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Aline Louchheim and Eero Saarinen


Aline Louchheim, an art critic at the New York Times, quickly developed a strong relationship with Eero Saarinen.

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Aline Louchheim was an art critic at the New York Yimes and she had written an article about Eliel Saarinen and she suggested to her editor that they do a story on Eero Saarinen. She took the train to Detroit to meet and interview Eero Saarinen and of course it was a very - turned out to be a very significant meeting. I remember the first time we were alone together then sneaking into Cranbrook and the darkroom and the black coat at the threshold and making love for the first time - hurriedly but so that we both knew this was only the first time. Then the drive to the airport, and I looked at you very intently and thought how much I did want to see you again. It is difficult for me to express how terribly pleased I am that you seem to like me more than you anticipated because I really seem to like you.

I know it seems astonishing that we should this quickly have reached this degree of love. I remember how sweetly you said to me, 'It's so quick that it wouldn't make any sense to anyone else but it makes sense to me.' It makes sense to me too, darling.

First, I recognize that you're very clever - that you are perceptive, that you are generous, that you are beautiful, that you have a marvelous sense of humor, that you have a very, very beautiful body, that you are unbelievably generous to me, that the more one digs the foundations, the more and more one finds the solidest of granite for you and I to build a life together upon.

She was married and, by then, divorced.

She had two teenage sons. For whatever reason they seemed to have a very instant chemistry. They were also very interested in each other intellectually, and Aline could discuss whatever he was working on at the office.


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