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Jo Firestone Proves Comedy Has No Age Limit


Comedian Jo Firestone was leading a weekly remote comedy workshop with a group of senior citizens from New York’s Greenwich House when something magical happened. Through in-person sessions, one-on-one interviews and a live public performance, a documentary special emerged called “Good Timing.” Join Firestone and her crew of funny seniors as they find joy in the creative act and show how important it is to “make each other laugh in a really scary time.”

Joe Skinner – Host and Producer
Hannis Brown – Composer
Michael Kantor – Executive Producer, American Masters

Art was created by Digital at The WNET Group.

Special thanks to Nate Tobey, Ava Tews, Julie Sacks, Cristiana Lombardo, Diana Chan, Hailey Rozenberg, Antonia Carew-Watts, Blanche Robertson, Ting Ting Lu, Jayne Lisi, Natasha Padilla, Dan Quiterio, Karen Ho, David Polk, Melissa Major and Brian Santalone.

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