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Fred Halliday Reader


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fred.jpgFG1067.jpgFred Halliday, preeminent scholar on Iran and the Middle East, died of cancer on Monday at the age of 64. As a tribute, a selected bibliography has been provided below. It is by no means exhaustive. A thoroughgoing list of Fred Halliday's writings on global affairs has been compiled by David Hayes at openDemocracy. For an introduction to Halliday's thinking about Iran an audio file of his lecture on the thirtieth anniversary of the Iranian revolution given at the London School of Economics is available online here. Also, for an excellent representation of his late political thinking, a good place to start is Danny Postel's interview Who is Responsible?, which is available in Persian here.

All of the articles written for MERIP Reports, Middle East Journal, British Journal of Political Science, and Third World Quarterly are all available in full text on the database JSTOR. Articles from the New Left Review are available to subscribers or for purchase. Out of print books are linked to Googlebooks.

Iran after the 2009 election crisis

Iran's tide of history: counter-revolution and after. openDemocracy (17 July 2009)

The Iranian Revolution

Iran's Revolutionary Spasm. openDemocracy (30 June 2005)

The Revolution's First Decade. MERIP Reports, No. 156 (Jan. - Feb., 1989), pp. 19-21

The Iranian Revolution: Uneven Development and Religious Populism. In State Ideology in the Middle East and Pakistan ed F. Halliday and H. Alavi (Monthly Review Press 1988), pp. 31-64. Google books link

The Iranian Revolution and Its Implications. New Left Review (November-December 1987)

Year IV of the Islamic Republic. MERIP Reports, No. 113 (Mar. - Apr., 1983), pp. 3-8

Year Three of the Iranian Revolution. MERIP Reports, No. 104, (Mar. - Apr., 1982), pp. 3-5

Iran's Revolution: The First Year. MERIP Reports, No. 88, (Jun., 1980), pp. 3-5

Testimonies of Revolution. MERIP Reports, No. 87, (May, 1980), pp. 27-29

The Genesis of the Iranian Revolution. Third World Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 4 (Oct., 1979), pp. 1-16

Iran and International Relations

Nervous Tehran has a wider role to play. The Observer (21 October 2001)

Iran and the Middle East: Foreign Policy and Domestic Change. MERIP Reports, No. 220 (Autumn, 2001), pp. 42-47

An Elusive Normalization: Western Europe and the Iranian Revolution. Middle East Journal, Vol. 48, No. 2 (Spring, 1994), pp. 309-326

Iran's New Grand Strategy. MERIP Middle East Report, No. 144 (Jan. - Feb., 1987), pp. 7-8

The Left in Iran

The Iranian left in international perspective. In S. Cronin ed. Reformers and revolutionaries in modern Iran: new perspectives on the Iranian left. (Routledge Curzon 2004), pp. 19-36. Google books link

Letter from Gilan. MERIP Reports, No. 86 (Mar. - Apr., 1980), pp. 25-27. Also included in this issue of MERIP Reports are interviews with the Fedayi, Mujahidin, and Tudeh conducted by Halliday.

Iran before 1979

Iran: Dictatorship and Development (Penguin 1978) Google books link

Trade Unions and the Working Class Opposition. MERIP Reports, No. 71 (Oct., 1978), pp. 7-13

Political Islam

The Left and Jihad. openDemocracy (7 September 2006)

The Politics of 'Islam' - A Second Look. British. Journal of Political Science, Vol. 25, No. 3 (July, 1995), pp. 399-417

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