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The Importance of Better Latine Representation


Xolo Maridueña (actor, “Cobra Kai”), Gina Torres (actor and producer), Tanya Saracho (showrunner, “Vida”), and Ivana Rojas (actor, “Gentified”) discuss the importance of Latine representation both in front of and behind the camera.


- There needs to be new Scorseses, there needs to be new Tarantinos, and they need to be people of color.

They need to be women.

They need to be people from the LGBTQ community.

- Being behind the scenes, having a seat at the table, building your own table if necessary.

- I would like to handle our stories forever.

I feel like we'll never run out of stories because we haven't been able to tell our stories.

- We have something really important to contribute, and if we have more chances to do that; I mean, who knows what could happen?


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