7:47 PM

I was with you until you last sentence. I understand religion needs faith. I don't have that faith in centuries old books myself, but if others do I'm ok with that.

Your last sentence about infinity and proving the existence of a god is pseudo-intellectual nonsense AT BEST. You're trying to use math to prove a point of faith (as you mentioned yourself).

What we seem to disagree on is the separation of religion and government.

Maziar / August 6, 2009 8:41 PM

Maziar, my friend,

Actually, the last sentence is part of the ontological argument for God, proposed and developed by many Christian scholars, one being a Christian Monk by the name of Eck that lived around 900 AD. Eck was the one that applied mathematics to the argument that simply said, "Whatever you can conceive of must exist".

As you seemed very negative on Islam, I thought you might be more receptive to it.

Peace be with you my friend.

Radical Guy / August 7, 2009 9:54 AM

I can conceive of Santa Clause in my head or Zeus sitting on Mount Olympus ... that doesn't mean either exists in a "real" sense somewhere in the infinity of the universe. Your Christian scholar is clearly wrong.

And for your information, there isn't enough evidence as of yet to positively conclude that the universe is infinite or without end.

Maziar / August 7, 2009 4:23 PM

Maziar my friend,

Living in a predominately-Christian country and hearing the story of Santa Clause and having several teenage children, I can assure you that Santa Clause does exist. I am Santa Clause.

And while Zeus may not be sitting on Mount Olympus, their religion was an integral part of their civilization and the ancient Greek civilization will continue to influence the world for many generations to come.

As far as the infinite universe goes, was it not proven that the universe was created with a big bang (exploding atom) and it continues to expand. That sounds like creation to me.

And most scientist believe that dark energy will cause the universe to expand forever. That sounds like infinity to me.

Peace be with you my friend.

Radical Guy / August 8, 2009 11:22 AM

So you're comparing the influence of fairy tales to their reality? In your first paragraph, you're trying to use humor to defuse the fact that there is no Santa Clause at the North Pole who travels to the houses of all children on Christmas Eve and there is no elf factory making toys for kids who have been good.

In your second paragraph, you admit that Zeus was not a real entity but rather a construct of the Greek civilization that in turn impacted the Greek civilization itself. This is obvious! And it doesn't prove your point one bit. In your previous post you mentioned that if you can conceive it, it must exist in the infinity of the universe (through some flawed mathematical model from the 8th and 9th century). So let me ask you again ... since I can conceive of Zeus, does that mean that somewhere in the universe he must be sitting atop mount Olympus? I can conceive of a planet where the force of gravity pushes instead of pulling. Just because of I conceive it, does it mean that it exists?

Yes, fairy tales and stories have an influence on society. But that does not mean that they EXIST. And that's exactly how I look at the Koran, Bible and Torah (or other religious texts claiming to have the "truth").

Let me give you a ridiculous example of something I just conceived ... a talking molecule who gives me advice. Does this talking molecule actually exist outside the imagination of me and those with whom I share it?

Also, your lack of scientific knowledge is laughable. As far as any human knows, space and time were created at the moment of the big bang, so we can't be sure that there was even a space or 'nothingness' before the big bang. There are theories about a flat and infinite universe and there are theories about a 'round' or crunching universe. That's the beauty of science. People have theories and try to test their truthfulness through experimentation. As for religion, it comes to a conclusion and looks for reinforcing evidence and discounts anything that it finds as contradictory.

And none of that matters anyway ... whether the universe is infinite or not, it still does not prove your point of reality through imagination.

Maziar / August 8, 2009 2:39 PM


Your hate precedes you. You make a joke of me. You make a joke of Islam. You make a joke of Iran.

"Islam is submission and submission is trust, trust is faith and faith is acceptance, acceptance is responsibility and responsibility is work." Imam Ali

This is my belief, may it someday be yours.

Peace be with you Maziar.

Radical Guy / August 10, 2009 10:57 AM

Radical Guy,

You are wrong, you are the one who is making a joke of yourself and your religion. Are you even of Iranian background? Why are you living in the west if you so cherish the Iranian government and Ahmadinejad? If you aren't Iranian, they will still gladly take you in.

With your lack of intelligent debate skills, your misunderstanding of scientific principles and blind faith in an archaic story ... it's you who is making a mockery of yourself. I'm just pointing everything out to you and the mirror is laughing back.

May this become your understanding one day and may you rise above the need for blind faith.

peace be with you anonymous Radical Guy

Maziar / August 10, 2009 12:10 PM