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15 Aug 2009 20:091 Comment
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Mousavi: Iranian authorities should die of shame

[Source: Radio Farda] August 15, 2009

Reformist leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi said that even if a fraction of the recently released reports of prisoner abuse are true, Iranian officials should "die of shame."

Mousavi accused Iranian officials of distorting the truth about the nation's popular movement and losing the people's trust by claiming that this movement had been orchestrated by foreigners.

"What caused the people to protest was that the law and the rights of the citizens were violated," he said.

He described the behavior of Iranian authorities and state media outlets as "unfair" and "provocative" in the days following the elections. Authorities had made a mistake in cracking down on the June 15 protests, he added, as a different approach "could have quelled the people's rage."

Mousavi also criticized the use of Basij and Revolutionary Guard forces to confront protestors, saying, "Basij and the Guards are there to confront the enemy. Using them against the people greatly damaged their reputation."

He went on to describe the so-called 'velvet coup trials' as an attempt at "proving a baseless delusion."

"Such trials would not have been appropriate for the Islamic Republic even if they were held for enemies of the revolution."

Regarding the allegations of detainee rape, Mousavi said, "If these reports are true it would be better for us to die of shame. Is this the way to treat a people who have risen with the slogan of Allah Akbar [god is great]?"

Karroubi Slams Critics

[Source: Peik Net] August 14, 2009

Reformist politician Mehdi Karroubi slammed critics, including Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani, on jumping to reject his revelations about prisoner rape in his recent letter to Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

"I had many reasons for writing to Mr. Rafsanjani. First, as he is close to the Leader, I was certain he would relay the letter to him," Karroubi explained. "Second, Mr. Hashemi himself had criticized the recent events in his Friday Prayers sermon, calling for the release of detainees."

He added, "I had already written letters to the intelligence minister and the judiciary chief. This time I decided to directly write to the head of the Assembly of Experts and Expediency Council."

Karroubi went on to state his friendship with Rafsanjani as another reason for writing to the chairman of two of Iran's most powerful councils. "Despite our differences of opinion, I believe he is in a position to do something about the issue. Considering the tragic aspect of these incidents, I expected to receive a prompt response."

"Perhaps due to the present situation and his sensitive position, he did not wish to involve himself in this affair," he continued. "As my concern grew over reports given to me, I felt the need to make this letter public."

"I later learned that he had forwarded the letter to Judiciary Chief [Mahmoud Hashemi] Shahroudi, who in turn ordered it to be investigated and asked Prosecutor General [Qorban-Ali] Dorri-Najafabadi to contact me."

The Reformist politician described the mixed reactions to the publication of his letter to Rafsanjani. "Some welcomed it as they thought it opened the way for those who have things to say on the matter to come forth. Others were upset and strove to create an atmosphere of fear."

"[This] is a climate in which when people are killed or abused in prison and their families are threatened while waiting in front of prison, or when people's homes are raided and their belongings vandalized, no one will dare breathe a word about it."

Karroubi next turned to the Majlis truth-finding commission, tasked with investigating charges of prison abuse. "Wouldn't it be better to investigate the issue instead of hurling insults, or rejecting claims as lies before the truth-finding committee has even had a chance to look into it?"

"I am sorry to hear that people arrested for protesting the results of an election have been tortured in this manner. According to what I've heard, in Kahrizak [guards] forced detainees to take off their clothes and get on all fours, rode them like animals and told them to make animal sounds. This is a disgrace for the Islamic Republic. [I've heard] they have forced some of the detainees to undress and stacked them on top of each other and poured hot water on them."

"Let's not forget that we live in a society where Dr. [Ms.] Bani-Yaqoub is arrested for having illicit relations with a man and her dead body emerges from prison. Do you deny these incidents?" he challenged.

"Today instead of investigating these reports, without looking to find the truth or fallacy of the accusations, you stand in defense of your behavior?"

Karroubi went on to criticize Larijani and the head of the Majlis Nation Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, for dismissing his letter before investigating it thoroughly.

"How is it possible to say this [prisoner rape] is a sheer lie without investigating it or at least meeting on it? If the Majlis speaker rejects incidents out of hand, how will victims ever be able to speak out about abuse?"

"I sense that these hasty rejections were made under pressure. Mr. Larijani fears to suffer the same fate as [Gholam-Ali] Haddad-Adel who was removed from the position of Majlis speaker and Mr. Boroujerdi likewise fears to end up like [Emad] Afrough who was removed from his position as Head of the Majlis commission."

"Perhaps it would have been better for these friends of ours to send a delegation like Mr. Shahroudi did to ask me about the issue, instead of airing Mr. Boroujerdi's statements forty times a day and not once showing a word of what I had said."

"It would have been better for Mr. Larijani to send his truth-finding committee to me so I could provide them with my evidence and give them the information that I have."

"My evidence is the people who have come to me, who have either been the victim of such abuse or had witnessed it or had been confided in by the victims," Karroubi said. "I am not the sort of person who would talk without proof or write a letter based on receiving an anonymous call."

"I proposed to head the investigations into the recent incidents, because I want the truth to be uncovered and to ensure an impartial committee so that victims would feel safe to come forth to state their cases," he added. "And perhaps, to see the roots of such medieval torture methods eradicated."

The defeated Reformist presidential candidate concluded his statement by addressing the issue of censorship at large.

"I tell the officials that their disrespectful slander and censure will not force me into silence. Until the day I die, I will continue to defend the rights of the people and no one can stop me from speaking and writing."

"We are not 'the opposition.' On the contrary, we are the defenders of Imam Khomeini's interpretation of the Islamic Republic. We hold that the Republican nature and Islamic nature [of the establishment] are inseparable. But they [Ahmadinejad's camp] regard the people's vote as merely ornamental."

"One of the figures [Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi] recently said subservience to Ahmadinejad is subservience to God. I say these words are spoken due to the funds allocated to his institution."

"This is while one of Ahmadinejad's confidants, [Esfandyar] Rahim-Mashai, says that Ahmadinejad has only four million votes and the remaining 20 million belong to the critics of the establishment," Karroubi said.

"I urge the youth to understand that what they see in the country today does not reflect the ideals and objectives of Imam [Khomeini]'s interpretation of the Islamic Republic. They should not write down such behavior in the name of Islam, the Imam, or the establishment."


Cartoon caption: Obedience to Mahmoud, is obedience to God! Kneel...

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi's nickname "Mesbah" rhymes with the word for crocodile in Farsi, "Temsah." The cartoonist, Nikahang Kowsar, went to prison in Iran the first time he depicted "Professor Mesbah" as a crocodile. The reptilian academic was shown strangling a journalist with his tail. Nikahang now lives in Toronto. This latest cartoon is in reference to Mesbah Yazdi's latest pronouncement that "Subservience to Ahmadinejad shows faith in God." The halo refers to the circle of light Ahmadinejad claimed appeared above his head the first time he spoke at the United Nations in New York.

Alamolhoda brands Karroubi terrorist

[Source: Asr Iran] August 14, 2009

Mashhad's Friday Prayers Leader, Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Ahmad Alamolhoda, said if the allegations made in Mehdi Karroubi's letter are not proven, he will be considered as an agent of the 'global arrogance' [i.e., the United States].

In a recent letter sent to Rafsanjani, the prominent Reformist politician requested an investigation into the rape of some of the protesters detained in the unrest that erupted following the announcement of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the winner of the 10th presidential election.

The letter was made public after the expiry of the 10-day deadline extended to Rafsanjani to respond, drawing mixed reactions from both sides of Iran's political spectrum.

"The person who with his letter has helped relentless enemy attacks on the establishment and whose writing becomes a means for the enemy to desecrate the establishment is an agent of the global arrogance and must not be allowed freedom in the country."

He called on the Judiciary to discipline the maker of allegations that "have emboldened the enemy, caused Islam, Iran, and the hidden Imam to lose face, and terrorized the nation" and to force him to offer proof of his claims.

"As these allegations have assassinated the characters of all Judiciary and security officials of the country, the maker of these allegations [Karroubi], if they are not proven, is a terrorist and must accept his crime."

Alamolhoda went on to stress the importance of political freedom in the country and denounce a politically single-voiced society. "Having an atmosphere of censorship and monitorship shadowing the country is not in the interest of the nation or the establishment."

"There should be different ideas and political movements in the country, but when the just jurisprudent [Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei] makes a decision everyone must submit to his decision."

"Everyone has the right to speak out, write and criticize but on condition that he/she accepts responsibility for their words and writings," Alamolhoda concluded.

Ahmad Khatami: Youth were duped into protesting

[Source: Asr Iran] August 14, 2009

Tehran's interim Friday Prayers leader, Seyyed Ahmad Khatami, praised the Judiciary for trying those who participated in the post-vote protests and called for the punishment of Reformist politician Mehdi Karroubi for "propagating lies" about prisoner rape.

"The Judiciary did well in bringing to justice those who had participated in the recent riots, and my advice to [the judiciary] is to only think about upholding the law," Khatami said.

"In the recent events some were duped [into protesting] and they had no intention of committing treason. They were conned. Particularly some of our dear youth who have, possibly, not been the perpetrators of serious crimes. It is expected that these individuals be treated with Islamic compassion so that their lives are not over because of one slip and they can learn from their mistakes."

"We must realize that satellite [channels] and certain websites are founded on lies and their purpose is to attack the Islamic establishment. Therefore we must not deal with them with lenience," Khatami added, urging university and seminary elite to not be influenced by such media outlets.

He went on to describe Karroubi's recent letter to Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani as "a cause for grief for the Iranian establishment."

"Last week, a politician wrote a letter laced with lies and allegations against the Islamic establishment, a letter that was a cause for celebration in the US, Israel and for foreigners. This letter was a distortion [of facts]," Khatami said.

In his letter, Karroubi requested an investigation into the rape of some of the protesters detained in the unrest that followed the announcement of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the winner of the 10th presidential election.

The letter was made public after the expiry of the 10-day deadline extended to Rafsanjani to respond, drawing mixed reactions from both sides of Iran's political spectrum.

Khatami, who is a member of the governing body of the Assembly of Experts, pointed to [now former] Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi's rejection of sexual abuse in the prisons under his jurisdiction.

"The Judiciary has clearly stated that the sexual abuse claimed by this sir [Karroubi] is a lie. The Majlis truth-finding committee has rejected it as a lie. Everyone says it is a lie. This letter has damaged the reputation of the establishment... it is expected of the Islamic establishment to give a befitting response," Tehran's Friday Prayers leader concluded.

This is while Mashhad's Friday Prayers leader Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Ahmad Alamolhoda also called for the punishment of Karroubi, calling him a "terrorist" for carrying out "character assassinations" against Iranian judiciary and security officials.

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In Iran, those who protested against the present Regime were branded terrorists, enemies, traitors,and agents of the West. But I dare say that those who support this Regime are the real terrors. They all behave like goons.

The social justice in Iran has long been dead. Its judicial, political, and military establishments has been rotting for years. The Islamic Republic has been suffering from cancer and no antidote is imaginable but destruction.

shetty / August 16, 2009 7:17 AM