Young And Restless In China

Rapper Wang Xiaolei's Lyrics

The lyrics of Wang Xiaolei, aka MC Sir, reflect the concerns of his generation and his American hip-hop influences. "Get Money" translated by Hai Yee Chen. "We Have To Be Together" and "Childhood" translated by Julia Kao.


Get Money

Listen to "Get Money"

Make money money, make money
People always say that once you have money, then you can start a family
My dad, my dad's dad, my dad's dad's dad have all said the same thing

Mirror mirror on the wall, what is it that I really need?
Is it the banknote, or should I stay silent? What kind of life should I choose?

What's music, music is what? I haven't found the answer
The answer hasn't told me yet, I want to draw a line between money and music
So what side would you choose? This is a man's game, a grown-up's philosophy
This is the rule: "Every act is for personal benefits"
An adult's game full of business connections
What are connections? What's the meaning of connections?

Once upon a time on the city streets, I pulled up my pants
Praying to not live this type of life again
Staring at my reflection in the store window
Lovers and marriage, cars and houses

When she left me that day I bit down on my teeth
And told myself that tomorrow there will be more hers
When I first met her I was dirt broke
I didn't dare have too many ideas about our future
When I rode my old, busted 28 [motorcycle], my peers in their fancy cars laughed and honked
When the sky opened up and began to pour, I reached into my pockets and found no money for a bus fare home
I've been soaked by rain and felt the cold winds, finally realizing what I really need
I don't blame this world for all the wrongs, 'cuz I've missed many opportunities in my life

I never been to the U.S., never rode in a sports car
I never wore any Gucci or been loved by a pretty woman
I never lived in a house, never drank fine wine
Those are what you want, I'm not gonna fool myself

The world keeps on spinning
"The Golden Ages" I can only endure it
If I want to get the money I just have to keep on striving

Bought a lotto ticket but I didn't win the prize
My stocks didn't rise up but fell like a stone
When I lost all my RMB [money] I began to think that it's all a game
All I can do is live life step by step

There's no use to think too much, I'm telling you all this 'cuz I want you to see
I'm about to lose my freedom, what's the topic, I'll leave it up to fate
Today I saw on the news that the stocks have risen sky high
Four times the amount, the rich just get richer

Why is the world like this, what can I do?
When I met a new "her," I didn't dare bring her home

The market and economy is all about buying and selling
If you buy my stocks now, I'm guaranteed to rise up
Your investment on me its not a problem, just a way to make money
Xi Wan Pai [Xiaolei's label] is an independent label
Music is the topic and making money is the goal
Let everybody notice, my brothers we gotta do this
In our youth we must make haste and strive for the top
Warfare or a game, be occupied or be victorious
Some people say that I'm crazy, "It's not you China Sir"
To change your notions is what life's about
Yesterday was the past, the future is what's important
I'm flyin' solo and never do things for personal benefits
But I have countless ideas so people just want to use me

C'mon with me brothers, make money and get your bonus
Haha! The choice is yours

Quit playin' around brother, broken bonds with our parents
I do what I do for my brothers that stand by me

What do I have to say for you to understand?
Time is of the essence, hip hop is a piece of meat
Time is running out like sand running through a sieve

The market is there for you to open up
The champagne is waiting for you to open up
The car door is ready for you to open up

We Have to be Together

You've said a lot about the past
You've said that you can never forget
I said to you that these are nothing but memories
I said that I have the same fears as you
Is it possible that the past problems are that important?
You must have prayed about the future
Now you only need my comfort and embrace
It will make everything perfect
You said you've taken those colorful drugs
Screaming in the darkness of the room
All alone and hurting, and nobody knows
Under the moonlight, your only company is the smell of alcohol
Time is pressuring you, pushing you against the table
After the car accident, you were left all alone at the hospital
So I gotta be your angel and always stay by your side

We simply gotta be together
Cant ever be apart
Even if there's too many f***ing problems
We still need to persist and be together

I've had your same experience
Left to walk up and down the empty road
Bleeding from my head from the hard knocks of life
In one breath I down two bottles of liquor
Sitting on the curb, heaving a heavy sigh, as I gaze up at the sky
Hoping to wave goodbye at my f***ed up life
You gaze at the shooting star as it flies across the sky
Quietly hoping for a perfect wish, too
Hoping that you can live a better life
The past 10 years I've been living like a vagabond
I've discovered what I need is to be with you and happily count the days
Just like this, you've appeared in front of me like the devil
Swallowing up all my miserable times
I want to be like an angel and protect you everyday


Everything gonna be OK and everything gonna be alright
I will show the world all my love for you
Everything gonna be OK and everything gonna be alright
I will show the world all my love for you

I will be like your shadow, always by your side
I will hug your heart like the train hugs the tracks
Carrying your happiness with me along life's journey
We both need each other for our lives to be whole
We be together walking towards our road ahead
Even if problems may arise, I wish that you will keep journeying by my side

Refrain x 2


Featuring rappers Lil 6 and Lil 4

The streets that we used to play on are now replaced by high-rises with no house numbers
Memories of our happy youth are gone, all that's left are aged foundations
By the ebb and flow of the river you sat by my side
I vaguely remember the sweltering summer days by the river
You and I discussing the future, debating how far the sun and moon are
Daydreaming about our glorious future endeavors
Remember how we spent our last coin to play that video game
Hey friend, damn!
Nowadays we play this music game just go get the coin, damn!
After the curtains of the night fell, do you remember when we laid on the bamboo bed under the willow tree, just chatting about nothing?
Games of hide and seek you always purposely revealed yourself
During our play weddings you always refused to kiss the bride
Where did you put that toy gun?
Our footprints in the sand have all vanished with the tides
You always rode the broom like Afunti's [a legendary Islamic figure] donkey

We bid farewell to our youth and the joyous summer days
The songs of cicadas beneath the shade of the trees are silent now
The fancy cricket cages are empty now
Return to our youths when I held your hand and you patted my head
Even though we lost the ball, don't forget that we are still friends to the end

Lil 6:
We were cute and naïve when we were kids
Snowball fights during the wintertime and basking under the sun on those summer days
With the shake of our hand, we let the crazy games begin
In the future it will be like this, competing in the game of life
Back in the days we were mischievous little devils
Auntie's cooking still has that divine aroma
Friends we haven't seen in ages have all changed

Little Lil 6 and Lil 4:

Yeah yeah
Everybody say yeah, c'mon everybody say yeah
Say with me, c'mon! Say with me, everybody say yeah

Even though difficulties surround us, we gotta persevere
Time flies by so don't ever give up on your dreams
I think about you, reminiscing about our youth, I think about you
Lil 4 and Lil 6 got tapped on the back of our heads by the hands of time

Rows and rows of buildings, and many many friends
Oh ... Along with the tune that everyone loves oh!

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posted june 17, 2008

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