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Martyred and Murdered

01 Aug 2009 13:4017 Comments
Behesht Zahra

This list is in the process of being updated.

By SAYA OVAISY in Tehran | 30 July 2009 [Updated 1 Aug 2009]

[TEHRAN BUREAU] A massive demonstration had been called for today to commemorate the dead of "Bloody Saturday" -- the violent showdown on June 20 in central Tehran during which Neda Aga Soltan and others were killed.

Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi's Facebook page announced he would pay homage at her grave at Behesht Zahra cemetery on the outskirts of the capital. Mousavi invited other mourners to join him for the Shia 40-day memorial ritual.

Tehran Bureau is compiling profiles of those who died in the post-election turmoil, as confirmed by official news sites Mowjcamp, Ghalam News and other reliable sources. The list (chronologically ordered) will be updated.


Maisam Ebadi

Age: 17

Died on the night of June 13 at Tajrish hospital from a bullet fired into his stomach.

Ramin Ghahramani

Age: 30

Ramin took part in the protests that erupted on Saturday June 13 after poll results were announced. Intelligence agents later came to his house, saying they had identified him as a "rioter" in footage taken that day. Ramin's mother accompanied her son to the police station to plead his case as innocent. But he was detained for two weeks, during which time he was hung upside-down for several days. He died from blood clots in his lungs two days after returning home.

Fahimeh Solahshoor


She died at a hospital after sustaining head injuries during protests on June 13th.


Saed Abbasi

Age: 16

He was arrested on June 15 near Enquelab Square; died in prison of injuries to the head.

Hossein Akhtar Zand

Age: 32

He was severely beaten and tossed from a third-floor rooftop by Basij militia during June 15 protests in Isfahan. Hossein died in the hospital in front of his mother and sister, for whom he was the breadwinner of the family.

Nasser Amirnejad

Nasser Amirnejad

Age: 26

He was shot from bullets fired from the Basij station at Azadi Square. Naser was studying aerospace engineering at Azad University in Tehran; his death sparked unrest at the science and research center at the university.

Sohrab Arabi


Age: 19

After he went missing on June 15, Sohrab's mother searched for her son by visiting prisons and courts with his photograph. She was finally summoned after a month by the Revolutionary Court and asked to identify him among photos of corpses. He had died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Kianush Asa

Kianush Asa

Age: 26

Kianush was a graduate student of chemical engineering at Tehran Science & Industry University. He was shot by Basij forces on June 15 and found in a morgue by his family several days later.

Alireza Eftekhari

Age: 29

A reporter for Abrare Eqtesadi newspaper; died June 15 of a brain hemorrhage after a severe baton blow to the head. His body was not given to his family until July 13. Reporters Without Borders announced him as the first journalist to die in the course of the crackdown launched by the Iranian authorities.

Davoud Sadri

Age: 25

Davoud, an electric technician, was shot in the chest at Azadi Square during the June 15th demo and died a few hours later at Rasoul Akram hospital.

Fahimeh Solahshoor


Died at a hospital after sustaining head injuries during protests on June 13th.

Amirhossein Toufanpour

Hossein Toufanpour

Age: 32

Amirhossein, a father with a seven-year-old daughter, disappeared on June 15. After searching Tehran hospitals for a week to no avail, his distraught family identified him among photos of corpses at the coroner's office. Marks on his corpse included a deep gash in the head, a broken arm, and gunshot wounds in the arm, but the exact cause of death was unclear.


Neda Agha Soltan

Neda Aga Soltan

Neda, as recounted by her boyfriend.

Kaveh Alipour

Age: 19

He was shot in the head while standing at an intersection in downtown Tehran on his way home from acting class.

Hossein Akbari

Age: 27

Hossein, a shopkeeper, was shot in the head during the June 20 protests.

Masoud Hashemzade

Masoud Hashemzadeh


Masoud died of bullet to the heart on June 20 near Azadi Street.

Ashkan Sohrabi


Age: 20

This university student was killed by three bullets to the chest on Saadi St. in Tehran. His sister recounts that she had begged him not to join the protests, but her brother had eagerly gone to the streets.


Mohammad Kamrani

Age: 18

Arrested on July 9th on Valiasr Square, detained at Kahrizak camp and later transferred to Evin prison. Family was notified of his release on July 15; upon arrival at Evin they were told son was injured and taken to Loqman Hospital. Found him in a near-comatose state and took him to Mehr hospital where doctors were unable to revive him. This high school student had been preparing for the summertime national concours (university entrance exam) for entry to medical school.

Mohsen Rohulamini


Age: 20s

Mohsen was a graduate student in computer engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran. He belonged to a prominent conservative family. His father, a high-ranking official in the Ministry of Health, was an adviser to Mohsen Rezaee, the conservative candidate in the June 12 presidential election. Mohsen's father was also a long-time member of the Basij militia. It was confirmed that he died at Evin. The authorities claimed his death was caused by meningitis; his family said that he died of bleeding in the lungs.

As reported by the Washington Post, Hossein Alaei, a retired Revolutionary Guard commander and friend of the Rouholamini family, wrote a dramatic open letter published on Nowruznews, a Web site close to the opposition, conveying the words of Abdolhussein Rouholamini, the father.

"When I saw his body I noticed that they had crushed his mouth. My son was an honest person. He wouldn't lie. I'm sure that he's given correct answers to anything they'd asked him," the letter said. "They probably couldn't stand his honesty and beat him until he died under torture."

Amir Javadifard

Amir Javadifard Langroudi

Age: 24

Amir, a graduate student of industrial management, was arrested on July 9th and died under torture in prison.


Mostafa Kiarostami

Age: 22

While attending the Hashemi-led Friday Prayers in front of Tehran University, Mostafa was pounded repeatedly on the head by Basij batons. Upon returning home, his mother realized his condition was critical and took him to Kasra hospital. He passed away that same night from brain hemorrhaging. His cause of death was reported as a "stroke." This newly-engaged young man was buried at Behesht Zahra cemetery the following day.

[Others, in process of updating...]

Maisam Ebadi

Age: 17

Died on June 13th.

Mostafa Ghanian

Mostafa Ghanian


Some of the names available read out on this video taken at cemetery.

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I think the correct lastname of Amir may be Javadifar without Langroudi.

ali nezhad / July 30, 2009 10:13 AM

Stop Killing:

Many People asked us, who we are?

We are not belong to MOK, Pahlevi and communist organisations.

We are only agianst chamenei's clan and thiers groundless violence, killing and arrest.

We believe in Mir Hossein Mosavi and support his policy.

all the People can come to us and fight with us against the sway of chamenei's dictator.

Mousavi and Karroubi and Million People of Iran are show now up at the cementery. we appeal to Basiji's troops, don't shot to the Rallies People.Whoever else dose shot us, we do shot them back...

we do boycott Siemens and Nokia, and save the Lives of your sisters and Brothers...


Army18Tir / July 30, 2009 11:10 AM

Such young innocent Iranians killed at the hands of a murderous dictatorship that calls itself a "Democracy". They call themselves Leaders?? Leaders represent the will of the people. In the end the voices of the Iranian people shall rise above all the weapons, militia, imprisonment,beatings and murders of innocent Iranians and the peoples voices will win. May they find the strength to choose their own path to freedom. And please know that the world is watching and praying for the people of Iran.

Teney an American / July 30, 2009 1:26 PM

I deeply troubled by this loss in "Blood & Treasure" of regular Iranian citizens; so young, vital and full of promise.

I grieve their passing and wish peace on those that mourn in their rememberance.

I am so sorry that my country's government has contributed to the bitter fruit of Iran's current path.

I will pray for Iran's prosperity and better times.

To Peace & Happiness then . . . Elwood "C"

Elwood "C"/American / July 30, 2009 5:48 PM

Dear Teney and Elwood C, as an Iranian, I thank you for your kind and sympathetic words for the people killed in the current struggle. It is deeply appreciated. I am so touched by your interest and concern in such difficult times.

Minoo / July 30, 2009 9:15 PM

I hope this young people have not died in vain.

shetty / July 30, 2009 9:18 PM

Dear Minoo, and other Iranians,

You can rest assured that there are people all over the world like me, who have fallen in love with the people of Iran. I knew so little before - not that I know much now - but the bravery and huge hearts it must take to risk all for a better future for the Iranian people have me up late at night, searching for news, as if my brother and sister were there in Evin, in the streets, at Neda's gravesite, and on the rooftops - for that's what the Iranian people are to me now. So I read and pray and part of my soul is over there. The common vision of humanity striving for a loving, peaceful world is being lived out, day by day, in Iran, and so many human hearts are touched and moved and inspired by that.

For a peaceful, empowered future for Iran and all of humanity... so be it.

Dharmika / July 31, 2009 1:58 AM

Why must the seeds of freedom be watered with the blood of the innocent and the tears of their beloved? They must because those who rule have become corrupt and devoid of humility and compassion. If those who committed these crimes are not held accountable, what more will they and those like them do?

Gary an American / July 31, 2009 2:56 AM

Dearest Minoo and all others who pray for the peace and freedom for the Iranian people..

Please know that there are so many people of all nations who are watching and praying for the safety of the Iranian people. Many of us feel so helpless in what we can do to help.I wish I could put into words the sorrow I feel for what is going on in Iran. Both Elwood C and Dharmika have said it well. Most of us know the sorrows of wars in the past and the losses of family and friends but we as Americans have never known the fear,beatings and murder from a government that you are dealing with today. I believe that all of us are connected as one. To me it doesn,t matter what religion or race we are, we all can be so enriched by learning and respecting one another for our differences without judgement of one another. When a government or dictatorship tries to deny us our God given right to freedom thru beatings, torture,imprisonment and murder..remember..they will never destroy our spirit or soul. The spirit of the Iranian people cannot be hidden from the world as their so called leaders want it to be. We all are watching because of the brave Iranians who risk their lives to get their message out. Please know that we are with you heart and soul and maybe someday soon we will be able to share the joys together of your freedom and a much, much better life free of fear and control by a government who only cares about their own control over the people of Iran.

Teney an American / July 31, 2009 12:11 PM

God rests. They rest. They rest together.

A soul mate / August 1, 2009 3:21 PM

May they rest in peace. Hopefully the memories of these brave young men and women leads to a revolution that frees Iran from the grip of the islamic dictatorship.

Maziar / August 1, 2009 7:12 PM

All their deaths & more are the new curdled blots of blood; that are going to mix together & evoke a new Iran for the good of all Iranian's. They are buried treasure that won't rest at their leisure; but will bring to life their treasure of a country by their martyrdom. Already they are achieving all they died for...& much more will come to pass before they're done. Then they can rest forever in the love of God above...for as long as is the vanishing of the sun. They are all truly God's gift to Iran for what they already did...& what still has to be done. They are still part of Iran's beautiful future that will surely "Come"!

Condolences & blessings to all their families & friends!

v.gerrard / August 2, 2009 7:54 PM

we should be ashamed as we are free to speak out and do more to support the people of iran who are risking there lives and getting killed.

parvaneh / August 2, 2009 8:17 PM

There are many facebook accounts and blogs that have also detailed lists of detained and killed and in one of them called Revolutionary Road blog (search for that name in google or yahoo), the number of dead is up to 78. Also, an investigation is going on the death of a 12 year old boy that supposedly died from head injury because of police brutality. Please check those out also. Guardian UK also has profiles of the detained, released and killed which gets updated continuously. I am not sure why the above only lists few of the martyred and murdered?????

MM / August 5, 2009 11:43 AM

To find out more about the 12 year old boy, go to niacblog.wordpress.com

MM / August 5, 2009 11:45 AM



























Davud AbuOmid / August 15, 2009 5:00 PM

dige kasi az sakhtiha va shekanjehaei ke man va amsal man kesheidan harfi nemizane va kasi dige donbal elat hadese nist chera chera chera!!!man shahram kordestanchi yeki az dastgir shodeha va bazdasht shode dar bazdashgahe gyre ensani kahrizak hastam

shahram kordestanchi / October 20, 2009 4:46 PM