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1. Think about ways that you could strengthen your relationship with your child's caregiver or teacher. Could you spend more time communicating informally before or after school? Could you become more involved helping in the classroom or during field trips? What kind of relationship do you have with your child's school?

2. Can you identify what your "flashpoints" are in dealing with teachers? What has made you angry in the past and how have you dealt with your feelings and resolved the situation?

3. Make arrangements with your child's teacher for you and your child to share a family tradition, activity or trip with the class. You could share something special you've done on holidays, weekends or during the summer. You and your child could bring in photographs, brochures, souvenirs and drawings, and share your stories.

4. If you are expecting a baby in your family or someone is to be hospitalized, take advantage of programs designed for children that allow them to visit the hospital and become more comfortable with what will happen there. This will minimize any fear of the unknown that your child may be experiencing.

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