The Torture Question
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Dusty Saunders Rocky Mountain News

"… [Producer Michael] Kirk's project is, by far, television's most in-depth look at how the controversial interrogation policy evolved after a major power struggle within the Bush administration. …

"'The Torture Question' again displays the value of FRONTLINE. …"


Roger Catlin The Hartford Courant

"… a plainly told, groundbreaking report on the U.S. use of torture in the 21st century…

"'The Torture Question' should be required viewing."


Robert P. Laurence The San Diego Union Tribune

"… At last, the whole story is told at once. …"


Alessandra Stanley The New York Times

"… 'The Torture Question'… puts a human face on inhumane behavior. …

"PBS provides a thoughtful, unflinching look at a situation so horrible it drives most people to avert their eyes.

"'The Torture Question' puts prisoner abuse in a broader context of fear and rage, both in Washington and on the ground in Iraq. …"


Ellen Gray Philadelphia Daily News

"… 47 years after [CBS newsman Edward R.] Murrow warned a gathering of broadcasters that 'we have currently a built-in allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information,' it's PBS, not CBS, that's upsetting our evening with 'The Torture Question.' …"


Tony Perry Los Angeles Times

"… 'Torture' is a work of straight-down-the-line journalism, not advocacy, and both sides are heard. …

"The documentarians might have done well to interview soldiers and Marines at Fallouja or Ramadi and ask about their anger at being blocked from getting information from prisoners and civilians that could keep other troops from being killed or mangled by improvised explosive devices hidden along convoy routes.

"That's the kind of frustration that can torture you the rest of your life."


David Bianculli New York Daily News

"'The Torture Question' advances the story not by recounting what happened, but by probing why and how. …

"…a very sobering and well-documented report. …"


Walt Belcher Tampa Tribune

"… a hard look at the treatment of prisoners in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; and Abu Ghraib, Iraq. …"

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posted oct. 18, 2005

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