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Hajjarian to appear in court

18 Aug 2009 21:531 Comment

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Hajjarian to appear in Revolutionary court

Source: Mowjcamp | August 18, 2009

Saeed Hajjarian will reportedly be taken to the Revolutionary court tomorrow; reports also indicate that the video of his confession broadcast on national television was doctored.

The Hajjarian family said authorities contacted them and told them to inform his lawyer, Riyahi, to appear in court tomorrow.

According to the Mowjcamp report, interrogators have so far failed to extract any confession from Hajjarian, who despite his physical condition has been in detention for the past two months.

The report said that the confession video aired of Hajjarian sitting next to Mohammad Atrianfar on national television has been doctored because the shirt Hajjarian is seen wearing in the video is currently at his home.

Mowjcamp says that the film has been forged using footage of a previous Hajjarian interview.

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Observe the flaws in the justice system in Iran?

The regime has cut constitutional corners on the grounds of national security (which this regime repeatedly claimed), a justification for placing the entire nation under tyranny.

Jurisprudence is clear, that national crisis do not authorize the suspension of the constitution and its guarantees, and the rules of expediency must not be placed above the constitution.

shetty / August 18, 2009 10:20 PM