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Don Hertzfeldt Animates Stick Figures Into Existential Masterpieces

Two-time Oscar-nominated animator, writer and filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt is considered one of the most influential figures in animation. In his first-ever formal podcast interview, he breaks down the long journey that went into making his 2012 feature film, “It’s Such a Beautiful Day.” The existential story at the heart of the film often mirrors many of the challenges Hertzfeldt faces as a fiercely independent animator with a do-it-yourself approach. His process is arduous, to say the least. The legacy of “It’s Such a Beautiful Day” and Hertzfeldt’s iconoclastic filmmaking technique continue to influence a whole new generation of animators to this day.

Joe Skinner – Host and Producer
Hannis Brown – Composer
Michael Kantor – Executive Producer, American Masters

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Special thanks to Nate Tobey, Ava Tews, Julie Sacks, Cristiana Lombardo, Diana Chan, Hailey Rozenberg, Antonia Carew-Watts, Blanche Robertson, Ting Ting Lu, Jayne Lisi, Natasha Padilla, Dan Quiterio, Karen Ho, David Polk, Melissa Major and Brian Santalone.

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