Speaker When I first met Quincy, he was looking at the young women chasing the young woman, the women, you know, having fun like he's always been doing since I've known him, which is plus, plus, plus before time.

Speaker But what was his job and what his job was?

Speaker And he was an arranger, you know, I mean, the time, you know, all of us were a little young in our 20s and maybe someone was approaching 30.

Speaker Quincy was probably one of the of the young crop of arrangers in jazz at the time. He was probably the most popular ones, along with Ernie Wilkins and a couple of the guys. You know, Chris has been around a long time, let's face it. And he's been all over the map. You know where you want to stop? Quincy's there, including Russia.

Speaker What about I?

Speaker Yeah, Mike, is that little and you can put this in a topic sentence. What do you think has enabled Quincy in the business end to make it in the music business? I mean, yeah, I guess his skills creatively, but from a business.

Speaker Well, I think, one, you have to be determined.

Speaker And when you revisit Quincy's earlier, earlier life, you look at his parents carefully. And certainly we want go that now. But I think Quincy was just determined to make it and his sense of the way he timed everything, you know, I mean, I never met anybody in my in my in bleep.

Speaker I've been here a couple of years longer than Quincy, and I've never met anybody that is so respected in love. You know, sometime I say the word that's Quincy where I never use it because it's confusing to me. But he is so liked, so respected. But beyond that, he is extremely talented. Oh, yeah. Look at this. Look at his people that he's been involved with. And it's rare that you're going to find anybody. I believe that. I can't think of any other.

Speaker Musician.

Speaker If you want to call artists or whatever you want to call them, that has such a wide range of understanding of an artist's talent as Quincy Jones and you go from whether you're talking about the great one Sinatra, you're talking about Big Maybelle, talking about Ray Charles, you're talking about Lesley Gore.

Speaker Are you talking about Peggy Lee? Michael Jackson?

Speaker I mean, count base, where does it stop? There's nobody that I can think of and you have, you know, including Ellington, which is my hero in terms of a musician. But even Ellington didn't have that kind of talent, so far as I'm concerned, because I remember when he started with Mercury and.

Speaker Let me say from the beginning, I mean, say it quickly, he just happened to be black in a company that where he became a vice president. But in today's world, which is 45, almost 50 years later, the term is used. Vice president of Black Music Bill.

Speaker You know, Quincy was vice president and just happened to be whether it was Lesley Gore or whether it was whoever it was, Clifford Brown, whoever it was, he put it in and it worked.

Speaker And you have to give the guy credit because.

Speaker You know, I and I enjoy Quincy's town, too, because it's so versatile, you know, I remember when he was recording The Brothers, Johnson said, man, just record Strawberry Fields or whatever it was. I thought it was, you know, and I kept listening in because it made, you know, you've heard it. You have to correctly.

Speaker And it's a brilliant song. When he did George Benson, when he did, what's the name?

Speaker Donna Summers. I mean, when he what is I mean, what are you talking about? Rap, jazz, pop, whatever you want to call it. He's in it. And I can't think of no other person. I don't care who you name. Producer Wise, it has that kind of talent.

Speaker Take me back to those days of Mercury Records. You know what's I just want to hammer that point, like because you've been in this industry so long.

Speaker Wait a minute, man. Not so long, but I've been here a few years. But I mean, in other words, I've become an antique, you know.

Speaker Well, but you were there when when he was one of the few, as you, you know, say now there's not that many vice presidents doing music.

Speaker Yeah. Because music to me is colorless as thought of that.

Speaker That's just what you got to look at, you know.

Speaker But how did Quincy sort of break barriers in terms of the business world?

Speaker Because I don't to be frank with you, very few things bother Quincy.

Speaker He he if he makes up his mind, man, you can go and change it. And I remember Lesego or the little girl. Everybody is the bubblegum girl, you know, I mean, kind of Connie Francis. You see what the F is Quincy doing with this? But he gave her a lot of hits. And back in those days, I mean, Irving Green, God bless him, he's he's Irving lives down in Palm Springs in that area. And Irving Irving saw something in Quincy that the guy had a unique talent. I remember even when he lived in Paris and one of the groups he recorded for Mercury was take six. Take six. Was it take six? I think it's a double double six. Brilliant group is one of my favorite records that Quincy has ever that. I mean, of course my my all time favorite would Quincy would probably be that Sinatra in Benghazi at the Sands Hotel. And then I would look at the next one, I would probably say.

Speaker The brothers, Johnson, one son, Strawbery, or whatever it was then, cause Michael's off of the wall where nobody is CBS, Sony wanted him to be involved because he you know, they use a category where he's jazz, jazz, my ass. I mean, Quincy is whatever comes up. I mean, I remember the last things he did with Sarah and Ella and those people I went to, the ones say I said, what the hell are these guys doing in here? But he's on top of it, man. I mean, he makes it work. I mean, I went to one session when he was doing with the Eagles. I called him Lyle, Michael and Diana and Bruce Springsteen and you name it, We are the World I we could pull that off.

Speaker I mean, you think about it. I mean, that's so so far as I'm concerned, the guy is.

Speaker If you're going to use the word genius, then Quincy is a genius parrot, you buy nothing because he if he makes up his mind, I tell you something now, Morse used to call me Mozart Clarence King in the studio because I could talk to him.

Speaker I mean I mean, it might be he started the LP. It might be six years later when it's finished. But this is the way he is because, you know, he changes his mind. He does this, does that. But but he's on top of any sound that's out there.

Speaker He's is I guess you would say he's very hip if that's the term one wants to use.

Speaker What about how he inspires people? You mentioned before? It's not about fear, is it? How does Quincy inspire artists? Make you know, how does he when he wants he said his mind to. It has to do with love, doesn't it?

Speaker Well, you know, I can't you know, it's kind of like asking me why is Gullberg successful? Why is my favorite director of all time, Hitchcock? Why was he successful? Well, if you look at an actor like Marlon Brando, you know, not now, but in his day, why was he successful? Why his technical success, what he's doing? And, you know, you got to look at those guys as being.

Speaker I guess you say they're very versatile and Quincy, certainly to me, I'll say it again, all due respect to. They did because I because I think that when I look at music today is computerise and I'm not I'm not too into that, I rather go to a to a date and see 30 or 40 musicians or 20 musicians reading and playing.

Speaker And Quincy, when, you know, I used to stinking WMI because I never cared for that much session stuff. I did never. But when you go in and watch him working and watch him how he talks to an artist and and even Sinatra, I like talking to God.

Speaker I guess, you know, I mean, Sinatra was not easy guy, but would Quincy cue so-and-so? Q What do you think you were, Frank? Let's do this. Of you know, and so he was always had the artist relaxed artist was always friendly, shall we say. Sometimes can be a pain in the ass. But with Quincy he had a way of and I don't use the word conning you. That's not fair. He he had a way of expressing his thoughts.

Speaker And he and he kindly was hopeful in that you would accept what he was saying. And and so what I've seen of him, it's worked for him, period.

Speaker You know, what about I was sent the chapter that you wrote about him. What is it with Quincy and Hucks?

Speaker Well.

Speaker I don't think I've ever go to his house was he hugged me before he got there. Yes. When you say we can hug me for every and I always tease him about the word love because, you know, I've been through the marriages, the girlfriends and and he gets attached.

Speaker He's attached and he's. He hugs you and he loves you. Well, I ain't the kind of guy, you know, I mean. Hey, how are you?

Speaker Anything else? I'm not interested in being a full time, you know, but that's Quincy.

Speaker That's just the way he is.

Speaker You know, I know he's he confides in you about things that are obstacles that he faces.

Speaker What you know, when you think it through. What do you think has been the biggest obstacle for Quincy? You know, basically this huge success story, everything.

Speaker Well, I think everybody has if you live long enough, you're going to have some problems. And whether it was with about.

Speaker And I shouldn't say this on tape of one of his wives, his children, that we always talked about it because sometimes you have to get another opinion, you know, and I remember one time when his son Snoopy was in a private school here in L.A., in Ohio, I think it was. And Quincy was on vacation with Steve and Courtney Ross and his in-laws and Snoopy and Tina had gone back to Sweden to see their mother. And I had been given instructions. This is what takes place when they come back. You know, it's like I had X amount of dollars and make sure Snoopy so and so well.

Speaker And this is a story that is extremely, so far as I'm concerned, was one of the.

Speaker Few times I've seen him break down, shall we say, stupid, decided he wasn't going to come back to Los Angeles and that really bothered Quincy. So Quincy, you know, I called him and told him he was going to do this. I said, shut the F up. You're not going to do anything. I said, No. One. I talked to his mother Hoola. And it wasn't her who was, you know, saying to him, you can stay in Sweden with me. She was trying to get him to come back. He just said, I don't want to come back to America at this time in my life.

Speaker So what I had to do is try to put those two elements together so they could communicate one to one. Well, snipper wasn't going to come to Paris. Quincy wasn't going to go to Sweden.

Speaker So when they meet in the train station in Paris and they both have requested me, Levasseur, because they both cried for about five minutes when they did before the war, they started talking.

Speaker But that's just one of the things. But, you know, now I mean, he and his children have a relationship. And I really mean this when I see it. I wish that I had the kind of relationship with my two children and he has with and but he had seven to let him kids, seven children. And but he has a relationship with them. That is unbelievable because he.

Speaker I mean, you got to be very you don't feel like they are, you know, even when they were young, he hides nothing from them. When I tell you nothing, I mean nothing.

Speaker So.

Speaker And it's a very huggin loving family when they're all together, you know, we were just there for Father's Day and my family and just to watch him with his grandchildren.

Speaker Yes, for now and with his oldest daughter, Joely with Kidada, who gives him holy hell, which I love.

Speaker I mean, he's just but the way he handles everything, it's just unreal. I mean.

Speaker Well, I won't get into that.

Speaker Just wait till the next question you can tweak tweaking.

Speaker Like what about. Taping up this beams of light in the back.

Speaker Uh, yeah, perfect, um.

Speaker Still, when Quincy has a good feeling for an artist like, say, he has some love and he calls you. How does he how does he know that?

Speaker Well, I'll give you a prime example. There was there's a young man who he is who's very talented and maybe needs a father figure, a figure, you know, and Quincy has made up his mind is Tevin Campbell.

Speaker He's a talented kid. I was down in.

Speaker NASA would Quincy when they opened the Atlantis Hotel and he had Jamling and Pettiest in by then and he had a big band with him and Kevin came on and he did a couple of Sinatra songs, you know, and see a SEAL 20 was given 21, 22, maybe 23, whatever.

Speaker But his manners, the way he handles the way he deals with the lyric is just unbelievable.

Speaker So Quincy told me recently, he said, Clarence, Kevin has problems, but I'm going to stick with him.

Speaker And and when when you hear Quincy say that you always wrestle with how much money you got from this kid, it doesn't doesn't move him. If he believes in you, he believes in you, period. You know, that's the kind of guy he is and teven, you know, is a very talented young man. And I would I would not be surprised. It certainly won't be this year.

Speaker I don't believe because he's so much now involved with his book, that ain't nothing I'm getting in his way. You know, that's his Bible at this point.

Speaker But an artist active and he believes he turned a loose. He believed in James Ingram. He believes in brothers Johnson, you know, because it's just one guitar player, him, which didn't turn me on. But after I heard some of the things he did is unbelievable. Even with Wes Montgomery.

Speaker You know, Wes Montgomery is not WesTrac I'm sorry, George Benson, just a great guitar player.

Speaker But when Quincy got through with him, he became a great guitar player. And even I'm not particularly care about his singing that much, but he he got he did all right. He makes a living it better than I do, I'm sure.

Speaker What about that thing you wrote about bellybutton?

Speaker Oh, I wouldn't dare talk about that. I mean I mean, you know that the people I don't let people go by that book because I want to be a number one seller. I mean, whatever I said that book, I'm not going to repeat here because what about stories of racism?

Speaker It's Quincy. Ever shared any stories where you just can't believe he's, you know?

Speaker Well, look, if you if you what are we today do with African-Americans, I presume tomorrow?

Speaker I'm not sure what that will be, but racism, it's look.

Speaker It's a part of the fabric of being in America by being an American, you know, there's racism, but. If you allow racism to dictate where you want to be in life, then you're not going too far.

Speaker Quincy has had his share of racism and it bothers him.

Speaker But not to the extent where he's going to moan about Ibru, about anything going to happen, he just finds a way. I mean, you know, I mean, even when he before he won his first marriage, I mean, there was heavy racism but didn't stop him. You know, they married. But, you know, Prince has been married so many times. Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't say that three or four times. Three times at least, anyway. But he racism, which is something that is that you have to deal with when it when we when it comes up, you certainly don't let it just destroy you because that was the case. He would never be successful. You know, he just you just just like wade in the water, man. I mean how you wade in the water and you get out of it, you know.

Speaker Do you think in a way I was thinking about the listen up and Miles is gone and he's gone. You know, Quincy grew up as a jazz guy in a way. He's the last of a certain of one of the last.

Speaker He is I mean, in his kind, he said, you know, he called me he called me in Canada on Saturday and told me that his well, our good friend, certainly Quincy, is much closer to him than I am.

Speaker Clark Terry Clark, pleased to be with Duke Ellington.

Speaker And Clark has cancer and he's quite concerned about it, is on the telephone with Dr. Norton from the Martelle Foundation.

Speaker And he's trying to help Clark. I mean, whether it might be hopeless because he has cancer and to replace it does make a difference. Quincy, if he feels you ain't nothing, he won't do anything in the world for you now.

Speaker Yes, busy. Miles. I remember he and I went to the hospital to see Miles before he died here in L.A. and.

Speaker All the you know, there's not many people left today. I mean, did he work with Lyla Hampton, who still lives going to be, what, 93, 94 years old and.

Speaker But all of his real, real, real friends like Clifford Brown and.

Speaker J.J. Johnson, all the people he he really grew up with and work with the exception of Ray Charles. I mean, we are still extremely close.

Speaker But I can't Benny Carter is still here.

Speaker He's very close to being he was a matter of fact, he had been he was at when was it? I think it was before Thanksgiving. We were there and Benny was I mean, and he stays in touch with whoever's out there.

Speaker You know, he really and he acknowledges all of these people in his forthcoming book. You know, he's he's very he's thankful for what he learned from those people and.

Speaker Until I will say to anybody when this book comes out in October, read it, you can start reading a chapter, you believe me, and when you a second scrambling, you know, it's. Well, you start with three nine, 15, 33 does make a difference.

Speaker Yes, my wife was still on the plane and she was reading a couple of chaplains. She gave it to me that I would I go back in the back and read something that you just can't believe.

Speaker The things that took place in his life was unbelievable.

Speaker What about, you know, Africa? You know, I know I've seen the listen up foundation stuff. Why do you think Quincy cared so much about.

Speaker Well, because, number one, he is extremely close to Mandela. He's very sensitive to this whole South African apartheid when it was whether to say that because I never been there.

Speaker But when Mandela before he was released from jail, Quincy had visited South Africa. And maybe that's one thing I did not do. But when Mandela was became president, I was invited to go. But unfortunately, I couldn't go because I had to go out at the time and because we were we were going together on the.

Speaker I should say this on the president's plane, the government's plane, because of the two planes down and.

Speaker I don't know in my mind if I even if I wasn't, if if I hadn't been sick, I don't know if I'd have gotten kind of like crowds like that, you know, it doesn't bother him.

Speaker It bothers me. I'm always, you know, what's going to happen. But and I remember he called me and he said, man, you won't believe this.

Speaker You said the you know, the biggest vibe was from when they introduced Castro. I said, why was Jabalpur Castro then you to go back and think, you know, because of Castro's involved in Africa. And I got news. I certainly have a lot of respect for him. But Quinsy and Mandela are extremely close. As a matter of fact, he's trying to why he's not trying. He's building has a wing where he's building homes down there. And he's very much involved with that, you know.

Speaker Bill Clinton, I know you, Bill Clinton, why does you connect with Bill Clinton because Bill Clinton could.

Speaker Bill Clinton.

Speaker Bill Clinton is a very brilliant man.

Speaker And he is. A lot of fun.

Speaker When and during the nomination process or whatever you call it, before he became president. Quincy, you know, I really wasn't sure. But then again, he gets involved in the inauguration and it puts him in a producer of the show for him. And him and Clinton are extremely close. As a matter of fact, he called me about three weeks ago. And he had sent Clinton the email. Clinton had emailed him back and they met, so it'll be a half an hour and a half an hour trying to be three and a half hours. That's the kind of guy Quincy is. And so Clinton, you know, Clinton is a Clinton knows all about these musicians. You can maybe we can take you like that, who they were and whatever. So you might say he's hip and Quincy is the kind of person that. Like somebody they can talk about the past tense, that's not just this one, that one, you know, and so Clintons and all that stuff I the for we had time to learn all that. But he certainly knows that. He's a very bright man, very likable guy, you know.

Speaker That's great. Do you think what do you think is Quincy's greatest accomplishment outside of his family and stuff? You mentioned Faith Sinatra at the Sands album, but is there's one thing that, you know, people kind of point to Quincy and say that was.

Speaker I would I.

Speaker I think when you compound.

Speaker Everything about Quincy and look at it, it would be extremely hard for me to pinpoint any one thing.

Speaker I think you. His accomplishments are what are you talking about, the Grammys, talking about the film scores and talking about the people that he's produced, it's nonstop. I've never seen a man in my life get my nomination at the Grammys. And Quincy Jones, every time he turns around is the nomination. He's being honored by somebody three or four times a year. You see, I could never do that. That drives me nuts. So when you look at those things, you got to say, well, there's any one particular thing.

Speaker I really can be kind of hard for me to pinpoint that at this time now with him.

Speaker He's excited, so excited about the book, and I would have to say his closest friend in life was probably his brother, Lloyd, and that was.

Speaker A big loss.

Speaker I knew things about his.

Speaker Family that I never discuss with anybody because it wasn't necessarily discussed at the party, but it's certainly when one reads this book, you're going to be shocked because it's all that he did. He didn't hide anything. And I got to give the guy credit whether with whether Clarence Avonwood have ever.

Speaker Binet been.

Speaker Frank, I don't know, I doubt that, you know, but he hides absolutely nothing about his family, which I felt was extremely personal, but he wants the world to know where he fit in. You know, because you talk about a mother and father, you know, it's as as it can be pretty rough. And when you read that, you know, the other day and in Toronto, I was reading the chapter and about his mother and I.

Speaker I was so full of tears because it's. It's so emotional, but you have to understand.

Speaker The guy who was expressing his feelings and I know him, I know how he thinks, and he and I even said to my submenu, he said, Now, Clarence, you said I got to I got to get out. I got to let it all out now. I wanted everybody to understand me and and what this relationship was. And my brother, my father, because, you know, he talks about three of them, not the four of them, but and it was extremely important to him. So pinpointing something in his life. No, I mean, I can't do that. I mean, that's the raw stories, says Peggy Lipsius. There's all kinds of stories about Quincy and discipline. One would be, no, I would never do that.

Speaker Do you think the aneurysm changed and or got you? Oh, yes. But I'll tell you one thing. He'll tell you quick.

Speaker I'm going to live it out.

Speaker And his whole thing is philosophy is Clarence. I'm going to enjoy my life. I'm going to enjoy my life and. I don't really give a you know what to criticize the way I live about my love affairs or whatever, I'm going to live my life and he lives his life, believe me, he's very spiritual.

Speaker Which I don't I'm not that much, but he is he can.

Speaker He's just with him and he's got if they're, you know, for Four Corners in the world, quinces right in the middle of all of them, it all works well. He makes it work for him. He communicates well, even even even with the technology today, man. I mean, he is so on it with it.

Speaker You know, he gave me a computer. I said Barington a damn thing on yet, you know, which I am two years old, I, I am still getting faxes and emails and things I'm not into because he said one time he called me from Switzerland where he said, if someone comes I'm going to. Well, yes, I don't give me my email. Sent a fax e-mail. I get off the computer. I mean, he's just a guy man that, you know, and we talk sometimes.

Speaker Three or four times a week, no matter where he is in the world, you know, he's always Sydney or something, and in Montreal, he sends me this note and the huge what me and my wife, a huge bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne. And I said, Jack, what? I'm to do flowers. I mean, we're leaving tomorrow. This weekend was Quincy. You know, yourself. You had to feel what you're going to do with these kind of things. But he never forgets a birthday.

Speaker And he even on Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, he sends something. Has a made you you know you know my wife. I'll be 7:00 a.m. Valentine's all day. But I mean, box of candy will come. This will come. A book will come on me.

Speaker He just never forgets, he's always given me, and that's great. Last question, how is your leader?

Speaker We talked a lot about Clinton, we talked about Mandela, but it's like everyone he touches, he somehow leads.

Speaker Yeah, you know, you know, I know when he was raising money for this show he was doing at the White House for Clinton and as the Millennium Show.

Speaker And he was having a hard time raising money. And he called me and he said, man, you know. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do, I need X, X, X, and it was it, I'm not going to say I'm not going to give the person's name. Who? Two of them. They're very big Republicans. But one of them gave an excess of 400000 dollars, and I don't believe anybody other than Quincy Jones was able to get that money from these two people that I know. I mean, it was he has a kind of vibe and where he can because people believe in him.

Speaker I was just reading want to go where he's been on on my mother's birthday, the 18th of August. Unfortunately, I'm going to be here. I don't think I'm going to be in New Jersey with her.

Speaker The man Sini, the man she was at, I mean, Sini, whatever it is, the foundation is honoring him.

Speaker So literally, I said, well, who and who was the coach? Who the coaches is? Gelperin showed his wife. So he knows everyone. You walk into a room of Quincy Jones where his by his master would Quincy. I always tell people if God came here to my afternoon to visit for whatever reason before he left, he would say, you know what, I have, where's Quincy? And I guarantee you God would call him because this is the way I mean, he is so light and I'm not. And I tell you, man, I mean, he and his memory is so unbelievable. He keeps if you ever go in his house, man, look at all the damn files and papers and he keeps everything to me. I thought I he knows that. I mean, last year he before my daughter got married, he she said that he tricked me. He had to do something in Paris for I don't know who was a minister of culture. I guess I knew something. Ellington The Harlem Peace. And he use a full orchestra, 100 some odd pieces. So my daughter got she got married. She got married on the 16th of September last year. And so natural, you know, wedding budgets and whatnot. And so that evening going into the dinner, I walk into the door and I said, is 18, 20 piece band. I said, what else is I never okay, this is the God's truth.

Speaker I got so angry. But I you know, because you have a wife and you my my my sister was at the table and I just kept my my wife said, would you shut the hell up, just be quiet now.

Speaker And I still was very angry.

Speaker Now, first of all, I was nervous anyway because the windows I was wet. So I had to go up in a hotel room and change clothes and come back down.

Speaker So when Nico's husband got up and he and I were still mouthing about, you know, Nicole's going over, but she didn't tell me that 18 policemen. And then and then I heard the guy, you know, when I went in, he said, you know, we are from New York.

Speaker And I'm saying the airfares, the hotel bills, the food. Who the hell's paying?

Speaker So David gets up and he thinks everybody and says, well, Nicole gets a call from Quincy and we had already booked the band, the small group that we wanted for the wedding, but Quincy insisted upon. That the band he had used in Paris, part of it he wants he wanted this to be part of your wedding. Because he said, you know, Clarence is so into Duke Ellington and this is Ellington unit, I mean, you know, and he says, I want to just make him I want him to be happy.

Speaker So David got up and said that I was so embarrassed because my whole thing was, who the hell's paying for that? You know, I didn't think about quinsy. I would have never thought my life. But, you know, I mean, and doing that, when the guy got up and says, you know, we've been in L.A. for two days and all I can think about the whole family is hotel bill doing this or that. But that's the kind of person he is. He shocks you.

Speaker I mean, four years ago, I think it was four years, three years ago maybe when he calls a couple of days for Christmas, let's go to Vegas.

Speaker Vegas, I'm heading to Vegas. Jenkins says Williams will go.

Speaker I want Alex and Nicole to come to OK, my teacher, fine. We all went the second family, you know, that's the way he and I, you know, jail. I mean, he was Father's Day and his Christmas is Thanksgiving. He wants his family and I'm using my family's use, that part of it, and I and I his friendship is something that is undescribable to me.

Speaker I mean.

Speaker And I don't think we have had our fights because we have great ones, but it means absolutely nothing.

Speaker You can't stay mad at Quincy Jones, just a waste of time. Because. He has a way of. Huggin you. I'll send you these little notes.

Speaker With love, I love you and all that stuff, I said, well, you know, if I were the man I could never tell when I loved her because she quit. She just uses so much. It confuses me.

Speaker Oh, that's beautiful. I really know it's perfect. I really thank you for your time. And I'm just thrilled that he's been.

Speaker And, you know, if you travel with him and that's another thing. I mean, I don't give you in England, France, Germany.

Speaker Oh, just so I'll tell you the story, actually, would you mind going back to me. Oh. Like this. About four years ago.

Speaker There's a restaurant called Graves' Drays, I think is Marziano, wherever was I get a telephone call about 730 jacket. And so she says, well, Quincy wants us to come to trade.

Speaker I said, for what?

Speaker Well, he's got a friend. She's a princess. She's from Germany. So we go. I know what the hell to expect him.

Speaker What can we just take that from the top? We have no problem. Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Speaker That's OK. That was some camera problem. But just start with drays, if you would.

Speaker Well, about about three or four years ago, I mean, it was four years ago. Quincy calls me from to meet him Adres Shatkin myself. And so and I said for what? Jackie as well, his friend is there from Germany.

Speaker She's a princess princess, you know, so we go and this lady was there with her cigarettes, you know.

Speaker And Darling said here, I've heard so much about you.

Speaker You, Quincy just loves you.

Speaker So I'm sitting there and who the hell who is who is this woman? You know, so.

Speaker And who comes in, Clint Eastwood in a couple of people and we all sit down and just talk and I'm sitting and nervous as hell about with this prince I what they'll say to him sitting next to her.

Speaker So she says, darling, I want you and your wife to come to whoever was in Germany for an opera opera with me, with an opera, you know, that's like an entire. But I'm doing country and western. But of course, my wife's you know, she wanted to go and and Quinceo a man, you know, I'm going and you should go.

Speaker But at that time, my tux and you had to be very formal. And I you know, I said, Jackie, why are we going to waste our time going to Germany for a damn opera? Well, this has been a new experience. Quincy's his friend.

Speaker We should go. So I had to have a suit made.

Speaker So then I called the lady to back to tell her that we were going to accept the invitation, not with names. I you know, I know my name half of the time, but people say, oh, I just forgot. So I called because she'd give me her number because she wanted to know if we were going to come because tickets were very hard to get. This is for the concert. So I called, I says.

Speaker Princess Grace, she's old. She's just got to be Clarence Cubie, Princess Grace, it was glorious. What she told Queen sequencing meant.

Speaker He said, listen, Grace Kelly is dead. You know, they. Right.

Speaker But it was the experience that I will never forget as long as I live, because to get me to go away to Germany, to opera, and it was and when I says I says to Princess Gloria, I said, well, Jack and I'm going to accept your invitation to come in to the concert to hear the the the music of Wagner as well. I thought he was kind of iconoclast. But why Nevada?

Speaker Go. And we stayed in her castle. And it was fun until one thing.

Speaker We were touring the castle and we get to this room and I seen the red lights going downstairs, so I asked a guy and the guy said, what are these lights for?

Speaker He said, oh, that's where 24 of the French family is buried as well. Give me the hell out of here quick. Now, so quickly after the concert, he said, what do you think about the concert? And I said, I'll be frank with you. I said I enjoyed it because I had to because I took pills to stay awake, man, because that would have drove me nuts, but. Back during the early days of my life, I used to have a big band that was out, I you know, I knew whether it was Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey. And so I said to Quincy. This music sounds just like Stan Kenton because it was very harsh. Oh, he says, you're right, man. And and because I, you know, I couldn't write a note to save my life and but he picked up what I said. I said sound just like and it sounds like I mean, Stan Kenton to me. And it was an experience and I've been in a lot situation with Quincy of these natures where you go to these places with him and you meet the world. I mean, the last thing I will say to you was about six years ago, Eddie brought Eddie Barkley, one of his closest friends. He used to own a company called Berkely Records, him and his ex-wife, Nicole. She's since passed. So we were in the south of France. And so Quincy called and says, hey, man, it is give me a party wherever the little city was, and you have to wear white. Cause my wife, you know, when you with your wife, you know, you say go, they want to go. So we go to this party.

Speaker It's right on the and I'm not sure, because I was corrected in Monica when I told the guy, I said, well, the ocean, he said, no, it's the sea. I don't know the sea from the ocean. So I'm not sure what it was.

Speaker But where this party was, there were about 400 people.

Speaker And when you walk in, you had like six, seven chefs with all kinds of food, which Quincy loves to drink and wines, you know, using a bottle of wine. And I you know, to me, he said, man, you don't a kid I know that puts ice in a red wine, which I do. I mean I mean, I'm going into wine, you know?

Speaker I mean and this evening there were there were like six chefs, Chinese this, that and the basic ban, which is his love base, his band was playing. There was another band.

Speaker And, you know, with 400 people, all you just walk around, there was something to do it all times. And everybody was there when you when I see everybody was there from striking saying to Oprah to you name it, I mean, he just has that kind of connection. I mean, where everybody connects with you. And and this is why I say to you that.

Speaker He's a rare species, he's there out of all the people I've met in my life.

Speaker I've never met anybody.

Speaker Like Quincy Jones, he. Rarely gets angry, but, oh, God forbid, when he does get angry, you know that he's rough, but getting angry when he gets angry tomorrow.

Speaker Didn't happen yesterday because it's all over with. He perhaps. No, you can cut them out. He can kiss me. This means absolutely nothing. And this is the kind of friend that you.

Speaker That is rare. One last question, what's the kind of I've never seen him angry? What does he get angry about?

Speaker The only time really in Europe, I saw him get angry one night.

Speaker When a reporter started asking him about one of his ex-wives and he went totally insane because first of all, his life was open book everybody knows about is whoever he's involved with. But.

Speaker Even with his children, I remember, and the one that was reported, my daughter, you know, one night he was in his house, he calls up. I mean, that is so sweet, Clarence. You come and give me a big hug for she's going to bed. And she said how much she loved him. So to 30, he decided to go into the room, go in there because she was staying with him, go in the room and just, you know, hug her and pet or something. And he said, look, I want to be in.

Speaker And and it was all the pills that he had. Look at the way the window was open. She kept going. That's the place he called. I'm going to kill Isaac. Quincy, shut the hell up. He could do that. At least I believe he said, Clarence, she is the biggest one. She is.

Speaker I mean, she ever he I mean, to see them two together. Just unbelievable to see him in a joli.

Speaker Rasheeda All of them. Rachel they just have a vibe. Man is unreal.

Speaker And he's so in that word love. He's so in love with him. I think I just can't do it. I'm not just you know, I'm just that's why I fall apart.

Speaker But I mean, I tell somebody I love him and he'll I I'll tell you one time, you know, it's like, you know, your wife asked me to she would do a twenty five anniversary. I say, well, I said I do one time. That's enough for me. I was to go two it three or four times. You know, he enjoys it, you know.

Speaker I mean he has anybody thinks about him and his love affairs, he really doesn't care because I know the lady he has and now he's very much in love with her.

Speaker A very beautiful young lady and.

Speaker When he called me and when he was bringing her home with him, he called me from Europe and he says. As a was not going to say, yes, I am as a million young, so what? I said, well, man, you know, your chief said, my children is a. I'm going to live my life. He said, they have to live. They have to deal with. They got to deal with. But he said, this is my life and I'm going to live it my way. And he's willing because if anybody thinks where he really doesn't care and believe me, there's been some crazy comments because when you see the difference in age, you know, it's a big gap that doesn't bother him, doesn't bother him at all. He's a determined man. And right now nothing is more important to him. And this book was the next thing is important, he's building a new house, which to be is a security. You really want to. Yeah, man, he said, Clarence, if I lived it one day, I want to be happy living in it. And that's the way he thinks, man. He's living in the interest and where tomorrow I might not have. And he said, well, I'm going to be here tomorrow. I'm just going to live my life. That's his whole philosophy.

Speaker Thank you so much. Well, I hope it came out OK, you know, great, and if we're interviewing Clinton next week, so, you know, Bubba, as Quentin said, well, I guess if you think of Lester Young as president, well, he has a name for everybody, believe me.

Speaker Yeah. Does he have a funny name for you? Oh, yes. Yes, he does.

Speaker And I'm suing Quincy because in his book, he has me a sweet potato and bump.

Speaker And when he found out that that when I was in when I was born in North Carolina and we were so poor and the kid of school was sweet potato, and for some, I don't know how you found out. And boy, he has not stopped. So what do you mean when you sent me this package, this the champagne and the flowers in my drawer here on this note, I've heard ex lawyer, ex lawyer. And so we'll see you in court because I told you as a cause, I'm going to sue you. He says, well, great. So he's already got his lawyer. We've the joke, you know, but that's the kind of guy he is. Unbelievable. My friend, Mr. Jones, I call him the cute.

Speaker He said a girl was telling us the nicknames. It's like he does have a nickname for everyone.

Speaker And I said to him, I said, you know, you should have been a writer for television because he comes up with lines are so original and so crazy and I mean. I used to go with him sometimes when he's doing a weird funk show and he'd come up with lines that he married would at the laugh, you know, because the guy is brilliant. He really is.

Speaker Again, we need to sit for 20 seconds in silence just for being called room tone. And then we're done. This is room to room to.

Speaker And Rumpo, you guys got it. Try and clean up is.

Clarence Avant
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