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Day 2: Clashes at Tehran universities

08 Dec 2009 16:561 Comment

Six students arrested at Tehran University

AUT | Dec. 8, 2009

Following two days of protests and clashes with security forces at Tehran University, six students have been detained according to a student online news source.

According to the Amir Kabir Bulletin, there have been at least six confirmed arrests: Navid Soltanpour (Physical Education), Mojtaba Hashemi (Law), Niloufar Esbati (Engineering), Bardiya Najjar (Mechanics), Tahereh Dehkhavarqarnian (Medicine) and Mehdi Bolkhari.

There are no official figures available regarding the actual number of detained students.

2 Tehran universities attacked

AUT News | Dec. 8, 2009

Revolutionary Guard and Basij militia forces attacked campuses at Tehran University and Shahid Beheshti University in the Iranian capital on Tuesday morning.

Amir Kabir University of Technology (AUT) news service reported that the gates of Tehran University were opened by campus guards to allow the militia forces to pour onto campus.

Today's events after pro-opposition students announced Monday that they would gather Tuesday morning to protest the violent treatment they had received at the hands of plainclothes forces during Student's Day protests at Tehran University on Monday.

The security forces attacked student protesters on campus today with batons and pepper spray. According to eyewitnesses at Tehran University, a number of students were arrested and taken away.

Also on Tuesday, Basij and plainclothes forces entered Shahid Beheshti University in northern Tehran, according to an AUT News report.

The forces entered the Faculty of Law building, disrupting classes and beating students. Eyewitnesses report that a group of about 200 Basij forces faced off with about 300 opposition students, with the two sides chanting slogans against each another.

Yesterday, Shahid Beheshti students chanted anti-government slogans during protests to mark Student's Day [16 Azar]. They had also chanted "Allaho Akbar" in the direction of Evin Prison located near their campus.

Pro-government forces from the Basij milita and Ansar Hezbollah vigilante group who had entered Shahid Beheshti campus today chanted, "Death to the anti-Velayat Faqih" [Death to those who are against the position of Iran's Supreme Leader].

Student protesters countered with chants of "Death to the Dictator" and "Guns, tanks, Basijis are no longer effectual," referring to the government's violent crackdown on the opposition to suppress and intimidate them.

Female medical student arrested by security forces

HRA | Dec. 8, 2009

Following a raid by security forces on the University of Tehran, a second-year medical student named Tahereh Dehkhavarqarnian was arrested.

According to the Amir Kabir Bulletin, Dehkhavarqarnian was severely assaulted by security forces, dragged into a Peugeot GLX and transferred to an unknown location.

Clashes and canceled classes at Tehran University

BBC Persian | Dec. 8, 2009

Classes were canceled today at Tehran University after pro-opposition students clashed with members of the pro-government student Basij and plainclothes forces on campus early Tuesday morning.

A Tehran University student told BBC Persian that the skirmish led to the breaking of doors and windows at the Faculty of Technology building. The atmosphere of the campus is still tense, the student said.

Earlier, another eyewitness reported that the clashes erupted when opposition students had gathered to protest the authorities' crackdown the day before during the Students' Day [16 Azar] student protests.

The plainclothes forces used batons on students today, eyewitnesses report. A YouTube video shows students lighting a fire in the corridors of the Faculty of Technology to counter the effects of tear gas thrown at them by plainclothes forces.

State news agencies reported today that "military and police officials" were deployed since early Tuesday morning around the Tehran University campus and had sealed off the main campus gates after the clashes died down.

Karroubi accuses IRIB of doctoring 16 Azar footage

Radio Farda | Dec. 8, 2009

Opposition cleric Mehdi Karroubi wrote a letter to the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting to object to the 16 Azar videos aired by IRIB.

In his letter to Ezatollah Zarghami, Karroubi wrote that, as the state broadcaster instead of helping national unity, the IRIB had manipulated the videos broadcast in the controversial 20:30 program.

He added that this was the first time that the IRIB had aired footage showing posters of the late founder of the Islamic Republic being torn, and that they edited the footage to frame the student protestors.

Karroubi added that certain movements seek to defame the true voice of protest to open the way for radicals to crackdown on the nation.

Rioters prevented Rahnavard speech

Safir | Dec. 8, 2009

Rioters present at the Tehran University faculty of arts prevented Zahra Rahnavard from delivering her speech on 16 Azar by chanting anti-government slogans.

Safir claimed that Mir Hossein Mousavi's wife, who was invited to address students at the faculty there, was forced to quickly leave after disagreement broke out between Mousavi supporters and rioters began to chant slogans against the establishment while holding up posters of Mousavi.

Rahnavard attacked on 16 Azar

Gooya | Dec. 7, 2009

Zahra Rahnavard, the wife of Mir Hossein Mousavi, was attacked in Tehran University by a group of women claiming to be members of the Basij.

According to eyewitness reports, when Rahnavard asked the group why they were following her, they claimed to be there for her protection.

"Rahnavard told them: you have been following me everywhere since morning. I tell you that I'm green inside and out and you are only here to stop me [from speaking]," the eyewitness said.

The discussion then became heated and the leader of the Basiji women insulted Rahnavard. Witnesses said the leader of the group forced her way into the faculty of arts building and with the intervention of campus security Rahnavard was escorted out of the premises.

The group of women following Rahnavard followed her to her car and sprayed her in the face with pepper spray from close range. Local shopkeepers came to Rahnavard's aid.

Bikers threaten Mousavi at workplace

Deutsche Welle | Dec. 8, 2009

Reports suggested that a group of bikers gathered outside the Arts and Cultural Center prevented Mir Hossein Mousavi from leaving the compound.

The Deutsche Welle report said that the bikers, who are known as plain clothes officers, gathered outside Mousavi's workplace chanting slogans against him. The Kalameh website said that there were no clashes and that the bikers were only shouting insults and slogans against Mousavi.

An informed source told AFP that, "They allowed other employees to leave. We called the police but not many officers were dispatched to the scene."

According to the Kalameh website, Mousavi got out of his car, was approached the bikers and addressed them by saying, "You have been sent on a mission. So complete your mission. Kill me, beat me and threaten me [if that's what you are here for]."

This reportedly caused the bikers to leave the scene.

The bikers also prevented Mousavi from leaving the Arts and Cultural Center to participate in rallies on 13 Aban.

Report suggests Kurdish doctoral student kidnapped

Kurdistan Media | Dec. 8, 2009

Kurdistan media claimed that a Kurdish Tehran University graduate student was kidnapped by security forces moments after the 16 Azar protests ended at Tehran University.

According to eyewitnesses, Farzad Kalbali was kidnapped by plain clothes officers after exiting the eastern entrance of the university and was driven away in a black Peugeot.

Kalbali is an honor student who was getting a PhD in political sociology at Tehran University.

Police chief: 204 protestors arrested in Tehran, Basij not involved

Tabnak | Dec. 8, 2009

Tehran police chief Brigadier General Azizollah Rajabzadeh rejected reports of Basij and police clashes with protestors in Vali Asr Square on 16 Azar.

The police chief told ILNA that 169 men and 35 women had been arrested during Monday's protests in Tehran, stressing, "Basij was not on duty in the gatherings on Tehran streets yesterday."

Iran warns of tougher action against protesters

CBS | Dec. 8, 2009

Authorities may be concerned because the coming months could heat up, with several key occasions that give the opposition a pretext for bringing supporters into the street.

In mid-December [Dec. 18], the Islamic holy month of Moharram begins -- and throughout the month Iranians traditionally hold mass mourning ceremonies. Next comes the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, which is marked by 10 days of celebrations in early February.

Preparing the groundwork for an arrest?

Khabar Online | Dec. 8, 2009

Following a Tuesday morning gathering outside Farhangestan (an Arts Cultural Center), which is headed by Mir Hossein Mousavi, rumors began to spread about the opposition leader's arrest.

According to Khabar Online, rumors that a number of Peugeot vehicles with dark windows entered the Arts Cultural Center building prompted onlookers to believe that they were there to arrest Mousavi. However, no source was able to confirm that Mousavi was on the premises at the time.

No official source has reacted to this rumor, which was sent as a text to citizens.

Two more Shiraz University students detained

HRA | Dec. 8, 2009

Two Shiraz University students who were summoned by the province's intelligence office, which is nicknamed Nob. 100, were arrested.

According to the Amir Kabir Bulletin, Saeed Aganji, one of the students who was in Mehdi Karroubi's campaign, and Razieh Jafari, a sociology student who was suspended for one semester last year, are the two detainees.

The detention of Aganji and Jafari has brought the number of Shiraz University students detained over the past 24 hours to 8.

Seyyed Mohammad Mohsen Mousavi, Sobhan Heydari, Najma Ranjbar, Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, Saeed Lotfi and Masoud Mahdavi are the six other students that have been detained.

Clips reportedly from Dec. 8

Chant goes, "Shame on you Basiji, let go of the university."

Chants: "Death to Basijis"


Ejehi says would punish Rafsanjani's son more severely, if found guilty

Press TV | Dec. 8, 2009

Iran's prosecutor general has called for an investigation into corruption charges against the son of a high-ranking Iranian official.

Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani, the son of Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the head of Iran's Expediency Council, has been accused of money laundering and fact fabrication.

"If there are any charges against Mehdi Hashemi, he should be summoned and his case investigated," Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje'i said in a Tuesday press conference.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a TV debate during his presidential campaign, accused the Rafsanjani family of corruption.

During the fourth round of the trial of the post-election detainees in August, one of the defendants accused Mehdi Hashemi of embezzling $2 million of the assets of the Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization -- which was previously headed by him.

Hashemi, who is now in Britain, has categorically denied the accusations.

"If he [Hashemi] is found guilty, he should be punished without any mercy," Eje'i said.

Meanwhile, Iran's prosecutor general dismissed as "fake" defeated presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi's alleged "evidence" about the rape and murder of a young man and a teenage girl during the post-election unrest.

Iran acknowledges Amiri nuclear expert

Mehr | Mehr (Farsi) | Dec. 8, 2009

Iran accused Saudi Arabia on Tuesday of handing over to the United States an Iranian nuclear scientist missing since June.

Shahram Amiri, a university researcher working for Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation, disappeared during a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in June. [Some media reports said he wanted to seek asylum abroad.]

"Riyadh has handed over Iran's nuclear scientist Amiri to America," Mehr quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast as saying. Mehmanparast said Amiri was being detained in the United States.

"He is among 11 jailed Iranians in America," he said.

Ahmadinejad sister reacts to green candy

Parleman News | Dec. 8, 2009

During a Tehran City Council meeting on Tuesday, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's sister Parvin refused to eat green candy.

The meeting started with Masoumeh Ebtekar's congratulatory remarks on 16 Azar. She criticized the police environment dominating universities but was interrupted by Mehdi Chamran who would not allow her to finish.

When candy was distributed to the members of the council, Ebtekar asked one of her colleagues to give green candy to Parvin Ahmadinejad.

Abad, member of the cultural commission of the council, approached Ahmadinejad and told her that, "They asked me to give you this candy because it is green."

Parvin Ahmadinejad refused to accept the green candy.

Ayandeh website filtered

Khabar Online│ Dec. 6, 2009

The Ayandeh news website was filtered early Monday morning.

No explanation has been given regarding the filtering of the website, which has been extremely critical of the Iranian government.

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