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Diane Ladd: Ladies and gentlemen please help me in welcoming my treasure, my daughter, Laura Elizabeth Dern.

[clapping] Laura Dern: Well thank you AARP for giving me the radical gift of listening to my mother speak.

This is just ridiculous icing on the cake.

But thank you AARP for honoring our film for Noah's brilliant writing and direction.

And the priviledge of being part of that movie.

But I must take a moment to speak about Diane Ladd.

She's taught me everything I understand not only about acting and about being honest and about being fearless, but also about being a worker.

She never stopped studying. My greatest memory of her is always at the actor's studio with godmother Shelley Winters, learning, learning, working. Trying out plays doing play readings.

Having seven, eight books by her bed all the time reading them simultaneously.

And so what an honor to be raised by someone who loves to learn and loves to grow.

And loves this profession and loves movies, like no one I've ever met.

And I grew to love movies thanks to her.

And thanks to all of you and all you offer. AARP all I can say is very recently I turned fifty, and it was interesting and uncomfortable. I woke up on my birthday and I didn't know how I felt.

And I got some mail and I got a birthday card from some great friend.

This is amazing who sent me a birthday card?

And my very first birthday present was from AARP.

And all I can say is I have never had more fun in my life as a daughter, as an actor, as a friend with my amazing Greta and Noah, and as a mother.

This is like the time of my life, so thank you, like Noah said to inviting me into your club.

'Cause guess what guys it's sexy it's fun it's amazing it's creative it's inventive.

I'm having the time of my life and bless you for this award and honoring our movie.

And for my mama.