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Additional Web and Print Resources

Web Sites

For those interested in learning more about the insect world, we recommend the following Web sites. All links are valid as of April 9, 1999.

University of Florida Book of Insect Records
Learn about insect champions and their achievements.

Insect Collecting Techniques
Learn how to collect and study your favorite bugs from Monte Johnson and Stephanie Bailey.

Entomology for Beginners
Basic information on the study of insects.

Insect Sound Gallery
Hear the sounds of a fly, cricket, cicada, hissing cockroach, mosquito, wasp, and more.

See the world through the eyes of a honeybee.

Robinson Lab
Inside the laboratory of an entomologist.

Mayfly Central
Everything you want to know about these short-lived insects, from the Department of Entomology at Purdue University.

Wasp and Caterpillar
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s James H. Tumlinson tells the story of one caterpillar wasp.

Monarch Watch
A butterfly-watching project from the Universities of Kansas and Minnesota.

Australian Termite Mound
So tall it dwarfs a tree!

From Mulberry Leaf to Silken Thread
The silk story, from Khemara, a Cambodian organization.

Biology of the Honeybee
Bee facts from Ross Koning, biologist at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Information for K-12 teachers on how to raise these silk-producing caterpillars in the classroom.

Butterfly Encounters
How to attract butterflies to your own backyard.

A site devoted to beekeeping, honeybee biology, and honeybee research.

Bee Alert!
This site, from the University of Montana at Missoula, offers a great set of insect and science links for kids.

Digital Dragonflies
Some of the best dragonfly images on the Web, with close-ups, multiple views, and every dragonfly species imaginable!


We recommend the following books for those interested in the subjects presented in ALIEN EMPIRE.

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Kite, L. Patricia. SILKWORMS. New York: LPK Science, 1997.


Mound, Laurence, and Stephen Brooks. INSECTS (DK POCKETS SERIES). New York: DK Publishing, 1995.

Pringle, Laurence. AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE: THE STORY OF A MONARCH BUTTERFLY. New York: Orchard Books, 1997.

Spradbery, J. Philip. WASPS: AN ACCOUNT OF THE BIOLOGY AND NATURAL HISTORY OF SOLITARY AND SOCIAL WASPS. Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press, 1973.

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