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Profiles: Lives Without Parole

More on the five juvenile offenders serving life without parole featured in When Kids Get Life: their family backgrounds, their crimes, their trials and their experiences in prison.

photo of ind

Jacob Ind
He killed his parents after years of abuse, but even some of the jurors who convicted him wonder if he deserved life without parole.

photo of jones

Trevor Jones
Serving life without parole for a con gone bad, Trevor Jones is an example of the exacting logic of Colorado's felony murder statute.

photo of medina

Andrew Medina
A player in a botched carjacking, he was only 15 when he was charged with first-degree murder and imprisoned; now he's serving time at Colorado's maximum-security facility.

photo of nate and erik

Nathan Ybanez (L) and Erik Jensen
Erik was there when Nate killed his abusive mother. Nate says Erik didn't do anything, but they're both serving life without parole for her death.

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posted may. 8, 2007

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