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12 Oct 2009 00:151 Comment
behnood384_169495a.jpgVictim's parents hang man convicted of murder as juvenile

AFP | Oct. 11, 2009

An Iranian man was hanged on Sunday reportedly by the parents of his victim whom he murdered in a brawl as a teenager, despite international calls urging the Islamic republic to stop such executions.

Behnoud Shojaie had been convicted of stabbing to death 17-year-old Ehsan Nasrollahi during a fight in August 2005 when he himself was aged 17, Iranian news agencies reported.

"The mother and father of Ehsan Nasrollahi themselves carried out the punishment in the Evin prison," the agency ISNA said in reference the notorious detention facility in Tehran.

Former Iran judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi had agreed in June last year to suspend Shojaie's death sentence to give the victim's family a chance to pardon him under Islamic sharia law.

Protesters gather at Evin to stop execution of minor

AUTNews | Oct. 11, 2009

The student-run news service of Amir Kabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) released a photo report showing a gathering of human rights activists in front of Tehran's Evin prison in the early hours of Sunday morning to protest the execution of Behnood Shojaei, which was slated for 4 am on Sunday.

Shojaei, 21, who was convicted four years ago of killing a teenager during a street fight in Tehran, was executed on Sunday morning at Evin prison.

Makhmalbaf dedicates film prize to Karroubi

Radio Farda | Oct. 11, 2009

Prominent Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf dedicated the lifetime achievement prize awarded to him at this year's Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival to Mehdi Karoubi, a leader of the opposition movement in Iran.

In his acceptance speech at the award ceremony, Makhmalbaf said: "The giving and receiving of awards in today's world must become an act of democratic struggle. I dedicate my prize to the great man who bravely revealed the rape of detainees in Iranian prisons."

"In a society that governs through creating fear, Mehdi Karroubi pushes back the borders of fear," Makhmalbaf added. "Many Iranians have proposed him as a candidate for next year's Nobel Peace Prize."

Daughter of Ahmadinejad adviser screens anti-torture film

Rouydad News | Oct. 11, 2009

Narges Kalhor, daughter of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's media adviser Mehdi Kalhor, took part in the Nuremberg Human Rights Film Festival with a film condemning torture.

The young Iranian director's film, "The Rake," draws from Franz Kafka's short story "Penal Colony." The film revolves around a torture contraption dubbed the "Rake," which embosses the sins of prisoners on their bodies. The contraption symbolizes the barbarity of totalitarianism, which extends beyond sadistic abuse of others to dictatorship's self-mutilation.

Kalhor interweaves these elements with the history of prisons in Iran. Contrary to the Kafka ending, the film's hero stops the torture machine and destroys it -- an act symbolic of the halting torture.

"Green Days," a recent film by Hana Makhmalbaf, daughter of prominent filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf, was also screened at the festival.

Opposition leader's tête-à-tête

Parleman News | Oct. 10, 2009

Opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi met at the cleric's home on Saturday to talk about post-election developments. In the meeting, both presidential candidates condemned IRIB, Iran's state-run broadcaster, for its efforts to undermine the reform movement. They also stressed their demands to appear on television and radio to defend themselves before a nationwide audience in response to "false accusations" made against them on the "national stage."

[Note: Various officials and clerics, including prominent Friday Prayer leaders, have accused Mousavi and Karroubi of trying to spearhead a "velvet revolution" to overthrow the Supreme Leader and the Islamist regime.]

Khatami: The people will not back down

Parleman News | Oct. 11, 2009

Former president Mohammad Khatami reaffirmed his support for the "genuine and massive civil movement" that arose in the wake of Iran's election, and said the ensuing crackdown on the opposition has ensured that Iranian people will not back down from the path they have initiated.

In a speech delivered in the southwestern city of Yazd, Khatami stressed that "the current security climate will not sustain the regime for long," and warned that "those in power must know that a people cannot be ruled by force."

He added that the only way out of the current quagmire was a return to constitutional law, which guarantees civil rights as well as freedom of speech and assembly.

High School Students Protest at Recess

Facebook | Oct. 11, 2009

According to a Facebook source who provides reliable reports on post-election developments, students at a high school located in Tehran's Qazvin Square began chanting anti-government slogans during recess. The school principal, unable to restore order among the protesting students, canceled the rest of the school day by asking students to leave at 10:50 am.

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1 Comment

As has happened so often in the past, film-makers and students demonstrate the frustrations of people oppressed by a totalitarian regime.
How long will Mahmoud "Landslide" Ahmadinejad and the Iranian government try to crush dissent with thuggish crowd-control techniques and banning of basic human rights and freedoms?
The Youtube videos of Neda and others showing the plight of the Iranian people continue to get thousands and thousands of views.
The world is watching, people of Iran. Never give up.

Roger / October 13, 2009 8:54 PM