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(upbeat music) - If we see a bird flying in any of this, imagine there's a square, then those will be the birds we count.

- Celebrate Urban Birds is a Citizen Science project focused on reaching out to communities that are not represented in the sciences.

- Did you see that?

- [Boy] Where's the hummingbird?

- It's right there.

It's right in there.

- We don't want the sciences to just reflect one particular worldview.

- Did anyone see the American crow?

- We have to do it side-by-side with people from all different neighborhoods, all different backgrounds.

- The bird needs... - Food, water, shelter.

- Everything that we need.

And we try to get the kids off of television, and just put'em into nature.

For the underserved community, to get that chance, is incredible.

- Hopefully, we'll get tons of nasturtiums and sunflowers covering this hillside.

- [Makeda] We're trying to let children know that science is for everyone.

- Right there!

- It's flying right there!

(children exclaiming) - These kids, they're gonna remember these experiences for Celebrate Urban Birds, and say, I see myself in the sciences.

- I learned today, I was a citizen scientist.

I was checking out birds, how the science and stuff worked out.

- We saw the rock pigeon, and then we saw the hummingbird.

- Oh! I saw one up there.

- We thought it could be a pigeon, but we didn't know.

- When scientists have a question, and all we are hearing is one perspective, that doesn't make it complete.

We need all the voices, because we're all living on the same planet.

(kids clapping) (upbeat music)


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