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Why Cicely Tyson was selective about her acting roles


Cicely Tyson’s support for civil rights came through her portrayals of Black womanhood in her film roles. As a result, she was selective in the kind of work she took on and describes here how roles that appealed to her didn’t come very often.


- We are not just considered actresses.

For instance, I would be up for the same role as Jane Fonda if I were considered an actress, rather than a Black actress, which limits my ability to work.

- From the start of her career, Cicely Tyson was very, very selective about what parts she would and wouldn't accept.

Her support for civil rights came through the ways in which she performed Black womanhood.

- I have the reputation in my business for working every few years and it's every two or three years when a role comes along that appeals to me, that speaks for me, that deals with what I would like to project to my audiences.


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