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26 Aug 2009 13:317 Comments

Hossein Fadaei, a representative from Tehran, was reportedly directly involved in interrogations in Kahrizak.

3 MPs tied to Kahrizak prison

Blog Watch: niacINsight | August 26, 2009

The reformist publication mowjcamp reports that three ultra-hardline members of Parliament may have been involved in the prisoner abuse in Kahrizak prison. Mowjcamp says one MP told them that Hossein Fadaei, a representative from Tehran, was directly involved in interrogations in Kahrizak. Mowj camp also cites several members in the Parliament that there are widespread whispers in the Majlis that MP's Parwiz Sorouri and Alireza Zakani were also aware of the widespread abuses in Kahrizak.

The three MP's served with in the Basij or IRGC before becoming Parliament members.

'No Foreign Link' in Iran Unrest

BBC | August 26, 2009

Iran's supreme leader has said he does not believe opposition leaders blamed for the country's post-election unrest were knowing agents of foreign powers.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's comments contradict accusations which have frequently been made by hardliners.

A number of senior opposition figures are currently on trial in Tehran accused of conspiring with foreign powers to organise unrest.

But the ayatollah appears to be trying to reduce tensions, say correspondents.

"I do not accuse the leaders of the recent incidents to be subordinate to the foreigners, like the United States and Britain, since this issue has not been proven for me," said Ayatollah Khamenei, in a statement read out on Iranian television.

But he said there was "no doubt" the mass demonstrations, in which at least 30 people died, had been planned in advance, "whether its leaders know or not".

"This plot was defeated, since fortunately our enemies still do not understand the issue in Iran," he said.

"Our enemies were given a slap in face by the Iranian nation, but they are still hopeful and they are pursuing the issue."

Principlist MP demands trial for Tehran Prosecutor

Press TV | August 26, 2009

A senior Iranian lawmaker says Tehran's prosecutor-general, Saeed Mortazavi, should be tried for illegally closing a leading Reformist paper run by Mehdi Karroubi.

In a letter to Iran's newly appointed Judiciary Chief Ahmad Tavakkoli, a conservative member of Iran's parliament, said according to the country's media law, the prosecutor general did not have the authority to close the newspaper.

Etemad Melli (National Confidence) paper was shut down last week, after it published a story claiming that those arrested during Iran's post election violence had suffered severe physical and mental damage from rapes in detention centers.

The lawmaker's letter and his comments comes as a surprise as in August he was one of the several figures urging defeated presidential candidate Karroubi to 'reconsider his approach' towards the reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president.

Iranian Protest Figures Could Face Execution

WaPo | August 26, 2009

The attorney prosecuting leading opposition figures in Iran asked a court Tuesday to give them "the maximum punishment," offering the clearest indication to date that the government crackdown against the organizers of protests this summer could include executions.

Powerful Iraqi Shiite leader has died in Iran

AP | August 26, 2009

Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim, the scion of a revered clerical family who rode the rise of Shiite power in Iraq to become one of the country's most powerful political figures but was deeply distrusted by Sunni Muslims as an ally of Iran, died Wednesday at the age of 59.

Two senior clerics from his party, Sheiks Humam Hamoudi and Jalaleddin al-Saghir, told The Associated Press that he died after being hospitalized in critical condition in Tehran where he was being treated for lung cancer. In a brief announcement, Iranian state television also reported that al-Hakim died from lung cancer.

Al-Hakim wielded enormous influence since the 2003 U.S. invasion as head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, maintaining close ties to both the Americans and his Iranian backers.


GQ | Seven Days in Tehran

"Is this your first time in Iran?" the fidgeting man interrupts.

Yes, I tell him.

And just like that, his footrest is forgotten, his too small seat forgiven; he's completely focused on making sure I'm as excited as he is for me. "I have lived outside of Iran for twenty-seven years," he says. "Twenty-seven years! I have traveled all over the world, and Tehran is the only place where my feet feel like they have found the earth." He lifts his window shade and nudges me. "Look, dear. There's Tehran. See how beautiful it is?" I look out the window, leaning into his space, and see thousands of little lights. "You're going to love it," he says.

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Iran is going back to the Dark Ages where the rule of the jungle and not the rule of law prevails.

shetty / August 26, 2009 10:18 AM

Iran has been in Dark age for Thirthy years now. This is nothing new.

RAY / August 26, 2009 12:05 PM

To Ray:

True that Iran has had its share of darkness and evil in the last 30 years, but there is something new this time, the whole world now knows about their atrocities and the responsible people can't hide anymore.

Minoo / August 26, 2009 8:13 PM

Ayatolla Khamenei and Mahmoud "Landslide" Ahmadinejad are going to leave such a sad legacy in the history of Iran.

My heart breaks.

Roger / August 26, 2009 9:24 PM

And how do you judge the preceding 2500 years of Persian history to have been?

Kiwi / August 26, 2009 10:00 PM


Iran is not in the dark ages -- it is in the enlightened ages. When israel and america attack and bomb it back to the stone ages then they will be in the dark ages, but from that darkness with come a great light. That great light will be Ahmadinejad leading us out of that darkness.

Radical Guy / August 29, 2009 11:54 AM

It is so sad to see how a MAD, POWER HUNGRY MUllAH - KHAMANEI AND THE IDIOT MIDGET - AHMADANIJAD are destroying the great Iranian nation.

Iranian people have no choice but to keep fighting for TRUE DEMOCRACY.

David / August 29, 2009 1:02 PM