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Exhibit: Artists Unite for Iranian Democracy

12 Sep 2010 02:462 Comments

Steven Heller Discusses "Where Is My Vote?" from School of Visual Arts on Vimeo.

[ spotlight ] Following the disputed elections in 2009, an Iranian photographer who goes by the name of Green Bird, used the internet to reach out to hundreds of artists and designers around the world. He wrote:

"I am so sad in these days.many people died in Iran(after Iran election).the boys and girls killed in last days.my tears go by.the present issue in Iran is an international one.And in my opinion the well-known artists of the world should join the cause.you are a Great Illustrator.I urgently ask you to design a poster in support of this cause.you are an Iranian in these days like me.you are like me then help me in this way(Green Movement)."

More than a hundred graphic designers, like Milton Glaser (I "heart" NY), answered his call for support with powerful images that we believe were printed and used in the protests. One of the artists he approached, Italian designer Andrea Rauch, volunteered to host all of the posters on the website SocialDesignZine. More than 200 posters have been collected on that site. Many can be viewed here.

New York's School of Visual Arts will present the first public viewing of these posters in printed form in an exhibition titled, "Where Is My Vote? Posters for the Green Movement in Iran," which runs through September 25. The exhibition will then travel to the Art Institute of Boston. More info on the exhibition can be found here. -- John Wyszniewski

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In voting for Obama, I apparently voted for Bush-lie. Yes, I say "Where is my vote?"

In the case of my vote for Mousavi, relatively speaking, that's more straightforward. We were simply outvoted.

Pirouz / September 13, 2010 12:23 AM

It's funny Pirouz because I voted for AN and yet I am certain we stole the election. We were simply being outvoted and so felt that we had to lie, cheat and murder our way out of it.

See, anyone can be as full of it as you are if they try.

Cy / September 13, 2010 7:39 AM