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Get an inside look at how BOSS explores the history of African American business.

AIRED: 4/16/2019 | 00:02:00
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- [Man] One, two!

- Today's subject, the Negro in business and industry.

(lively jazz music) - Boss is the story of African Americans' involvement in business, especially as entrepreneurs, from the time of enslavement till the present.

(funky music) - African American business is an essential part of this ideal of black liberation.

- It's the history of how African Americans have used business as a tool of wealth-building, as a tool of raising up communities, and as an opportunity to struggle for freedom.

- Money could buy freedom, and people who got money were those involved in some business enterprise.

- My grandfather worked with Madame CJ Walker, first woman, of any race, to start with nothing and earn a million dollars.

Black business has always been something that we've thought about in my family.

- It was really important for me that I went to an African American bank, and African American savings and loan.

- I think that the beauty of this film is it pushes us to think about how far we've come as a nation, as well as how far we have to go.

- Once you get in, you look out for the people who are gonna come behind you.

- African Americans have always seen the value of entrepreneurship.

Barry Gordy in Motown, which was really the first time there was a black business that successfully sold, not only to the black community, but to the white community.

- There were different places in which African Americans found people to believe in their ideas.

This is the building block for African American business: people helping people.

- Never shall I let you down. (audience cheering) - African American business people realized part of their success depended on the success of the African American community as a whole, and they've supported that community throughout history.

- Every American should have an opportunity to contribute to the story that made America.

♪ Paid to talk, be the boss (lively funky music)