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What do you think of this report on the first crucial year in Iraq following the fall of Saddam's regime? Could Jay Garner or Paul Bremer have done anything?


I recently spoke with a friend of mine who I was stationed with during my years on active duty. He has done two tours in Iraq and is waiting for his third. I have heard of his accounts and others, and frankly it is troubling.

The misfortune of our leaderships romanticised ideas of riding into Iraq and completely tearing apart a country's military, public works and educational system is just plain dumb. If only the egos of George and his buddies could have been set aside and people with actual knowledge of how to run a country's, educational system, healthcare system, public works and military would have been invited to develop a plan maybe, just maybe life would be a little better to the average Iraqi and American soldier...

Maybe if our leaders consulted with such experts we would not have the problems we have in our own country as well.

Kate Mclaughlin
South Amboy, NJ


What was one of the comments earlier? something about this production being a one sided liberal rant or something?!?!?

I'd like to know what/how you think this story could be sweetened with any other view or perspective. It's painfully obvious they had no plan and the reason things are so bad now is in no small part b/c of this 1st year.

I'd like to know how anyone can still back this administration. He was elected on the ideals of establishing an administration to be held to account. I see no accountability anywhere.

Take off your partisan glasses - YOUR politicians are literally getting away with murder.

Grand Rapids, MI


It is not surprising that people who do not believe in government struggled to put one together in a foreign country.

Governments tax their people for a reason. It costs money to maintain order and provide services.

The Bush administration, like many Republican administrations, came to power believing that government is wasteful and unnecessary. That is why it believed that the private market could take hold in Iraq and that the country would simply run itself.

This kind of nation-building on-the-cheap has a price. One we will continue to pay for years to come.

Jorge Ovalle
Bloomington, IL


I have been, and continue to be a supporter of President Bush and our efforts to effect a positive change in the Middle East. This piece was very difficult to watch. I believe that it contains much truth, but it obviously manipulates the viewer and, unfortunately, only provides one point of view. Even so, I came away deeply disappointed in the efforts of our government.

We have undoubtedly made grave mistak