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1. FRONTLINE has sought out the talents of many insightful writers and journalists for its reports. Which person on the following list has never been a correspondent for FRONTLINE?

Garry Wills

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Richard Ben Cramer

Robert Krulwich

Peter Boyer

Shelby Steele

Robert Wright

Seymour Hersh

Joe Nocera

Hedrick Smith

2. FRONTLINE's range of subjects over two decades is striking. Which subject on the following list was never the focus of a FRONTLINE report?



Talk Shows

A Beauty Pageant


Tabloid Journalism



3. Over the past 20 years, what has been the number-one question asked by FRONTLINE viewers?

Who funds FRONTLINE?

When will this program be on, or be repeated?

Will you consider my suggestion for a program on [blank]?

Why doesn't FRONTLINE have a host/anchor for the series?

4. Over 7% of FRONTLINE's 420 programs have been biographies. Which person on the list below has never been the subject of one?

Andrei Sakharov

Ronald Reagan

Tammy Bakker

Rush Limbaugh

George Soros

Robert Dole

Rupert Murdoch

Yasser Arafat

George W. Bush

5. What has been FRONTLINE's most requested biography?

"The Godfather of Cocaine" (Pablo Escobar)

"The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela"

"Death of a Porn Queen"

"Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?"

"Pope John Paul II - The Millennial Pope"

6. What has been the most requested program in FRONTLINE's history?

The Diamond Empire

A Class Divided

Death of a Porn Queen

From Jesus to Christ

Merchants of Cool

Drug Wars

The Godfather of Cocaine

7. Since October 1995 FRONTLINE has been producing indepth companion websites for each of its programs. What website has received the most traffic over the years?

The Gulf War

Drug Wars

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians

The World's Most Wanted Man

The Triumph of Evil

Hunting Bin Laden

8. What Hollywood movie's storyline featured FRONTLINE?

The Fugitive

The Client

Broadcast News

The Killing Fields

The Pelican Brief

Black Hawk Down

9. What well-known person has been the subject of two FRONTLINE biographies?

Ronald Reagan

Yasser Arafat

Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Saddam Hussein

Hillary Clinton

Newt Gingrich

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