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12 Aug 2009 14:005 Comments


IRIB cites Israeli cabinet as progressive model

IRNA slams IRIB example of female ministers

[Tabnak] August 12, 2009

In an unprecedented move, Iranian state broadcaster IRIB aired a report in which the Israeli cabinet was used as an example of a government where women hold ministerial positions.

Earlier, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had hinted at his decision to include a number of female politicians in his new cabinet lineup. This caused hardliner Fatemeh Rajabi, who is one of Ahmadinejad's staunchest supporters, to write an open letter to the president urging him to rethink his decision to appoint female ministers.

In her letter, Rajabi warns Ahmadinejad that "one of the signs of the end of the world is to see women ruling countries and running governments."

"It is difficult to see the presence of female ministers in Ahmadinejad's cabinet become the first step for feminists and seculars to fulfill their goals in future cabinets," she said.

The IRNA report, published by Tabnak, reveals that IRIB's popular "9 o'clock news" aired a report titled "Female Ministers?" in which a picture of former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni next to Ehud Olmert was shown and the IRIB reporter explains "choosing female ministers is an accepted and ordinary practice in every government of the world." Read in Farsi

Principlist MP calls for Ahmadinejad to be "More Law-Abiding"

[Mehr News Agency] August 11, 2009

Principlist legislator Ahmad Tavakoli has called on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to abide by the law, and demands the Majlis fact-finding committee present their findings to lawmakers.

"Mr. Ahmadinejad, now that you have been re-elected with 25 million votes, it is time to change your past ways and show greater obedience to the law," Tavakoli said.

"In the recent unrest, the rights of the people were violated... at the hand of some saboteurs [rioters] and some officers. I do not mean to undermine the efforts made to maintain security and neutralize enemy plots... but the reality is that the rights of the detainees have been violated and the law has been trampled."

"The last unfortunate instance I heard about was the unwarranted arrest of ten Sharif University professors, which is shameful. My criticism is about your behavior not the reason for it, because it is impossible to pass judgment on the reason [for the arrests] until the case is reviewed and even then a judge must hear the case."

"If a decade ago the incidents that took place at Tehran University dormitories had been dealt with [properly] and officials had not engaged in factional disputes, such crimes would not have happened again."

Tavakoli added, "This offense must be investigated. The responsibility for this lies in the hands of the head of the National Security Council: namely, the president and the judiciary chief."

Addressing Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, this conservative parliament member from Tehran went on to say, "I would like the special probe committee to report to us immediately, for lawmakers have the right to see the results of the efforts made by their colleagues in finding the truth."

"Even if there are security considerations their findings must be presented to lawmakers behind closed doors."

Larijani: Reform Dead in Iran

[Tabnak] August 10, 2009

Hardliner Iranian politician Mohammad-Javad Larijani says Reformists are "seditionists" and that reform is dead in Iran.

"Reformists tread the same path as the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MKO), who later became seditionists instead of Mojahedin [militants]," Larijani said. "The MKO did not drop out of the sky; they were the children of this country who had religious affiliations, but tried to combine Islam with Marxism."

Larijani, who serves as an advisor to Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, added, "The Reformists went through three phases similar to the MKO. First, eclectism; then, sedition; and finally, opposition to the establishment."

Majlis committee meets with Karroubi, Mousavi reps

[Tabnak] August 10, 2009

A member of the special Majlis probe committee, Farhad Tajjari, says the committee has met with the representatives of defeated Reformist candidates Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi.

According to Tajjari, the special committee met with Seyyed Ali-Reza Beheshti, Morteza Alviri, and the families of political figures detained following the post-election turmoil on Sunday.

A special 10-member parliamentary committee was formed by Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani to investigate the deaths and detentions of the post-election protesters after reports of prisoner abuse began to surface.

"In one of the meetings Beheshti and Alviri [the representatives of the joint Mousavi-Karroubi committee] presented a report about the people who had sought their help. It was decided that they will submit their final report about those who were detained, killed or went missing after the elections to the Majlis committee," Tajjari said.

In mid July, Karroubi and Mousavi appointed a committee consisting of Alviri and Beheshti, as well as Ebrahim Amini (representing Karroubi) and Mohammad Moqqadam (representing Mousavi), to gather information and follow up on

the situation of the detainees, victims and the casualties of the post-vote unrest.

The deputy head of the Majlis Judiciary and Legal Commission went on to say that the special probe committee had met with the families of the detained political figures in a separate session.

"Mr. [Mostafa] Tajzadeh's wife and his sister, along with Mr. [Mohsen] Mirdamadi and Tajernia's wives, spoke with committee members," he said.

Tajjari refrained from commenting on the committee's progress in the inspection of detention centers.

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Female Ministers in Iran? Are you kidding me? I doubt that very much. Not in this current Administration. Well if AN was mulling about it I am sure people around him will oppose this idea and that include Khamenei. Who cares anyway?


shetty / August 12, 2009 8:28 PM

This government is getting madder by the minute; none of them know each minute what's in it. Hopefully their downfall is in one of those minutes; that they don't know what the hell is in it!

Jaker / August 12, 2009 10:13 PM

Re: "Rajabi warns Ahmadinejad that "one of the signs of the end of the world is to see women ruling countries and running governments."

This is entirely true, an "old world" way has ENDED and a "new world way" has arisen with such vigor that the foundations of all human institutions that cling to sexism and gender inquality are being shaken.

The IRIB reporter is right: "choosing female ministers is an accepted and ordinary practice in every government of the world." Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

S. / August 13, 2009 8:32 AM

How sad!!! A woman saying that. Just goes to prove how brainwashed and oppressed the Iranian women have become under these corrupt, venal, maggotty Mulahas.

Iranians need to kick Khamenei and Ahmadanijad " The Buffoon" out of power if they want to save theeir country from going back to the stone age.

Khamanei is not Divinely inspired; he is a power hungary evil Mullah who would kill, maim, murder, torture his own Grand Mother to stay in power.

David / August 13, 2009 4:30 PM

People who claim to be Divinely inspired are like used-car salesmen: do they really believe what they are saying, or are they consciously lying? I think they are able to divide up their minds so that a part of them really truly believes the lie, at leat at the moment it is being uttered.

The same applies to compulsive liars, who will tell any kind of unlikely tale if it impresses the hearer at least for a short while. They need to be loved and admired. The effect of what they say is more important than whether it is true or not.

Some people do sincerely believe that they are Divinely inspired, or receive messages from angels. William Blake is an example.

Don Cox / August 14, 2009 8:02 AM