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Basij to be in charge of neighborhood watch

Fararu | March 7, 2010

After meetings with IRGC officials it was decided that Basij patrols would be assigned to neighborhood watches across the country, according to deputy police chief Ahmad-Reza Radan.

Radan explained that the measure would be taken to ensure the safety of citizens and their property during the Nowruz holidays when many homes are empty in different cities.

"This is a good course of action that will ensure a sense of safety in citizens," he said. "Basij forces will be in uniform, have official mandates and will be [working] in cooperation with police precincts."

Hossein Shariatmadari hospitalized in Tehran

Borna | March 7, 2010

Kayhan editor-in-chief and representative of Iran's Leader thereHossein Shariatmadari was hospitalized in Tehran on Sunday morning.

According to Shariatmadari's doctor his health is improving.

Police determining authenticity of dorm attack film

Tabnak | March 7, 2010

Tehran police chief Hossein Sajadi said a team of experts was working to determine the credibility of the video of the raid on the Tehran University dormitory.

"The country's judicial system is following up on the matter and will be taking the necessary actions and a team of experts are also studying the film to determine its authenticity," said Sajadi.

He said that as of three days ago, police officers had begun patrolling the city on foot and in police cars in order to safeguard the security of citizens.

Dolatabadi: 250 Ashura detainees indicted

Tabnak | March 7, 2010

Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari-Dolatabadi rejected reports that Mohammad Ali Valian was awaiting execution.

When asked by a reporter whether Valian, who was arrested on Ashura, would be executed, Dolatabadi said, "No. He is one of the defendants whose verdict has been decided and he is in the process of receiving it. He has until March 13 to file an appeal."

"Naturally Iran's legal system is based on justice and legal procedures... This defendant [Valian] had legal representation in his trial and has the right to appeal his verdict," ILNA quoted him as saying.

In response to a question about developments in the cases of other Ashura detainees, Dolatabadi said, "About 250 of the individuals detained on Ashura have been indicted. Of course, other detainees whose files have been completed and whose cases lacked enough incriminating evidence will be gradually released.

Media court exonerates Hamshahri, Khabar newspapers

Tabnak | March 7, 2010

The media jury exonerated Hamshahri, Seday-e Edalat and Khabar dailies of all charges.

According to ISNA, the prosecutor's office announced in a statement that Judge Modir Khoarasani and the media jury had found the editors-in-chief of Hamshahri, Seday-e Edalat and Khabar not guilty of all charges brought against them.

Hosseinian offers Soroush advice

Asr Iran | March 7, 2010

Lawmaker Rouhollah Hosseinian advised Abdolkarim Soroush to take a look at countries where revolutions have occurred and see that the only revolution that has brought freedom to its nation has been the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Hosseinian pointed to the silence of the Institute for the Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini's works toward the recent slandering of the late founder of the Islamic Republic by Soroush and said, "This institute advocates the rights of Imam's opponents, which is very unfortunate."

Regarding Soroush's latest remarks about Imam Khomeini and the Rule of the Just Jurisprudent, the Tehran representative in Majlis told Fars News Agency "You cannot expect anything more than this from a person who is paid by secret services and NGOs founded to overthrow the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

He went on to say that Soroush failed to understand the concept of the Rule of the Just Jurisprudent and therefore could not know whether it was compatible with democracy or not.

"If Soroush takes a look at history he will realize that the monarchic rule of the Pahlavi regime was overthrown by this very 'Rule of the Just Jurisprudent' and after the Islamic Revolution it was this very same 'Rule of the Just Jurisprudent' that helped materialize and define freedom in every aspect [of people's lives]."

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