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Greg Barker produced, wrote and directed FRONTLINE's Showdown With Iran, an examination of Iranšs rise to become one of Americašs greatest threats and most puzzling foreign policy challenges. Previously, Barker produced, wrote and directed FRONTLINE's 2004 epic two-hour special Ghosts of Rwanda -- the culmination of six years of interviews and research into the social, political and diplomatic failures that converged in the 1994 genocide that killed 800,000 Rwandans. The Boston Globe called the film "riveting, appalling television ... one of [FRONTLINE's] most powerful programs in years." Its honors include the duPont-Columbia Silver Baton, the Sidney Hillman Award, a Banff Television Festival Award and a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. Barker's other projects for FRONTLINE include Campaign Against Terror (2002), which recounts the behind-the-scenes story of the U.S. and world response to 9/11, and an examination of Saddam Hussein, The Survival of Saddam (2000). For the fourth hour of the News War series (2007), Barker traveled to the Middle East to examine the rise of Arab satellite TV channels and the growing influence of Al Jazeera. He also produced Part II of FRONTLINE's four-hour series The Age of AIDS (2006), which won the duPont-Columbia Silver Baton.

Barker produced, directed and wrote The New Rules of the Game, which aired as part of the PBS documentary series Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy. He received an Emmy nomination for his directing achievement on the series and an International Documentary Association Award for the PBS series Red Files. Prior to his career in filmmaking, Barker was a broadcast journalist in more than 40 countries, filing reports from Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland, Rwanda and the Gulf War for Reuters, ITN, CNN, BBC and others. Barker has a masteršs degree in international relations from the London School of Economics and is based in London.

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