The holiday season is made for binge-watching! After a season unlike any other, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW has compiled a list of the Best Moments from Season 25 to highlight some of the laughs, tears, surprises and inspiring moments from the season! Plus, you can stream every featured episode in its entirety. Did your favorite Season 25 appraisal make the list? Let us know in the comments!

1. Rocking, rolling, and reminiscing.

Laura Woolley appraises a 1969 Woodstock jacket & program during American Stories

2. Peaches so good they're worth fighting for.

Jeff Shrader appraises a 1918 WWI peach can label letter during American Stories

3. Old (peacock) tales from the sea!

Karen Keane appraises Jay Leno's contemporary custom mermaid weathervane & peacock garden statue during Celebrity Edition, Hour 1

4. See this author's beloved book collection.

Devon Eastland appraises Jason Reynolds's 1943 Hughes-signed letter, 1965 advance copy "Manchild in the Promise Land' & 1987 signed first ed. "Beloved" during Celebrity Edition, Hour 1

5. Now that's what I call a transformer!

Reid Dunavant appraises Carla Hall's wooden convertible high chair and table during Celebrity Edition, Hour 2

6. And I say hey! What a wonderful kind of art collection.

Colleene Fesko appraises Marc Brown’s original ’Arthur’ artwork during Celebrity Edition, Hour 2

7. "Money does buy happiness!"

Simeon Lipman appraises Ronny Chieng’s “Crazy Rich Asians” cousin Eddie score & script during Celebrity Edition, Hour 3

8. Suit yourself to this iconic gown!

Katy Kane appraises Christian Siriano’s Billy Porter-worn tuxedo gown during Celebrity Edition, Hour 3

9. What leaves this actor at a loss for words?

Kathleen Guzman appraises Gbenga Akinnagbe's Titus Kaphar "New Enunciation" collage during Celebrity Edition, Hour 4

10. "I'm getting Goosebumps..."

Philip Weiss appraises Carson Kressley’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis-owned horse halter & cooling blanket during Celebrity Edition, Hour 4

11. Has Arlie found the Holy Grail?

Arlie Sulka appraises Tiffany Studios vases & crate during Extraordinary Finds 2

12. Remembering a poignant moment in history...

Ken Gloss appraises a 1976 Stanley Forman-signed "Soiling of Old Glory" photo during Extraordinary Finds 2

13. You don't need a magnifying glass for a bargain this big!

Kelly Wright appraises a 1978 Feliciano Béjar Magiscope sculpture during Best Bargains

14. A $2 box of priceless history.

Martin Gammon appraises a 1632 “The Lawes Resolutions of Women's Rights” during Best Bargains

15. I'm not crying, you're crying!

Lark E. Mason appraises a Kaneda Kenjiro bronze sculpture, ca. 1890 during Tearjerkers

16. From the back of a chair to National Treasure!

Donald Ellis appraises a Navajo Ute first phase blanket, ca. 1850 during Tearjerkers

17. "This is the first head in the box we've had on ROADSHOW!"

James Supp appraises a 1941 Willie Sutton prison-escape head & hand during Body of Work

18. Is there magic in this poster's value?

Nicholas D. Lowry appraises a 1930 “Karlini the Great Magician” poster during Body of Work

19. The appraisal that floored our guest...literally!

Peter Planes appraises a Rolex Oyster Cosmograph & documentation, ca. 1971 during Best of 25

20. This appraisal knocked it out of the park!

Leila Dunbar appraises an 1871 - 1872 Boston Red Stockings archive during Best of 25

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