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Principlist MP: Larijani performed weakly in Majlis

05 Aug 2009 13:15No Comments
b1_385~s170x340[TEHRAN BUREAU] Source: Tabnak Elias Naderan, a member of the Principlist bloc of the Iranian parliament, said the positions of Majlis Speaker and head of the Principlist faction should not be held by the same person.

Naderan explained that in the eighth parliament, Ali Larijani, held both positions -- Speaker and Principlist faction leader -- which greatly limited his efficiency.

"The public and the media could not distinguish between his position [on different issues], whether it was the position of the Majlis Speaker or the head of the [Principlist] faction," he said.

He went on to assess Larijani's performance in the faction as "weak," reiterating his preferance "to have someone at head the faction who is not [also] the Majlis Speaker." Naderan said he believed Gholam-Ali Hadad-Adel was the best possible choice.

In response to a question as to whether Hadad-Adel had expressed an interest in the position, Naderan said, "It is highly unlikely for him to accept such a thing because he is one of those people who does not propose assuming a certain responsibility and it will take a lot of convincing [for him to accept]. But it is the duty of the faction to ask him to step into the scene."

In response to a Larijani aide announcing that the current Majlis speaker would maintain his position until the end of this term and declare his candidacy for the next term, Naderan said, "Anyone has the right to run for faction head, but the interests of the faction are more important than that of the individual."

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