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14 Aug 2009 00:334 Comments

Mesbah Yazdi and Ahmadinejad embrace. Photo date unknown.

Mesbah-Yazdi: Subservience to Ahmadinejad shows faith in God

[Source: Farda News] August 12, 2009

Ayatollah Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi said the recent unrest in the country targeted the rule of the just jurisprudent and compares subservience to the president with that of God.

"The instigators of these events, whomever they were, intended to eliminate the rule of the just jurisprudent," said Mesbah-Yazdi, speaking in Qom.

"The enemy wanted to eliminate or weaken this fundamental pillar. In this course, certain parties knowingly and others unknowingly went along with the current."

"The rule of the just jurisprudent is one of the main pillars of [Iran's] Islamic establishment which no other Islamic state or nation possesses."

"The just jurisprudent is the representative of the hidden Imam [Mahdi] but the president is chosen by the people... when the President is endorsed by the Leadership he becomes the Leader's agent," Mesbah-Yazdi added.

"When the president receives the Leader's approval, subservience to him become subservience to God."

No congratulatory message from Mubarak to Mahmoud

[Source: Salaam News] August 12, 2009

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossam Zaki said Cairo has made 'no comment' about Iran's presidential elections so far.

Zaki said he was unable to confirm the report that a congratulatory message had been sent from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Iranian state news agencies Fars and IRNA had earlier quoted the Iranian presidential office as saying that Ahmadinejad had received a congratulatory message on his reelection from his Egyptian counterpart.

However, the details of the alleged message were not disclosed and Egyptian media did not report on the letter.

"Iran is a Muslim country and a friend of the Egyptian people and these are good reasons for bringing the two countries closer, but the policies pursued by Tehran are very different from the policies of Egypt," Zaki added.

Majlis calls for Ahmadi-Moqaddam resignation

[Source: Salaam News] August 12, 2009

Majlis lawmaker Jamshid Ansari said Police Chief Esmail Ahmadi-Moqaddam must be removed from his post, as he is responsible for violations of the law by the officers under his command.

The member of the Reformist bloc of parliament pointed to the unlawful acts committed by police officers following the announcement of the vote result, and said it is necessary to relieve Brigadier General Ahmadi-Moqaddam of his duties in order to console the victims of the unrest.

"The Iranian society is in shock about the lawlessness and crimes committed in Kahrizak, a facility under the supervision of Brigadier Ahmadi-Moqaddam, and they will not be pacified by such abdications of responsibility," Ansari said.

The Iranian police chief had earlier said in an interview that he had been against sending students to detention centers where 'hooligans and thugs' were held, adding that the matter was outside his jurisdiction as 'all individuals sent to this center were sent on order of the public prosecutor's office.'

Kahrizak was a 'substandard' detention center closed by order of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei after shocking reports surfaced that prisoner abuse at the facility had led to the deaths of a number of detainees, including Mohsen Rouholamini, the son of a senior aide to conservative politician Mohsen Rezaei.

Ansari went on to say that it was necessary to heal the wounds of the nation and prevent the repetition of such behaviors in the security and civil forces of the country in future.

The Zanjan lawmaker also proposed that the Majlis truth-finding committee, without being influenced by political or party considerations, make public the findings of their investigations about the detention centers.

Shortly after calls for the police chief's removal, a Tabnak report revealed that Ahmadi-Moqaddam would be returning to his former job as a commander of the Basij forces after receiving a promotion.

Khabbaz: the low-born should not insult the high-born

[Source: ILNA] August 12, 2009

After Tehran lawmaker Mehdi Kouchakzadeh disrespected Mehdi Karroubi in parliament, a member of the Reformist bloc of Majlis, Mohammad-Reza Khabbaz, threatened to respond to any slandering remarks.

"Based on the wise words of the Supreme Leader we are all responsible for restoring calm in the country," Khabbaz said, directing his comments to Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani. "To avoid tension in parliament, prevent such behaviors or else we will be forced to respond."

The senior member of the National Trust Party added, "I could say many things, but I will contain myself and will only ask that Kouchakzadeh (the lawmaker's surname in Persian means 'of humble birth; low-born') refrain from insulting those of noble stock."

When Kouchakzadeh attempted to respond, Larijani stopped him by saying Khabbaz had been joking with him.

"What he said was not an insult to you, it was a joke."

Larijani rejects detainee rapes, dares Karroubi to offer proof

[Source: Parelman News] August 12, 2009

Majlis speaker Ali Larijani said the Majlis truth-finding committee has not found any evidence of 'detainee rape' as claimed by Mehdi Karroubi, a reformist candidate in the June 12 election.

In a recent letter sent to Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Karroubi requested an investigation into the rape of some of the protesters detained in the unrest that erupted following the announcement of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the winner of the 10th presidential election.

The letter was made public after the expiry of the 10-day deadline given to Rafsanjani to respond to it.

Larijani had earlier called on the 10-member probe committee, tasked with investigating the deaths and detentions in the wake of the post-election violence, to investigate the claims made in Karroubi's letter.

"The content of this letter was shocking and it was immediately picked up by foreign press. Due to the sensitivity of the issue I asked the truth-finding committee to investigate it," Larijani said.

"Thorough investigations about Kahrizak and Evin detainees found no evidence of sexual abuse," Larijani said. "If Mr. Karroubi has evidence to the contrary, he should present it to Majlis so it can be diligently probed."

"I must add that I pursued the case through other channels, due to its importance, and my findings were the same as that of the truth-finding committee," Larijani added.

"The sexual abuse of detainees is a lie and as you can see when something has no basis in reality it can create such hype," the Iranian parliament speaker said.

Larijani went on to say that this was a warning for politicians not to make allegations before having sufficient proof so that 'foreigners can make use of such incidents' to further their objectives.

"Of course after the election mistakes were made in Kahrizak detention center but the guilty parties were dealt with after investigations by the order of the Supreme Leader. But the mistakes were never of this nature [sexual]."

Kahrizak was a 'substandard' detention center closed by order of Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, after shocking reports surfaced that prisoner abuse at the facility had led to the deaths of a number of detainees. Among the dead was Mohsen Rouholamini, the son of a senior aide to conservative candidate Mohsen Rezai.

Larijani added that the Kahrizak case was still being probed, saying, "This shows that the Islamic Republic has the ability to makeamendments."

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On Yazdi:

"The rule of the just jurisprudent is one of the main pillars of [Iran's] Islamic establishment which no other Islamic state or nation possesses." What a joke!

Yes I agree that a President is chosen by the people and Ahmadinejad was chosen by a few and ignorant people. And I agree too that he and his cohorts have rigged the recent elections and therefore, subservience to him become subservience to Satan.

On Hosni Mubarak sending congratulatory message to Ahmadinejad:

This was only a grand illusion of the Iranian presidential office as if other Middle East leaders will be next.

On Moqqadam resignation:

Its should not only be Moqqadam that is to be held responsible but his superiors as well. Heads should roll. A stern punishment should be served for those accountable. They should not be allowed to live so their tribe will not prosper.

On Larajani:

Another staged probe because all probes that have been and will be conducted will just be futile, same programmed results, same big old lies!

shetty / August 14, 2009 7:36 AM

Just read a breaking news about Mr. Karroubi's allegations on the abuses of detainees and Khatami's call for his persecution in today's main prayer service. I believe that Mr. Karroubi's allegations were credible and Khatami's call was just a rhetoric to gag Karroubi and the reformists. I hail too the call of some former reformist lawyers to probe Khamenei, the Godfather of Iran Mafia and the mastermind of all these heinous crimes!

I salute Mr. Karroubi et.al. for their unstoppable courage against all odds!

shetty / August 14, 2009 8:57 AM

I have to say, before his letter, I wasn't so sure about Karroubi, but now, I have so much respect for him. It takes lots of courage to speak like this in that hellhole these days...

RAY / August 14, 2009 9:49 AM

Till Iranian people get rid of these self-anointed Mullahas with unlimited powerrs; the torture, rapes and murders of the innocent Iranians will continue to take place.

What is the difference being raped, tortured or killed by Savak (The Shah's secret police) or by these vile Mullahas?

Can some one explain that to me and the Iranian nation. God Bless the Iranian people.

David / August 15, 2009 4:29 PM