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‘Cheetah Cam’ Captures Chase Through the Bush


Cheetahs are experts at chasing down prey over the open savannah, but brush-covered scrubland presents an entirely different challenge. Journey along with a camera-wearing cheetah and his siblings as they chase an elk-like eland and its young calf through the brush. If successful, these young cheetahs may finally be ready to hunt without supervision.


(upbeat music) [Gordon Buchanan] In the forest, young chimps need to learn which fruits are safe to eat.

(upbeat music) [Mimi Swift] Sometimes when she comes down from the trees I can see around her mouth the remnants of some wild fruits that she's eaten, or I can smell it on her breath, something sweet, [Gordon] You don't know what it is.

but I don't know where she's got it, yeah.

[Gordon] The only way for us to monitor Kimbang up there is with our onboard camera.


Now that she's got the camera on, I hope she'll keep it on, and then go off and find her own food.

That'd be really interesting to find out if Kimbang has those skills.

(gentle music) Alright, shall we look at this?

[Mimi] Yeah.

(Chimp yelling in distance) [Mimi] (Laughing) She's checking the camera.

Yeah, it's still there.

[Gordon] To begin with, we're getting a lot of selfies.

(woman laughing) Our camera's lens is highly reflective So Kimbang is having a good, long look at herself, for the first time.

(gentle music) [Gordon] That's great.

Finally, she starts to focus on the task at hand.

You actually get a real sense of how fast she's moving on the ground.

[Mimi] Yeah.

[Gordon] Chimpanzees can the amazing turn of speed.

I want to be able to climb like that.

[Mimi] The strength in their limbs is incredible.

[Gordon] Gosh, how high is she?

[Mimi] She looks really high.

[Gordon] Yeah.

[Mimi] She should be able to go right to the top of the canopy.

[Gordon] She's doing a great job, actually, wearing it, at any point she could just rip it off if she wants, and throw it out the tree.

So it is amazing, actually that she's cooperating like this.

[Mimi] And I'm really encouraged by her climbing, how fast she's going through the vines, or the spiky trees, or the thicker trees.

She's not falling at all, she's finding which branch she wants to go to and going straight for it, and making those right decisions That's really important.

Yeah, she's doing really well.

See she grabbed something to eat.

You see that? [Gordon] Yeah.

[Mimi] She just grabbed it from the bush, she's got it in her mouth.

What is it?

She smells it.

(Fruit thudding) Nope (Laughing) [Gordon] Nope.

Not good enough.


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