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Obama's Nowruz Message

20 Mar 2010 20:589 Comments

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I wish that one day Obama get to see Iran in person , get to see our people, get to see Persepolis, Isfahan,Tabriz...etc. I mean not like Alexander the great, rather just as human being , a person that seem to be close to our heart than folks like the ones running Iran.

He should see Iran and see for himself what is left from our great past and ailment that went on us in the course of history and how we managed to persevere in think and thick of time.
And to see how , we as a nation , no matter where in the world we live , are striving to push out the evils out of soil, out of our land, out of Iran.

Happy New Year to You All

PersianTraveler / March 20, 2010 10:47 PM

I too hope that one day president Barrack Obama be able to visit Iran. But I believe that the Irani government and regime do represent the majority of the country’s population. I know that the leadership of Iran has the best in mind for the Irani people. The sanctions implemented against Iran have only hurt the citizens of Iran, hearing aids and simple medical devices in Iran cost a great amount. The government of Iran did not wish for these sanctions, rather these sanctions were forced by the international community. We the United States jump to criticize the regime but fail to understand that our secular culture does not fit their theocratic culture. Its like trying to insert a square table leg into a round socket. We should have a more lazz-e-faire government policy with Iran, our intrusion into the middle east has caused nothing but hate towards Americans. And if you look deeper into the Islamic Republic of Iran, you will indeed notice the “republic” which Iran is. I see their ayatollah more as a supreme court justice, one who is appointed for life and makes decisions which are not influenced by any political party or political action committee. Its interesting to see how people have developed ways to govern themselves. I would encourage more reading on Irans political philosophy, and would recommend books written not by Iranians who live in California but rather those in Iran. The founders of their nation and revolution. I don’t remember the last time that an Irani was arrested for attempted suicide bombing of a plane. I think we should level down the animosity which we have towards Iran’s government and If we do so they will follow our footsteps. I think they do have the right to clean nuclear energy power and the people the right to govern themselves.

OpenHeartSurgery / March 21, 2010 3:37 AM


i have seen what you did with irag,afganstan and saudi arabia

|Iran, now it's your turn to get fu....

expert / March 21, 2010 2:02 PM

expert, you are 100% WRONG.

The future of Iran lies in the hands of the Iranian people. The "Iranian people" are responsible for the past failures. The "Iranian people" will cause the events of the future. The Iranian people as a whole must demand change or they deserve their misfortune. Iraq, Afghanistan etc. have nothing to do with it. We must learn to stop blaming others for our own shortcomings.
Iran has been made into the hell hole of the present by Iranians themselves.

Jalili / March 21, 2010 7:56 PM

Hi Expert

Nations can decide for themselves, if and when, there is a strong political Will for change, popular desire and in some ways charismatic leaders available that can channel social discontent to the right direction, herald new horizons to public and hence get enough support from public to bring about fundamental changes, be it a revolution or a mere peaceful change of government .
Yet, there is no guarantee that the outcome would be as glorious for all political tastes as it might had been hoped for. Examples are abundant and in all extend of political spectrum.

Take Iran in 1979, It was not US that drove the king out nor Mollas alone managed to do that on their won. It was a cumulative effort of all kind peoples, groups and individuals, ranging from extreme right to extreme left ..etc. Yet, soon afterwards we saw what SOME of our OWN people did to others (perhaps more viciously) than The U.S directly did to us at any point before and after that.
Sure, i understand your concern. The U.S is not a freedom angel and understandably so, like any other sovereign nation , is after consolidating its national interest, as She should.
Its upon Iranian people to show enough stamina and determination for change , otherwise as you feared, others might indeed try to decide for us.

Lets look forward and take lesson from history and other nation's mistakes and make them guiding torch for our steps in this tumultuous times.

Wish you a good and peaceful NewYear


PersianTraveler / March 22, 2010 12:54 AM

Mullah's Banker busted in NYC



First class crook; I met him at the Asia Society and he was as crooked as they come. The Missing Millions are in Bank Melli.

Anonymous / March 22, 2010 11:51 PM

If Obama is genuinely interested in the welfare of the people of the Middle East why does he not send a message to the people of Gaza who have been under an intense siege for the last few years by the US closest ally, israel or why does he not send a New Year message for the people of Egypt ruled by one of the most brutal dictator in the Middle East and again the one of the US's best friend. Obama has turned out to be a good messenger for the oligarchs who actually rule and control the US. No wonder his popularity rating has recently sunk to lower than that of GWB and 90% of US voters express no confidence in their Congress. If any country needs a revolution and where if a genuine people's revolution took place could lead to a much more peaceful and fairer world. In the global scheme of things it is washington that needs a people's revolution more urgently than tehran.

rezvan / March 27, 2010 4:38 AM

We need your help Mr President,Please!we are being assasinating by religon.

mazyar / March 28, 2010 11:59 AM

Mr. Obama's Norouz comments represent another attempt to meddle in the affairs of Iran. Who is Obama to address the Iranian nation? Who is he to separate the Iranian people and their government? Who is he to lend a hand for Iranians to have a better access to the internet? All these represent a will for aggression. As we saw Mr. Obama first met with the Republicans to push for healthcare reform, pretending he is bipartisan. But buldozed his legislation unilaterally without the Republicans. That is what he is doing with Iran. He first was cordial (last year's address), in order to show he is reaching out, but all the while he is preparing the public for buldozing an entire nation.
While we all hope for a secular Iran free of religious rule, that remains an internal matter.

Pouya / March 30, 2010 11:37 AM