Miss rooting for your favorite teams? Grab a hot dog and a soda and catch up on some of ROADSHOW's most memorable, out-of-the-park sports appraisals!

Wondering what to watch next? Whether you are a basketball fan or a hockey fan, enjoy watching the US open or anything in between, we have appraisals that will having you rooting for our guests to take home the gold!

Baseball: 1871-1872 Boston Red Stockings Archive

Watch as ROADSHOW hits a home run with this incredible baseball archive, still our highest-valued memorabilia appraisal ever!

Leila Dunbar appraises an 1871 - 1872 Boston Red Stockings archive during Best of 25

Football: Gale Sayers Game-worn Jersey, ca. 1969

Sweat, blood, and the NFL: get swept up in appraiser Simeon Lipman's enthusiasm for this Gale Sayers game-worn jersey that was almost turned into a cleaning rag!

Check out Simeon Lipman's appraisal of a Gale Sayers game-worn jersey, ca. 1969 from The Gen X Years.

Boxing: 1964 Cassius Clay Twice-signed Promotional Print

What was it like growing up with Muhammad Ali, then Cassius Clay, in your neighborhood? For this ROADSHOW guest it was hot dogs, Kool-Aid, and words of wisdom.

Watch Jasmani Francis appraise a 1964 Cassius Clay twice-signed promotional print, from Virginia Beach, Hour 2.

Auto Racing: 1958 Signed Indianapolis 500 Racing Flag

Watch this emotional appraisal of an Indy 500 flag brought to ROADSHOW by a "Speedway Sparkplug."

In Indianapolis Hour 1, Grant Zahajko Appraises a 1958 signed Indianapolis 500 Racing Flag.

Basketball: 1986 Michael Jordan-signed Casino Coaster

Even though this ROADSHOW guest lost to Michael Jordan in blackjack, he still walked away a winner with his MJ-signed casino coaster!

Take a look at Jasmani Francis's appraisal of a 1986 Michael Jordan-signed casino coaster, in Desert Botanical Garden, Hour 1.

Golf: Feather Golf Ball, ca. 1840

Did you know that the history of golf includes boiled feathers, top hats, and bull's hide? Learn more during this appraisal of a golf ball from around 1840!

Watch Leila Dunbar's appraisal of a feather golf ball, ca. 1840, from New Orleans, Hour 2.

Horse Racing: 1919 Belmont Stakes Sterling Silver Trophy Tray

Relive the experience of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW finding a trophy from the first Triple Crown winner on the exact same day American Pharoah clinched the prestigious racing title 96 years later!

Watch Grant Zahajko's appraisal of a 1919 Belmont Stakes sterling silver trophy tray, in Spokane, Hour 1.

Tennis: Wimbledon-signed Tennis Champion Sweatshirt

It was all love between this former umpire and the pro-tennis stars that signed his shirt, which include Billie Jean King, John McEnroe, and Venus Williams!

Check out Leila Dunbar's appraisal of a Wimbledon-signed Tennis Champion Sweatshirt, from St. Louis Hour 1.

Olympics: Fred Lauer Olympic Collection

You never know what will turn up at a yard a $5 box filled with fantastic finds from some of the most important Olympians ever.

Check out Simeon Lipman's appraisal of this Fred Lauer olympic collection, in Vintage Las Vegas.

College Football: Michigan Wolverines Football Helmet, ca. 1940

Which University of Michigan coach first introduced the famed wing-front leather helmet? Find out!

Check out Grant Zahajko's appraisal of a Michigan Wolverines Football Helmet, ca. 1940, from Meadow Brook Hall, Hour 3.

College Basketball: 1982 University of North Carolina Signed Basketball

What do Michael Jordan, James Worthy, and Leila Dunbar have in common? Besides being legends in their field, they're also all Tar Heels!

In Richmond Hour 1, Leila Dunbar appraises a 1982 University of North Carolina signed basketball.

Hockey: Chicago Blackhawks Signed Hockey Stick, ca. 1975

Do you know the story behind why hockey sticks have a curved head? Find out now in this appraisal of a signed Stan Mikita stick.

Watch Jasmani Francis's appraisal of a Chicago Blackhawks signed hockey stick, in Tucson, Hour 3.

Olympic Basketball: 1936 Joe C. Fortenberry's U.S. Basketball Olympic Gold Medal

It's no tall tale: this U.S. Basketball Olympic gold medal was brought to ROADSHOW by Fortenberry's son and made for a slam-dunk appraisal!

Watch Grant Zahajko's appraisal of Joe C. Fortenberry's 1936 U.S. Basketball Olympic Gold medal, in Fort Worth Hour 3.

Baseball: All-American Professional Girls Baseball League Collection, ca. 1950

This ROADSHOW guest was part of a league of her own during her time playing in the All-American Professional Girls Baseball League alongside some hall-of-famers!

In Eugene Hour 2, Leila Dunbar examines a Girl's Pro Baseball League Collection, ca. 1950.
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