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Trailer | BOSS: The Black Experience in Business

Learn about the untold story of African American entrepreneurship, where skill, industriousness, ingenuity and sheer courage in the face of overwhelming odds provide the backbone of this nation’s economic and social growth.

AIRED: 4/23/2019 | 00:01:47
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African American business is an essential part of this ideal of black liberation.

Resilience, practicality, strategic thinking: these are the qualities that business leaders have, but sometimes only emerge under the most stressful and sometimes unfair circumstances.

In the tradition of making a way out of no way, black entrepreneurs were forced to sell to their own community, but those businesses allow them to become economically independent.

Where ever we are, we didn't get there by ourselves.

And because we did not get there by ourselves, we have an obligation to help those who need us.

We have an obligation to give back.

if you look at African American business community traditions, there's always the sense that you do good by doing well, and you do well by doing good.

Today's subject is the Negro in Business and Industry.