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Billy Crudup: It's my incredible privilege to give this award of career achievement to Annette Bening.

[clapping] [cheering] Annette Bening: Thank you, thank you very much, thank you very much. Wow I appreciate that.

Thank you Billy!

We were in an ensemble together when we did our movie and we all got very close very quickly because that's what we do. It's this shared effort and you're working with all these different specialists who all come together at the same moment to try to tell a story in a in a convincing way so I'm very honored thank you so much to the AARP for this award. Thank you for the work that you do and your mission. I want to thank my teachers at Mesa Community College and San Francisco State and the American Conservatory Theater where I got to be in a repertory company. I really needed education and training but I'm just beginning to reach the moment where I have forgotten all of it and that is such a precious moment. Because of course anything that we can do we need our intellectual curiosity, always as actors but what we do from our heart is always the most valuable thing so it's one of the things about getting older that I really love is being free feeling more free. Creativity requires a mysterious inspiration, it's a certain loneliness even for actors who are usually working surrounded by people. There's a lot of loneliness in what we do, feeling inadequate or defeated or insufficient.

This is the natural state of the creative person I'm going to quote a great actress and writer her name was Ruth Draper she was a monologist.

'We work in the dark we do what we can our doubt is our passion, our passion is our craft and our task, and the rest is the madness of art.'

Thank you!