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It Seems Like Old Times: Change of Tune or Same Old Song?


13 Jun 2010 13:3512 Comments
F-16I.jpg [analysis ] Ah, these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Fish are jumping (except if they happen to be in the Gulf of Mexico) and the cotton is high. And Israel prepares to bomb-bomb-bomb Iran, under clear and sunny Saudi skies--at least according to the London Times.

Hugh Tomlinson's June 12 piece in the London Times Online--"Saudi Arabia gives Israel Clear Skies to Attack Iran Nuclear Sites"--claims that Riyadh has not only agreed to allow Israeli jets to traverse its air space, but has conducted tests to make sure the kingdom can shut down its air defense systems long enough for Israeli forces to carry out a "bombing raid" on Iranian nuclear facilities:

In the week that the UN Security Council imposed a new round of sanctions on Tehran, defence sources in the Gulf say that Riyadh has agreed to allow Israel to use a narrow corridor of its airspace in the north of the country to shorten the distance for a bombing run on Iran. To ensure the Israeli bombers pass unmolested, Riyadh has carried out tests to make certain its own jets are not scrambled and missile defence systems not activated. Once the Israelis are through, the kingdom's air defences will return to full alert.

Predictably, the Times assertions are based exclusively on comments from unidentifiable sources:

"The Saudis have given their permission for the Israelis to pass over and they will look the other way," said a US defence source in the area. "They have already done tests to make sure their own jets aren't scrambled and no one gets shot down. This has all been done with the agreement of the [US] State Department."

Sources in Saudi Arabia say it is common knowledge within defence circles in the kingdom that an arrangement is in place if Israel decides to launch the raid. Despite the tension between the two governments, they share a mutual loathing of the regime in Tehran and a common fear of Iran's nuclear ambitions. "We all know this. We will let them [the Israelis] through and see nothing," said one.

Summer is also a season for television reruns. Have we seen trailers for this soon-to-be-released bunkerbuster drama before? As in "Saudis Give Nod to Israeli Raid on Iran" by Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter, in the Sunday Times Online, on July 5, 2009?

The head of Mossad, Israel's overseas intelligence service, has assured Benjamin Netanyahu, its prime minister, that Saudi Arabia would turn a blind eye to Israeli jets flying over the kingdom during any future raid on Iran's nuclear sites.

Earlier this year Meir Dagan, Mossad's director since 2002, held secret talks with Saudi officials to discuss the possibility.

The Israeli press has already carried unconfirmed reports that high-ranking officials, including Ehud Olmert, the former prime minister, held meetings with Saudi colleagues. The reports were denied by Saudi officials.

"The Saudis have tacitly agreed to the Israeli air force flying through their airspace on a mission which is supposed to be in the common interests of both Israel and Saudi Arabia," a diplomatic source said last week.

Although the countries have no formal diplomatic relations, an Israeli defence source confirmed that Mossad maintained "working relations" with the Saudis.

Nuclear non-proliferation expert Avner Cohen, Senior Fellow of the James Martin Center for Non-Proliferation Studies, of the Monterey Institute of International Studies, believes that there's more to the release of the latest Times article at this time -- most likely was planted by someone in the Israeli government -- than its being a mere summer rerun. The author of Israel and the Bomb explained in a telephone interview that "the timing of the release needs to be viewed within the context of other recent developments," including the sanctions against Iran approved by the UN Security Council the other day, as well as the deteriorating ties between Israel and Turkey.

Flying over Turkey has long been considered the most feasible route for Israeli bombers striking on Iran (if the U.S. didn't permit the use of Iraqi air space), but the prospects for getting Turkish permission seem increasingly remote. Since Israel is openly skeptical that UN sanctions will seriously impede Iranian nuclear research--which Israelis insist must include all nuclear research. "The possibility of flying through Saudi air space reassures Israelis that the military option is still on the table," Cohen said.

Today's Times article notes:

In 2007 Israel was reported to have used Turkish air space to attack a suspected nuclear reactor being built by Iran's main regional ally, Syria. Although Turkey publicly protested against the "violation" of its air space, it is thought to have turned a blind eye in what many saw as a dry run for a strike on Iran's far more substantial -- and better-defended -- nuclear sites.

Remarkably Tomlinson forgets to mention that in 2009 -- in his own newspaper -- the "blind eye" became Saudi. The latest report would have taken Saudi tolerance to an unprecedented level. (One can't help wondering whether the shutdown of Saudi defense systems, out of deference to the Israelis, would allow Iranian bombers to safely traverse the Saudi peninsula as well.)

Some mainstream media outlets in the U.S. have learned to view such stories with well-deserved skepticism. There have been numerous reports of impending Israeli attacks on Iran, and none have (as yet) occurred. Israeli news sources, however, eagerly await them. Israeli censorship laws permit the publication of almost anything--including some (although not all) "classified" information -- once it has appeared in the foreign press. So the national security disinformation game encourages the selective and anonymous leaking of stories to reporters writing for foreign publications by almost anyone within the Israeli political or defense establishment. These foreign news stories migrate into the Israeli news sites, all the while retaining a high level of plausible deniability for whoever planted them, and then seep into the pro- and anti-Israel blogosphere abroad. Once published in Israeli news outlets, articles occasionally are picked up by some of the same mainstream media sites that were initially cautious about them.

Not surprisingly, the report of Saudi cooperation with Israel is being denied by Riyadh. As of this writing, The Jerusalem Post retains the original story on its website, but also has posted a terse Saudi denial issued by AFP (French Press Agency). The Israeli news site Y-Net currently contains only a brief release from the AFP (French Press Agency) noting that the Saudi government has denied the report. The Israeli daily Haaretz published the original Times story when it came out, then removed it altogether, and now has replaced it with a new version, featuring a full fledged refutation by Prince Mohammed bin Nawuf.

In the United States, MSNBC published the original Times with a question mark in the headline --"Saudis Clear Israel to Bomb Iran?" -- as does Fox News. Thus far the Washington Post has steered clear of the story, while the New York Times provided a link from its site to a Business Insider blog post.

Nonetheless, the story has just been given new life by AFP. Repeating both the original Times assertions (which somehow the Times now declines to make available through its online Search tool), and integrating the Saudi government's denials, AFP now is disseminating an expanded denial that attempts to confirm the original story by innuendo:

Riyadh denied the British report on Saturday, calling it "false" and "slanderous," the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

"Saudi Arabia has followed the false and slanderous allegations reported by some British media that it would let Israel attack Iran via its airspace," SPA quoted a foreign ministry official as saying.

The kingdom "rejects violating its sovereignty or the use of its airspace or territories by anyone to attack any country," the unidentified official said, noting that Saudi Arabia does not have diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

Nonetheless, let's not let any of this interfere with the story line (wink, wink):

The Times said Riyadh, which views Iran as a regional threat, had agreed to allow Israel to use a narrow corridor of its airspace in the north of the country to shorten the distance in the event of any bombing raid on Iran.

It said that a source in Saudi Arabia said the arrangement was common knowledge within defence circles in the kingdom.

"We all know this. We will let them (the Israelis) through and see nothing," the source told The Times.

Hussein Shobokshi, a columnist for the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat, not only rejected the claim that the Saudi government had agreed to cooperate with Israel, but also questioned the existence of the Saudi "circles" who would acquiesce, as quoted by Al Jazeera's English language news site:

"I can deny with full force that there is no such thing as 'Saudi circles'. Any Saudi official will deny this," he told Al Jazeera. "The Israelis are good at changing subjects. They are trying to refocus the attention to another subject, to shift away the focus from the massacre that took place in the flotilla ship and Gaza. "This is a smear campaign by the Israeli government [which is] trying to divert the attention away from Gaza."

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, and let those London Times roll!

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Thanks for reminding us the drums of war and...

I am afraid, the israels are responding IRGC latest threat to accompny "GAZA AID SHIPS" from Iran or anywhere else.

In my thinking, it is a deliberate act from the Israel's to change attention from " FLOTTILLA" fall-out which is anyway not perfect drama and in which they can't play..

yes time is changing.. Two years ago, with the inaguration of the Obama adminstration, the debate in DC was to put more pressure on Syria whether it be on Carrot style or sticks or both and Isolate Iran as Powerfull regional Player to deal it later on. but these calculations were proven naive and now only look how the Obama administration is facing challenges from unexpected places. Turkey.. forexample, NATO ALLY..

it is not about Ahmedinejad's but Natanyahu's Nazi and fascist political approach that causes much and ever constant stress on the west.. not viceverse..

so, it is good relief for the israels anyway..

Best regards

abdikadir / June 13, 2010 8:11 PM

I'm not an expert in military aviation, but ponder this:

Passing over Saudi Arabia would entail a round trip of well over 4300 km, assuming the facilities in Arak or Qom are targeted.

If the planes carry drop-tanks for extra range, they will be forced to shed ordnance needed for an effective strike, meaning that significantly more aircraft will have to be committed in order to deliver the necessary payload to target.

This greatly increases the chance of early detection and mission failure.

Without drop-tanks, the planes will need to be aerially refueled over Saudi airspace on both inbound and outbound flights, meaning that the tankers must loiter in Saudi airspace for a couple of hours.

So it's not a matter of switching the Kingdom's air defence system off briefly.

If the Saudis do decide to collude, it would be more logical for them to share IFF codes with the Israelis, or else place one of their remote airfields at the Israelis' disposal.

Ali from Tehran / June 14, 2010 4:56 AM


With all the respect to Ms. Marsha Cohn’s analytical article I think there are important integrated aspects of the issue that must be considered as well.

This is because Israel’s desire to bomb Iran doesn’t come out of the blue. Conversely, this is linked to the ongoing complex range of issues and processes in the region with feedback loop of foreign interventions and conflicts of pseudo-interests foremost that of Israel.

All can be expected from a pirate and terrorist state such as Israel that kills the innocent civilian aid activists in international waters.

Previously, Israel with the active approval and assistance that received from the US had bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor and an alleged similar facility in Syria.

However, there is no military solution for Iran’s nuclear issue. It is very sad that the West failed to take the Turkey-Brazil proposal seriously. They could use the proposal and underline their concerns during the negotiations.

Furthermore, they could directly link the normalization of the relations with ending the human right violations and freeing all the political prisoners in Iran.

Rejecting the Turkey-Brazil engineered proposal and imposing more sanctions on Iran was a wrong decision because sanctions will lead either to no results or totally opposite results.

Israel surely has been plotting to attack Iran’s nuclear sites. But, all military analysts would argue that this can only succeed with American active or covert assistance and approval because Israel doesn’t have the logistic capability for such distant operations i.e. with or without a Saudi corridor.

I am very sorry for American people and President Obama who similar to all US Presidents has been totally consumed by the Zionism. The Americans who elected him to the office had opposite expectations.

It is very shameful that Obama failed to condemn the Israel’s terrorist attack on the Gaza flotilla.

It is interesting that you at the “Tehran Bureau” decided not to fully cover the Gaza flotilla so that your devoted Zionist colleagues are not offended. A truly critical journalism should be critical of all that goes on with bypassing no one.

Unfortunately, the “Tehran Bureau” is only focused on specific topics that would serve specific people and their very mean interests such as planning to attack Iran.

I am thankful to “Tehran Bureau” for covering the human right violation in Iran. But, what about the other issues such as the violations of the most elementary and survival rights and needs of the Palestinians? Where are your critical articles on Israel?

You are totally one-sided, and this cannot be accepted from professional journalism. I understand that journalism in the US still hasn’t recovered from eight years of echoing the lies of the former US President Bush and his team.

But, it is the time to wake up. Recall that 3000 Americans sadly lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Despite these tragic Al-Qaeda terrorist attack, the most pressing issue in the Middle East i.e. the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still raging.

Israel’s actions has been generating more and more hatreds towards the West and foremost the US that rubberstamps all the Israeli violations such as the Israeli invasion of Gaza and the committed war crimes last year, targeted assassinations, and the recent raids on Gaze flotilla and killing civilian aid activists in international waters.

We all know that since 9/11 Israel has done nothing to help the US to resolve Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On the contrary, it has savagely continued its repressive policies against the Palestinians by killing more Palestinians and stealing more lands for the fanatical Jewish gangs of the so-called “settlers” as if Palestine is a land with no people!

Yes, it is time for America to realize that the real interests of American people have nothing in common with the hypertrophic and expansionist pseudo-interests of the world’s leading terrorist state of Israel.

Similarly, the real interests of Israeli people are a complete U-turn from the ongoing warmongering and adoption of the real and just peace plans with Palestinians.

Dr. Kazem A. Zarrabi,
Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr. Kazem Zarrabi / June 15, 2010 6:58 PM

Ah yes, the old cry wolf gag is getting harder and harder to sustain, given the year-in, year-out treatment its provided with in certain mainstream media.

Good having you point this thing out for what it's worth, Marsha.

Pirouz / June 16, 2010 1:00 AM

Dr. Zarrabi,

What exactly does Israel have to do with Iran? What do the palestianians have to do with Iran?

Regardless of what one thinks of the Israeli-palestinian conflict, how does this affect the Iranian people? Therefore, why would the Tehran bureau even comment on this subject. Just like they don't comment on the Chinese-Tibetan conflict, the Pakistani-Indian conflict, etc.,etc.

Your tirade against the state of Israel provides ample evidence of why Israel should remain vigilant in the defense of it's state. As long as there are people of your mindset, Israel will be threatened and has every right to defend itself.

muhammad billy bob / June 16, 2010 1:46 AM

Dear Ms. Cohen,

Please kindly correct two misspellings in the title of my comment.

The correct title should read:


Thanks in advance,

Dr. Kazem Zarrabi / June 16, 2010 2:26 AM

Remember that old Monty Python sketch?


Anon / June 16, 2010 4:46 AM

Can't anybody keep a secret around here?! Of course the Arab countries surrounding Israel will permit Israel to destroy Iran's nuke capability. Any incoming WMD on Israel is also going to contaminate, ie. "kill" Israel's neighbors. Duh..... Thats the thing w/ WMD they tend to float with the wind.

Cdr 0 / June 16, 2010 9:29 PM


Regretfully, mainly because of lack of time I am usually unable to respond to the comments.
However, I will try my best to explain to Messrs “Muhammad, Billy, and Bob (MBB)” and the “Tehran Bureau” why Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Israeli piracy and murder at the international waters are so relevant for IRAN and the rest of the world.

Let us never forget that truly decent and responsible human beings are those who stay with the “truth” all the time and everywhere even if this leads to their demise.

In taking side, one should stay with the truth. We may be able to cheat and blindfold ourselves and others in order to serve this or that dogmatic flag, regime, or ideology. But, we cannot cheat God. We will all return to Him soon or late. And those who don’t believe in God should think of their names and dignities that they will leave behind i.e. if they will be remembered for siding with this or that evil or for speaking the truth and acting accordingly!?

As a non-political secular Muslim I have never been against any country or religion. Therefore, I am not against Israel or Israelis, other Jewish people, or any other ethnic or religious groups of people.

Furthermore, I do not deny Holocaust, but I am certain that criminalizing the "Holocaust-denial" is utterly wrong. I am also certain that Israel has no right to harm the honor and dignity of the Holocaust victims by hiding behind them and committing savagery and inhumanity to the Palestinians.

MBB have suggested that Israel needs to protect herself from people such as the civilians in the Gaza flotilla and I as well. Although, this is a totally misplaced remark, I hope perhaps now it is clear to MBB and the Tehran Bureau that their Zionist position is utterly wrong. However, Israel does truly need to protect herself from herself.

MBB ask what Israel should do with Iran? My reply is that Israel should do absolutely nothing with Iran! Israel should negotiate and reach a lasting just peace with Palestinians and not with Iran. If so, then the conflict is resolved and innocent Palestinian and Israeli civilians won’t die. The world including Iran and Turkey want nothing more and nothing less from Israel.

MBB have also suggested that the “Tehran Bureau” is no place to discuss Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the recent Israeli attacks on the Gaza flotilla as if Tehran/Iran is situated on Mars or some other planet. Surely Iranians are not aliens from a distant galaxy. Likewise, I would like also to assume that the Teheran Bureau and MBB have nothing to do with the aliens from outer space.

Iran, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and others are all linked together by history, culture, language, and ethnicity. Recall that entire Palestine, present Israel, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and many others used to be parts of the Ottoman Empire.

Despite many Zionist attempts to define and redefine the concept of “Jewishness” so that it fits the perception offered by the creation of Israel, Jewish people have strong mixed links especially with old Arabic, Ottoman, Persian, Roman, and more recent European-American roots.

I am not promoting Ottomans here because in 18-19 centuries social evolution replaced the empires with the nation-states of today. Again we have entered a process wherein soon or late the nation-states themselves will be phased out and replaced by the giant regional formations such as EU, NAFTA and others.

While social evolution is gradually reshaping the structure and formation of our governing systems, the general direction is rightly towards a “Planetary Federation (PF)”* bearing in mind that humanity can survive highly probable catastrophic event(s) but foremost a sudden shift in global climate.

In this regard, I have suggested that we should even welcome and anticipate the rapid formation of a PF because humanity has no luxury of time to wait for social evolution to unite our planet in the next 100-200 years. The bases for such a PF ought to be the Human Rights, secularism, democracy, and protection of natural environment at global scale, possession and control of the entire world’s nuclear arsenals by the PF with no state (nation) to be able to possess or control any nuke.

In the region that we call Middle East there are ongoing crises such as the (1) war-situations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan (2) fragile truce in Lebanon, Gaza, and Syria, (3) gross human right violations by all especially in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the occupied Palestine, and of course (4) Iranian nuclear issue as well.

But, the most serious bleeding wound is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has been idealized throughout the region and beyond. All the way from the fanatical Taliban/Al-Qaeda to the Islamists (those who misuse Islam in order to rule) in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey the “Liberation of Palestine” has been crystallized as the most important central religious-ideological purpose to fight and die for.

Therefore, how is it possible to assume that Israeli-Palestinian conflict or Turkish affairs are not important for Iran especially when Israel vows to attack Iran and kills innocent civilian aid activists by claiming that they are a threat to Israel’s survival?

This conflict has been radicalizing the Muslim populations towards more uncompromising Islamist positions and doctrines as well. If so, how one can turns his/her head away pretending that nothing is going on? I hope some of us who were unable or unwilling to see the missing link now decide to remove their thick dark glasses of the self-imposed ideological, ethnic, and religious bigotry.

I strongly believe in the Human Rights and democracy that is inseparable from secularism. Secularism, as the total divorce between religion and state so that religions are treated as private matters and societies are governed by civil law and not religious law, is the most vital and fundamental departure from religious dogmatism, which is the repression and inhumanity by misusing the name of God at grand scale!

In other words, only after such a departure from religious dogmatism it may be possible to move towards democracy that of course won’t appear overnight. In any human society fanaticism/dogmatism and secularism are reversely related i.e. by restricting secularism one promotes religious intolerance and dogmatism and vice versa.

On the question of Iran, there are many similarities between the regimes in Iran and Israel. Both regimes are deeply religious. Despite Israel’s claim to be a secular state it can hardly qualify for secularism.

Similar to the clergy in Iran, the rabbis are everywhere. They sit at the government, Knesset, political parties, armed forces, and teach the Israeli solders how to hate and kill Muslims and Palestinians.

One of the pillars of the central dogma in Israel is that Israel defines everything according to the so-called Jewish religious culture and traditions. Therefore, secularism or let us say Jewish version of secularism in Israel cannot qualify Israel as a genuinely secular state because foremost the central concept of Jewishness is nothing but a perfect fabrication to serve the Zionist ideology.

Furthermore, Israel is not a normal state because it has not evolved though social evolution by which all the present nation-states have been evolved with. In evolutionary (social evolution) time scale Israel has been built overnight with indisputable direct assistance and involvement of the West foremost the USA.

Let us assume the impossible. If similar to Gaza Israel is blockaded by the US or Russia so that nothing goes in-or-out it can hardly survive more than month or perhaps less. And without the US financial assistance Israel will collapse within itself immediately within a few days!

Therefore, the chronic dependency of Israel to the US has to continue for ever. The Israeli ruling elite cannot pursue a long lasting just peace with the Palestinians or Syria because neither they wish to retreat from the entire Golan Heights nor give up all the Palestinian land that they have annexed.

Instead, similar to the Third Reich’s “Living Space” for the Aryan races, they formally admit that they need more lands for the so-called settlers. But, where are they going to get more land from?

All that Israel can wish for Palestinians is something similar to the “Indian (Native American) Territories,” with Israel’s ability to control and reduce such territories as it has been the case with the Native Americans in the States.

This is no wonder that they call the migrating Jews to Palestine “settlers” as if the Jews are the same white Europeans migrating to North America and the Palestinians the dispensable Native Americans!

The pseudo-interests of Israel are to sustain the status quo and continue with its expansionist and repressive policies in the occupied lands.
I firmly believe that occupation should end with or without Israel. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the worst bleeding wound in the region and a rallying point for both non-violent and violent individuals from all over the world who wish to help Palestinians.

Furthermore, similar to Al-Qaeda terrorists, many terrorist groups and individuals use the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a justified pretext for more violence and hatred towards the West especially the USA and all the secular establishments in Muslim countries.

This is why I think the world should intervene collectively and force Israel to retreat to pre 1967 borders and dismantle all the so-called settlements that have been built in the occupied lands.

Clerical Iran is a repressive state for all living there because as I said before all clerical states are deeply repressive by definition. However, Iran has never had any plan to liquidate Iranian Jewish community. But, Israel is a repressive state, towards its own Muslim population and the rest of the Palestinians in the occupied Palestine, because by definition it is a state for the Jews only! Therefore if Israel is not an apartheid regime, then what is it?

I fully hold the Iranian regime and Mr. Ahmadinejad responsible for gross human right violations, murder, torture, rape, and harsh medieval measures especially since the last sham presidential election. But, let us recall that Iran has neither occupied any other country nor is planning to bomb anyone!

The only exception was with Mr. Ahmadinejad’s unfortunate past remarks that were deliberately taken out of their context by the Zionist groups as if Iran was planning to destroy Israel by dropping a wonder "Islamic-Nuke" that has been specially built to destroy Israelis but save the Palestinians!? If anyone including Israel can invent/build such a nuke then they should consider selling it to Tehran.

Even the Israeli leaders know that Iran attacking Israel is nothing but nonsense. On the contrary, the West and foremost Israel formally admit that they are considering bombing Iran’s nuclear sites.

Israel has had a direct link in destruction of Iraq especially by circulating and fabricating false documents concerning the late Saddam’s non-existing so-called weapons of mass destruction, which led to the illegal invasion and destruction of Iraq by Bush-Blair crusaders who were in fact after Iraqi oil.

Israel has been openly training the Kurdish groups in north Iraq. What are the intentions of Israel in arming and training the Kurds in Iraq? We all know that Kurdish groups have been historically used by foreign powers to destabilize the region especially against Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran.

The “real interests,” as opposed to pseudo-interests, of Israel should lead to no major frictions with the interests of other nations in the region because the real interests of all nations are to live peacefully and prosper. Israel cannot remain an apartheid regime advocating its dogmatic/fanatical pseudo-interests and at the same time preach about peace and democracy.

Finally, the best option for Israel is to abandon its expansionist policies and reverse its harsh treatment of the Palestinians. I can suggest that the lifting the Gaza’s land and sea blockade and leaving the West Bank border control entirely to the Palestinians will send a strong signal that Israel truly wants a just and lasting peace.

Dr. Kazem Zarrabi,
Copenhagen, Denmark

*) See my paper on the topic: ”Humanity and Solidarity at the Global Scale: The Federation of the Planet Earth."

Dr. Kazem Zarrabi / June 19, 2010 4:02 AM

Dr. Zarrabi,

You speak of "truth". But how about giving us some real truth here, please.

I am not a person who is particularily intrested in defending this government, or that. But it is people of your beliefs that really makes me like defending the government of Israel.

As you stated the Palestinians are as related to Iranians just as Sri Lankans are. Yet I wonder why your topic wasn't " All can be expected from the Tamali terrorists." . Instead of, all can be expected from the Israeli terrorists....Could it be that you have a personal axe to grind with Israel, and none with Tamalis?

But, let's get back to your "truth". Let us examine the whole truth, shall we? The state of Israel is surrounded by nations and people who have decided, for one reason or another that they want to occupy that territory. Do we agree on that? There is quite a bit of evidence of such. The only thing Iran and Israel have in common, is that the Iranian leadership has stated many times that they want to control the land that is currently controlled by the Israeli government.

Truth.... Given this desire to eliminate the "Zionist" state, as you call it, Governments and certain peoples of the surrounding states have decided that they will attack this zionist state, that they will drive this Zionist state out. Some of these people are Palestinians. And these particular Palestianians are firing rockets, shooting rifles, and planting bombs, to remove these Zionists from the lands that they believe belong to them.

Now wait one second. Do the Palestians manufacture rockets? Do the Palestians manufacture rifles? They do not....They must be getting these items from somewhere else. I wonder where they are getting these items? Could it be from surrounding peoples who desire a different people to occupy this land. Could it be from people who desire a different people to live on this land? Hummm. How are they getting these items into the region? Hummm, I wonder? Given all this. Why should I be outraged at "civilians" purposely, with obvious design, being caught trying to supply those that they agree should be killing and destroying the government of Israel?

But oh, these poor Palestians. The Palestians who have been murdered by countless Muslim dictators for centuries. Do you really think Khameini cares if they are killed in the process of securing more power for himself? The Zionists obviously do not. And that's probably a good bet.

The one thing that "zionists" do that really makes me admire them???? They face the realities of their situation head on. Every nation around them attacked them in '67 and they destroyed them all. They we're attacked again in the 70's. yet how are they repaid for giving back territory they were once attacked from? They are attacked again fron these territories. Why should they give up any territory when it will only be used to attack them? Would you do such a thing? I certainly would not.

........And this is why the Israeli-Palestian conflict is not reported on the tehran bureau site. I would really like to disscus your ideas of global governance....but this would take a book, not a website. needless to say, I'm diametricaly opposed to such a thing.


muhammad billy bob / June 19, 2010 9:20 PM


Abbreviation used in the comment:

MBB: Muhammad Billy Bob
TBU: Tehran Bureau

Dears at the “TEHRAN BUREAU” and MBB

I have no luxury of time to reply to the comments but I reply again because apparently the “Tehran bureau (TBU)” and “Mohammad, Billy Bob (MBB)” advocate similar coverage policies which I find utterly biased in favor of Israel, suspiciously partisan, and unprofessional resembling the main US media temp of the Jewish lobby.

I am totally against biased reporting/coverage which is the characteristic of mainstream American-Israeli journalism and media networks. The Jewish lobby, in the West Europe but foremost in the US, has a firm grip on mass media in order to brainwash the Western citizens in favor of Israel and the US-Israeli pseudo-interests and deeply exploitive policies. I argued before that this has been disastrous for the real interests of Israel, US, the Middle East, and the world.

On the contrary to such a typically biased reporting as seen in the US-Israeli media networks, professional journalism should stand for equal and fair treatment of all. We all know about the prevailing general perspective of the PBS which has been always in favor of the US-Israeli interest groups.

Therefore, there is no point to argue for fairness. All I can say is that professional journalism should at least try to provide a “balanced” picture rather than heavily looking at one side only. The Europeans networks have been more successful on the balanced reporting than their American counterparts.

Now let us come to the main issue of discussion which was on the relevancy/irrelevancy of the Israeli raids on the Gaze flotilla or Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the coverage policies of the TBU, which are supposedly focused on Iran.

Let us use a biological perspective to draw useful analogies here. A living cell in the nervous system called “neuron” has more similarities to other neurons rather than let say to muscle or kidney cells which are different cell types at different organs and body systems. The immediate environments of the cells are the tissues and cells of the SAME organ let say the brain or kidney.

Alternatively, if we compare our mother Earth (Gaia) to a beautiful woman, surely her ears, nose, mouth, eye are more related and interconnected e.g. via the sinuses than the limbs or the fingers.

My point is that the Middle East and its issues are interconnected. It is utterly wrong and unprofessional for the TBU to cover Israel’s probable raids against Iran but preach us that Israeli deadly raids on the Gaza flotilla are not relevant to the TBU because the Jewish lobby connected editors won’t find any relevancy!

Please don’t treat Iranians as naive people who cannot tell where the smoke comes from! Please apply some degree of sophistication and at least come up with a balanced reporting on Iran.

Furthermore, please don’t present Israel as God’s chosen country and Iran, Turkey, Arab nations, and the others in the Middle East as all belonging to evil. Indeed what is the difference between the TBU and Israeli media networks? Iranian people are not interested in cheap and one-sided reporting. Please report issues, let say on Iran, but don’t censor or hide their regional and international aspects and dimensions. Otherwise, you should consider renaming your activities as “advertising” and not journalism.

Unfortunately you (MBB) have twisted my words in order to justify your pro-Israeli views. Please reread my previous comment. I have argued that Iran is situated in a region called the Middle East to which some Arab courtiers, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, and Afghanistan do also belong.

Therefore, the regional context of Iran is the Middle East and its connected issues/problems.
The main country that rejects peace in this region is Israel, and not Iran or Sir Lanka. Therefore, drawing analogy between Sir Lankan-Tamils and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts is invalid because Israel is an invention and Israelis have been surgically injected into Palestine whereas Sri Lankans and Tamils have always been there.

I have no personal and private animosity against Israel or Israelis. I have close Jewish friends who are either very critical or highly critical of Israel. Therefore, there is nothing personal in my writings. This may be hard to digest if one is so weak that needs to be glorified by wrapping himself/herself with certain flag(s). But if one genuinely wants to be fair and just then he or she doesn’t need to wave any flag at all.

He or she can be brave enough to reject flags, national anthems, glory of the falsely written history books, fame and money, and evil power(s), which are nowadays all around us, because the power to “truth” is beyond all imaginations.

In my previous comment I was not talking about my self-generated truth or your truth. In my narratives I was advocating the doctrine of the “universal truth” already formulated and undertaken by unique personalities such as, the legendary Jewish American scholars, the late Prof. Howard Zinn and contemporary Prof. Noam Chomsky.

Can we all bypass all our so-called “interests” and speak the truth i.e. nothing but the truth with all its implications? Indeed, even in Israel there are many Jewish-Israelis who support the Palestinians. Yes, they are a minority. But, this doesn’t matter. The fact that they are there is the main point.

If the question is on the relatedness of humanity, then there should be no doubt that this is the case. The Holy books point to Adam and Eve whereas science points at our common ancestor with the great apes, and of course the DNA molecule that unites all living things together. Therefore, yes, surely all human beings i.e. the species of Homo sapiens, scattered on the planet, are related.

Darwinian evolution should be treated as belonging to laws of nature such as gravity, relativity, quantum, and so forth. And so far it is the only successful scientific explanation for the origin of species. However, in the same way that gravity and relativity don’t disprove God, evolution cannot be used to disprove creation or vice versa. All the events in the universe can have somehow both Biblical-Koranic or scientific explanations. However, our societies should be based on our inventions and discoveries and their implications for society that we call “civil law” whereas religions should govern our spiritual private lives ONLY.


In MBB’s remark that “every nation around them [Israel] attacked them [Israel] in 67 and they [Israel] destroyed them all,” one can feel fascination with wars and destruction. All that I can say is that there are no winners in the wars, and the loser is always humanity. I may suggest MBB to watch the “Three Holy Wars” by the late Howard Zinn at the end of this article (video link No. 3).

In the previous wars with Arab countries or the Palestinians Israel has never been alone. And in fact Israel has never fought alone. Despite the false claims by the MBB, the fact is that Hamas in Gaza has no sophisticated rockets otherwise they would use them against Israeli invasion of Gaza last year. The crude home made rockets manufactured by Hamas are nothing to be compared to Israeli Hi-tech weaponry that rained on the poor Palestinians in Gaza last year. The Hezbollah’s rockets in south Lebanon simply work as deterrence against Israel’s provocations and probable attacks or invasion.

Israel gets all that she wants from the West and foremost the USA and this is ok for MBB. But MBB cannot digest that Iran or other developing countries help Palestinians! Do you consider yourself a fair person(s)? The main point is that Israel has been an occupying force for about 60 years and has committed all sorts of crimes against the Palestinians. If the situation was reversed then I would be on Israeli side. But the facts speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, Israel is losing valuable time to make peace with the Palestinians and Syrians. The status quo wont be holding for ever because soon or late the Arab countries will overcome their backwardness and each will be a force that Israel won’t be able to face up i.e. to their eventual social and technological sophistication.

If under the present undemocratic situations in the Arab states the public are either repressed, killed, or jailed this won’t justify that Israel should do the same by killing more Palestinians.

One of the main points of my argument was that unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict incites more violence in the region and beyond. This has been confirmed over and over by many Western analysts. This conflict should end especially before causing more tragic events in the region and in the world. Israel is not the only determining force in such a decision. The US public opinion won’t be in favor of Israel for ever so that any such a shift would be fatal for Israel’s unrealistic positions.

There have been numerous peace initiatives and attempts made by the Palestinians and Arab countries for a comprehensive just peace especially the one that was lastly proposed by the Saudi-Arabia. The problem with the Israeli elite is that they assume as if Israel permanently can be treated as an informal member state within the USA i.e. regardless of the costs. This treatment will not and cannot continue for ever. Therefore, the real interests of Israel and the whole region is to reach a lasting just peace because in rapidly advancing Hi-tech war games of today holding Golan Heights has no military significance.

Lastly, the fact that soon or late present nation-states will be replaced by giant regional socio-economic formations is a process that has already started. In such social formations, in future, the status of the nation-states will be altered to “state” status already existing in contemporary federal nations such as Germany, Canada, and the USA.

This is an inevitable process that can be only halted either by a man-made or natural catastrophe or both. No one can stop evolution. Similarly, we don’t know what future species of mankind will eventually replace us (Homo sapiens). If you go back in time and ask the Neanderthals if they ever wanted to be replaced by us, they would certainly say NO, THANK YOU.

Dr. Kazem Zarrabi,
Copenhagen, Denmark

Some of the points that I have mentioned will be more clarified by watching these videos:

1) Zbigniew Brzezinski: An Israeli attack on Iran would be a disaster, Zbigniew Brzezinski on Iran Pt3. (by The Real News Network, Jan. 17, 2010)

2) EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Shirin Ebadi, Lawyer, 2003 Peace Nobel Prize Laureate. (by France 24 English, June 14, 2010)

3) Late Dr. Howard Zinn’s the “Three Holy Wars”. (by The Real News Network)

4) Mike Wallace’s interview with the late Shah of Iran. Despite the fact that the late Shah was a strong supporter of both the US and Israel, in this interview, after confirming the rightful name of the “Persian Gulf,” he remarks on the excessively strong and influential role of the Jewish lobby on the US policymaking.

5) This is the full uncut interview with Father Dr. George Coyne which was omitted from Richard Dawkins' television program "The Genius of Charles Darwin" for Channel 4 in the UK. (by Dr. Richard Dawkins, 1/7)

6) In this week's episode of The Listening Post, we take a look at the on air video wars following the Gaza flotilla attack and we dip into our archive to give you an excerpt from one of our favourite interviews: Wael Abbas on the Egyptian blogosphere. (by Aljazeera English)

7) EXCLUSIVE: New Video Smuggled Out from Mavi Marmara of Israel’s Deadly Assault on Gaza Aid Flotilla. (by Democracy Now)

8) Noam Chomsky on Israel and the Gaza Flotilla Attack: "Sheer Criminal Aggression, with no Credible Pretext"

9) Arash Rahmanipour and Mohammad Reza Ali-Zamani, were convicted of being "Mohareb" or enemies of God. The executions are believed to be the first related to protests that erupted after June's disputed presidential election - the largest demonstrations in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Opposition groups said the poll had been rigged to ensure the re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, a charge the government denied. Davoud, Arash Rahmanipour's father, has blamed Iran's "mockery of a justice system" for killing his son. Nasrin Sotoudeh, a lawyer for Rahmanipour, also denied he had played any role in the unrest. "He confessed because of threats against his family", she told the AFP news agency, adding that she was shocked at the news of the executions since she and her client's family had still been waiting for word from the appeals court. (Al Jazeera English)

10) The UN Security Council indorses yet another round of sanctions on Iran with the support of both Russia and China. Will these sanctions be any more effective than those in the past and can they help resolve the diplomatic grid lock. This is Inside Story. (Al Jazeera English)

11) “You're a racist, you're an anti-semite!” Johnson: From Helen Thomas to Harry Reid, such accusations avoid dealing with real structural issues. (The Real News Network)

End of the article

Dr. Kazem Zarrabi / June 23, 2010 6:29 PM

Dr. Zarrabi,

Ok, let's cut through all the nonsense, shall we? What does it matter to the Iranian people if Israelis (aka jews) or Palestians (aka muslims) live in the region now controlled by the Israeli state? What would be the different outcome for ordinary Iranians?

I am not pro Israeli, I am anti palestinian. The people like yourself, Hamas and the Palestinian authourites try to treat the rest of the world like we're idiots.

You are trying to pass your, and the Palestinian cause, off as being peacful, just trying to occupy a small area of the region. But this is just not true. The Palestinian goal is to occupy as much territory that is now the Israeli state as they can. As you stated, this is territory that "belongs" to them. They are fighting a war they can't win convientally, so they try to get the rest of the world to force Israel to give up their territory...... I'm not buying it.

Honestly,it really does not matter much to me if Palestians or Israelis control this territory. It's a very small area with no resources that are very valuable for export. Your nonsense of Jewish dominance of western media, therefore, western culture is just that. Nonsense.

The fact that so many people I have every reason to not trust hate Israel, makes me really like Israel. The authorities of Palestinians and the Syrians, and Hamas, Hezbollah are all trying to control this region. They and their supporters are not honest about this at all. The only way for Israel to have peace with these people is to give up their entire state. Then they will have "peace" after they have all been ejected from the region. How does one negiotiate with this?

A flotilla to Gaza by muslims from Turkey, and other places, is stopped.....And why should I be outraged at this? The Muslims want to supply the Gazans for purely humanitarian reasons? Come on, just because we don't your lies does not mean we are pro Israeli.

The whole argument of the palestinian/muslim opponents to Israel is just dishonest. And lately, it's been really insulting. A supporter of the Palestians would see a truthful article about this flotilla as a biased report. Because if one is to be truthful, one would have to include the real goal of such a flotilla. The real goal is for Palestians/muslims to control what is now the Isralei state.

etc., etc., etc. The anti Iarael case is just dishonest and really are people who should not be trusted in any government.

muhammad billy bob / June 24, 2010 8:05 PM