Check out the original frames that accompanied a ROADSHOW guest's Roy De Forest artwork!

During ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's 2019 visit to the Crocker Art Museum, a guest named Claire brought in two Roy De Forest pieces that she received as gifts from her parents. Paintings & Drawings appraiser Graydon Sikes explained that De Forest pieces were usually "whimsical," and were "loose, imaginative works that he constructed." And the frames that accompanied his pieces were no different. Claire told Sikes that she had the original frames at home, yet she took them off because the wood material began to tarnish the edges of the artwork.

Later that fall ANTIQUES ROADSHOW got a pleasant surprise in the mail when Claire sent us these photographs of her unique De Forest frames!

See Claire's frames below and click here to see other original Roy De Forest frames!

About the Author Melanie Albanesi
Melanie Albanesi is an associate digital producer for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.