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Additional Web Resources

Online Resources

We present the following Web sites for those interested in the subjects shown in the NATURE program. All links are valid as of December 29, 1999.

International Otter Survival Fund
Organization funding otter research and conservation programs worldwide .
All about otters of many species, conservation efforts, and habits of otters.

Fantastic Journeys —
A kid-friendly site with cool geology facts and animated geysers.

Oakland Zoo: North American River Otter
Biographical information from the Oakland Zoo.

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park
A fact-packed site featuring sections on geology, wildlife, history, and preservation.

The Total Yellowstone Page
A comprehensive guide to the park, with a separate page for many of the animals.

River Otter Fun Facts
Information about the animal from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Yellowstone National Park (NPS)
Background information from the National Park Service on Yellowstone National Park, including sights and lodging.

Yellowstone Net
A community site, with live chat, bulletin boards, links, and photographs.

The River Otter
Information on the status of the river otter in Nebraska, where the species was hunted almost out of existence.

GORP — Yellowstone National Park
A travel site with maps, a photo gallery, and tour-guide recommendations from the Great Outdoor Recreation Pages.

Friends of the Sea Otter
A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the sea otter.



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