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Do's and Don'ts
Dos and Don'ts

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Things to Remember
  • You are the teacher's best resource concerning your child, his personality, behavior, likes and dislikes. You can help your child's teacher understand and appreciate him for his unique qualities. Be supportive of the teacher's efforts and let her know you want to work together to provide the best growth environment for your child.

  • If you have concerns or feel angry about something that is happening at the child care center, be sure to give the teacher a chance to explain the situation before you reply. Try to come to a positive solution together.

  • When there is a family crisis, be sure to explain the situation to your child simply and honestly. Admit it is not a happy time but not the end of the world.

  • During times of family crisis, try to keep routines and rules as consistent as possible. Children need a stable atmosphere at home and school during these times.

  • If possible, help your children know what to expect by talking over in advance what will happen during a crisis or time of transition. Reducing the element of the unexpected will help a child feel that he is in control. Then you and your child can make plans together about how to cope with the change.

    Things to Avoid

  • Try not to be defensive about your child when discussing a problem with her teacher. Be realistic about your child's behavior and work with the teacher towards a solution with which you are both comfortable.

  • Don't ignore a family crisis and pretend there is nothing wrong. Children always know when something is wrong.

  • Avoid giving false assurances to your child during a time of crisis. It's important to comfort him, but be truthful about how his life will be different as a result of this crisis or change in the family.
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