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26 Oct 2009 17:071 Comment

Pakistan 'holds elite Iran force'

BBC | Oct. 26, 2009

Iran has blamed a Pakistani group for an attack on its Revolutionary Guards

Eleven members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards force have been arrested in Pakistan after illegally entering the country, police there say.

They were detained in Mashkel near the Pakistan-Iran border, they added.

It comes eight days after a suicide bomb killed 42 people, among them six Revolutionary Guard commanders, in Iran's Sistan-Baluchistan province.

Police Chief Warning on 13 Azar (Nov 4) Rallies

Tabnak | Oct. 26, 2009

Iranian Police Chief Esmail Ahmadi-Moghadam, questioned about mass rallies slated for Nov. 4, told ILNA reporters: "My advice to anyone wanting to stage a demonstration is to obtain the necessary permit for doing so, in order to have the support of the police force."

"We have repeatedly said that any legal gathering will have the protection of the police," Ahmadi-Moghadam said. "Conversely, we will prevent illegal gatherings, especially any meant to spark unrest."

"The Ring"

Kayhan | Oct. 26, 2009

Excerpt from daily column 'Dialogue' (Goft o Shenood)

This anonymous column, which appears on the first page of Kayhan's print edition, is rumored to be written by the editor-in-chief, Hossein Shariatmadari.

"The Ring"

He said: Iran's answer to the 5+1, saying it won't give a single milligram of enriched uranium to foreign countries to process into 20% uranium, has sorely put out the US, Israel, and Europe.

I said: How's that?

He said: They'd proposed for us to hand over low-enriched uranium and take back 20% uranium.

I said: American cowboys and wizened British foxes and child-murdering Zionists wanted to use this ruse to take Iran's uranium and not return it.

He said: But Iran's response was a big slap in the face for them.

I said: A charlatan had his eye on his friend's ring.To get it, he told him, "Give me your ring so whenever I see it I'll think of you." His wary friend replied, "How about I don't give it to you, so you'll remember me whenever you look at your ring-less finger!"

IRIB hosts vows to return to Iran

Parleman News
| Oct. 23, 2009

Morteza Heydari, the host of a controversial IRIB channel 2 'Live News Debate' program, rejected rumors that he was seeking political asylum. He said that he has gone abroad to study.

A reporter from the 20:30 program spoke to Heydari, who said that he had stepped out of class for the interview. Heydari failed to mention his location or university.

When asked by the reporter about rumors circulating about his arrest at the airport, Heydari answered, "Why would they arrest me? Why should I seek political asylum?"

"I received a letter of admittance for a university a few months back," he said.

Regarding the duration of his stay, Heydari said, "It will take a few years, but right now I'm here to enroll and present my proposal. I will be back in Iran by the end of November."

[Heydari conducted interviews with Mohsen Ejei, the former intelligence minister, reformist strategist Saeed Hajjarian, while still in captivity, and Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Mehdi Tabatabayi Shirazi, an ethicist who strongly criticized Ahmadinejad on live TV, all making Heydari somewhat infamous in Iran.]

Other sources for the story: Asr Iran and Tabnak

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Where is pirouz? why isnt he defending the irgc here?

Agha Irani / October 28, 2009 1:07 PM