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Hajji Corleone, Sonny Seyyed and the Rapists who got away

21 Aug 2009 17:188 Comments

Crumbling brotherhood: A younger Mehdi Karroubi seated next to a younger Ali Khamenei.

By HANA H. in Tehran | 21 August

[TEHRAN BUREAU] Comment When Mehdi Karroubi went public with information that protesters had been raped in detention, officials were shocked into speechlessness. How could one of the insiders betray the brotherhood and expose the closely-guarded secrets of the Iranian illuminati?

Years of convincingly deceiving the nation of their benevolence and compassion vanished within a week and the Islamic Republic, the self-proclaimed guardian of religious values and the upholder of the true Islam was stripped bare before the eyes of the entire world. The holier than thou were charged and found guilty of fraud.

Once upon a time, the children of Iran's revolution were placed in a safe bubble where only angels, saints and the pious existed. I for one at least come from the bubble-wrapped generation.

The bubble-wrapped generation learned from television shows that Jesus-looking young men and Mary-like young women serve as the country's security and civil officers, foiling one enemy plot after the other, convincing offenders and terrorists with their charismatic charm to confess to their crimes, and shaming the bad guys with their aura of piety into guilt and repentance.

The bubble-wrapped generation was then offered alternative images with Western movies reeking of decadence, in which cops and secret agents never hesitated to beat the suspect to a pulp to extract a confession.

Horror stories about Abu Ghraib and Gitmo made everyone shiver to the bone and feel blessed that there to protect us were the unnamed soldiers of the Hidden Imam -- God-fearing individuals who have chosen to remain anonymous lest their deeds, which are all an act of worship, be carried out with insincerity.

Alas, the bubble was burst and Iranians realized that there is an Abu Ghraib close to the Iranian capital in Kahrizak.

In the year 2009, the Islamic Republic has reached a point in which the hideous crime of rape has repeatedly taken place and had it not been for the efforts of a little old cleric, regardless of his past actions and initial intentions, it would have been covered up solely to protect the people's bubble.

In the Middle East, a rape victim is viewed as a leper and society either denies their existence or boycotts them.

The disbelief in realizing that the very people who ruthlessly enforced religious law on Iran and prevented young Iranians from higher education if they failed to correctly answer Sharia questions put to them, had not only broken the laws of the divine but also that of man. The children of Iran have been violated, and the representatives of god have condoned it, and not surprisingly now deny their existence.

The law enforcement officers who we had seen on TV and learned in school about their selfless acts and religious zeal were the 'bad guys' shown to us in the alternative imagery. They had tortured, raped and killed.

The Islamic Republic came into existence in 1979 to show the world the glorious deeds a country run by clerics upholding religious values is capable of and to show that righteous leadership can change the world for the better.

However, when institutionalized religion becomes organized religion, the result is a country governed mafia-style. There is always a Hajji (the Don), a Seyyed (the henchman) and the Brothers (the assassins).

One Hajji appoints the propaganda agents (state TV), the Brothers (armed forces), the Seyyed (chief executive) and the lesser Dons (the 12 Guardians). The heads of the families (Experts) are elected by the subjects but appointed with the approval of the lesser Dons.

Sadly it must be said that the issue here is not our youth being violated, it is that Iran has been date-raped and gang raped by the Hajjis, Seyyeds and Brothers for the past 30 years and we are now waking up to the cold hard truth.

Copyright (c) 2009 Tehran Bureau

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All my life, I've been convinced that all men of cloth involved in politics (not just the mullahs and the Hajis) are essentially leaches of their respective societies - because they do not work for a living, they merely preach what they believe is gospel. They utilize the instruments of the State to reach their goals and they amass great wealth while doing so - all at the expense of the people they preach to!

Though I still believe that to be true, since June 12th and the horrific events that followed - I've also learned that such men can indeed redeem themselves - by speaking out against injustice when they see it.

Over the past 30 years, there has never been one of these men in Iran. Up until now that is. Bravo to Mehdi Karroubi - who has put his life and safety in danger by speaking out. He is the true leader of the green revolt in Iran. Sadly, Mr. Moussavi has proved to be too timid, unsure of any direction, and simply unable to lead our young to reach their desitnation of justice, equality, freedom, and democracy. He has wasted precious time and blood.

Mehdi Karroubi is a mullah I respect. And I never thought I'd praise any mullah - EVER!

Ally Bolour / August 21, 2009 1:40 PM

Histroy has taught us more than surely that the RELIGIOUS DICTATORSHIP is the worst kind and the most difficult to get rid of. Look at the history of mankind, irrespective of the religion. Whenever Religious Dictators took over the country, it went to Hell in a hand basket.

In Islam, it is more so becuase Islam does not allow independent thoughts. You must submit to Allah and HIS REPRESENTATIVES COMPLETELY AND WITHOUT QUESTIONING. Atleast that is what the Mullahas all over the Muslim Nations say, preach and enforce the practice wherever they can.

I have never understood how a simple man becomes DIVINELY GUIDED and MUST BE ALLOWED TO RULE WITHOUT QUESTIONS. Who decided that? Did people chose such a man? Did they see him perform miracles?

This DIVINLEY GUIDED maggott has brought calamity on the Iranian nation and has removed any doubt, if there ever was, that Mullahocracy is not but a venal, fecal cabal who only wants power, money and privileges....PEOPLE BE DAMNED.

Iranian people, fight for your rights. They do NOT come from this IDIOT KHAMENEI OR THE JOKER AHMADANIJAD.


David / August 21, 2009 3:40 PM

Salaams to all justice seeking people everywhere in the world. What is ironic is that the opposition is composed of clerics & the establishment clerics. As Ali Shariati put it his book, the real battle is never between different religions but within religion itself. It shows the vibrancy of iran's shia islam that there are clerics in both camps

at one group of clerics are challenging another group who have become the state clergy. This dynamic is important & shows the importance of religious values based on struggling for truth & justice

. I do pray that the Iranian people are discernin

rezvan / August 21, 2009 3:45 PM

You always have to be suspicious of people who tell you how to think and dispense morality as if they have some higher authority.

Maziar / August 21, 2009 6:41 PM

"The bubble-wrapped generation learned from television shows that Jesus-looking young men and Mary-like young women serve as the country's security and civil officers, foiling one enemy plot after the other, convincing offenders and terrorists with their charismatic charm to confess to their crimes, and shaming the bad guys with their aura of piety into guilt and repentance."

Well put. That paragraph is a reminiscence of panoply of state-sponsored movies I used to watch as a kid which the plot usually revolved around the enemies of revolution who, after capture or divine intervention by a pious character or an ultra-compassionate mullah, always were proselytized and ultimately broken down in tears of repentance for the deeds they had committed against the Islamic government.

Aria / August 22, 2009 12:18 AM

One big mafia family. IRAN'S UNTOUCHABLES. The Islamic Republic is doomed from the day Khamenei became the Godfather and Ahmadinejad and their supporters i.e. the Mullahs, Ministers,Revolutionary Guards became Khamenei's mafiosos.


shetty / August 22, 2009 7:27 AM

Rezvan: You're mistaken. Thisfight is not about religion or between clergies. Please inform yourself.



swn / August 22, 2009 5:27 PM

Sorry to point this out, what bubble? people only put themselves in a bubble. It's no excuse that the propaganda pumps out lies. Did you not hear about executions thirty years ago? did you not hear about people being terrorised inside and outside the country for thirty years. Did you not hear about the canadian journalist and others tortured and killed in prison. Do you not know about political prisoners?

What bubble?

zeezeetop / August 23, 2009 3:39 AM