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African Penguins Commute Home in Rush Hour


African penguins live amongst the people of busy Cape Town, South Africa. To return to their nests in residential gardens, these penguins huddle together as they cross streets during rush hour traffic.


- [Narrator] It's rush hour in the city.

And to get back to the nest, he joins the rest of Cape Town's commuters.

(cars honking) (penguin growling) Traveling with the group keeps them safer on the busy roads and pathways.

(car engines) (cars honking) The hectic traffic separates the pack.

A recent study has revealed that African penguins have a complex vocal repertoire similar to that of humans.

And the group can recognize individual calls.

But it's hard to be heard over the noise of rush hour traffic.

(cars honking) He needs to wait it out.

His mate will have to be patient.

He's going to be late again.

Time to make a move.

(penguin growling) He needs to keep his eyes open for distracted drivers.

(tires screeching) (car honking) But he's almost home.

(penguin growling) African penguins have changed their behaviors to adapt to the modern world.

This pair have chosen a backstreet garden as a suitable nesting site.


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