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Puzzling: men and women touch during police show battle in Iran. Click here for more photos

Oil Minister: we won't sell oil to countries that accept gasoline sanctions

Kayhan | Oct. 8, 2009

Companies that decline to sell gasoline to Iran will be barred from dealing with Iran's National Oil Company, Iranian oil minister Masoud Mir-Kazemi told reporters in a press conference Thursday.

Emphasizing that Iran is "not worried" about providing for the country's gasoline needs -- "we will buy it from any country that offers to sell at a fair price" -- Mir-Kazemi said such sanctions are "already thwarted."

Questioned about a deal with Caracas, the oil minister replied that Iran had signed on to import 20 thousand barrels of gasoline from Venezuela.

"Just as the previous sanctions helped us find new trade partners, we can now break the monopoly on countries we trade with in the oil sector," he added.

"Tall Tales"

Kayhan | Oct. 7, 2009

Excerpt from daily column 'Dialogue' (Goft o Shenood)

This anonymous column, which appears on the first page of Kayhan's print edition, is rumored to be written by the editor-in-chief, Hossein Shariatmadari.

He said: A British analyst ridiculed the claims of the counterrevolutionary groups about the grassroots nature of that Mousavi episode, saying "While America and Europe have admitted their defeat in this regard, these groups are still engaged in the game!

I replied: What does he care? Let the poor things play all they want.

He said: The same analyst writes that "The tales that Iranian opposition groups make up about their successes resemble science-fiction movies."

I replied: A liar boasts to his friend, "I went to the forest yesterday, and hunted two lions, a tiger, and five deer!" The friend, who was more of a lying boaster than he, nonchalantly asked, "Is that all?" The first boaster shot back with, "Is it possible to kill more than that with just one bullet?" The second asked with feigned surprise, "Are you saying you had a gun, too?"

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