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Afrough: Prosecutor must be put on trial

03 Aug 2009 22:351 Comment
Source: Ayandeh News

Emad Afrough, a former Iranian lawmaker, said that those who have likened the post-election protests to a "velvet revolution" must be tried by the people and the establishment.

"As a methodologist and a sociologist, I would like to know what evidence the prosecutor and judge intend to use to prove that a group of people were involved in a velvet revolution," Afrough said. "More importantly, I would like to see what evidence they have that this movement was a 'velvet' one."

Afrough said given his training and educational background, he would be following the court proceedings to see whether the judge would be able to convincingly prove the charges.

"Using the word 'velvet' is an insult to the people's protests... and it's an insult to the Islamic Republic. The people who have likened these protests to a velvet revolution must be tried by the people and establishment."

"This might be a win for Russia to draw parallels between recent movements and popular protests in Iran [and call it] a velvet revolution to push the Islamic Revolution in Iran into the shadow of the socialist revolution in Russia. This is a grave insult to the Revolution and the thought of the late Imam Khomeini who viewed the revolution as a divine gift that differed in more ways than one from other known revolutions."

"I don't think that as soon as an opinion is formed and the results of a vote are found to be unacceptable by the people and they react to it -- which is not surprising -- it should be likened to a velvet revolution."

"Everyone knows that when those people, who have never pursued a velvet revolution, are accused of such a crime, they will undoubtedly lose their trust in the revolution and the Islamic Republic."

Afrough concluded by saying that the state broadcaster would provide airtime and allow experts to discuss and define velvet revolutions and raise public awareness so that "a certain party would not be able to force different generations and people off the train of the revolution by accusing them of being against the principles of the establishment and the rule of the just jurisprudent and later impose its rigid and short-sided ideals on the Islamic Republic."

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1 Comment

I completely agree with Mr. Afrough that those who have likened the post-election protests to a "velvet revolution" must be tried by the people and the establishment.

No one should not be above the law. Justice should not only be served for those in power but for everyone regardless of their moral beliefs

This ongoing trial is a farce, impartial and unbelievable.

shetty / August 4, 2009 4:03 AM