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Tonight, I am delighted delighted to announce the Movies for Grownups Award for Best Actor and it goes to Adam Sandler in 'Uncut Gems.'

[cheering and clapping] Yes.

Sandler: Did I mess up?

You don't come up yet. What's wrong with you?

How long have you been in show business? That was sad. You heard your name and you were like... Sandler: You hesitated!

I hesitated to take a pause, in comedy you take pauses.

You were like the chimp that saw banana you came running. What the hell was that?

We get to you.

Sandler: Alright!

Unbelievable, unbelievable.

I'll give you a signal, all right?

As the charismatic gambling addicted jeweler, Howard Ratner. Here's where I explain the film.

Adam's character walks a tightrope juggling an impending divorce, an affair with an employee, thuggish debt collectors, and a high-stakes bet that he's counting on for the windfall of a lifetime. Now, I am thrilled because finally filmmakers are getting to see the real Adam Sandler. I've known him a long time he is not acting this movie is a documentary and a desperate desperate cry for help.

But Adam's work is undeniably brilliant this bold risk-taking character study which has been compared to the work of a young Al Pacino as well as a middle-aged Al Pacino and a late-in-life Al Pacino, offers a completely different side of the electrifying comedian I've known for three decades.