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MP: 2-party system good govt

05 Aug 2009 14:041 Comment


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[TEHRAN BUREAU] Source: Parlement News Mohammad-Mehdi Shahriari, a member of the Majlis reformist bloc, said the Reformist Party cannot be wiped out -- it was one of the realities of Iranian society that everyone needed to come to grips with.

He said that the future of the Reformist party depended on many factors: "[First], we must wait to see the turn of events in the country and see whether authorities will be able to tolerate another Party."

"After recent developments in the government, and the severe criticism made by the Reformists against the government, [even] Principlists gradually came to realize that much of the criticism directed at the government was truthful and serious."

Shahriari, a member of the Majlis Foreign Policy and National Security Commission, said that he believed establishing a political front consisting of different Reformist factions and obtaining permits for newspapers were among the measures Reformists could pursue in the future.

"If the Reformists are allowed to continue their activities and if there is patience and tolerance from the other side [Principlists], and they [Reformists] can obtain permits for newspapers or for the activities of their party, it will be positive."

Shahriari went on to say that the recent events had not caused Reformists to 'dissolve'; it had only brought them closer.

"In the future, Reformists can come together in a political front headed by Mr. [Mir-Hossein] Mousavi, and if this happens this front will become a very powerful one."

He went on to add that such a front would help "institutionalize the system" and "safeguard the country from foreign interference."

"When one side is not organized, the enemy can exploit the situation. But when there are two organized parties in the country and everyone is working within the bounds of the law, this will insure the [longevity] of the system."

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The real problem lies with the theocracy itself in my opinion. But if the people in Iran are happy with this AND the elections are free and not tampered with then it's a workable solution. Although from all the news we've seen, it seems doubtful that the revolutionary guards and the ultraconservatives want this sort of solution. The current crisis over the elections is proof enough of that. And of course you also have the Ayatollah Yazdi camp, who wants to get rid of elections all together.

Maziar / August 5, 2009 1:14 PM