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Additional Web and Print Resources


New York Times – “One Thing They Aren’t: Maternal”
This article features a number of animal mothers that “defy the standard maternal script in a raft of macabre ways.”
This Web site posts a detailed account of the breeding and birth cycle of emperor penguins.

Australian Government – Emperor penguins
Here is another good informational site about the emperor penguin, from the Australian government’s Australian Antarctic Division.

Tufts University – Animal Psychology
For those with a devoted interest in animal learning and psychological development, this site hosted by Tufts University has an in-depth chronology of the most important research on the subject.

Time Magazine – “What Mother Nature Teaches Us About Motherhood”,9171,996837,00.html
Time has an article about what we can learn about motherhood from nature.


These NATURE programs also depict life as a baby animal in the wild, across a variety of species.

Arctic Bears

Cheetah Orphans

Clever Monkeys

Penguins of the Antarctic

Prince of the Alps

White Falcon, White Wolf


Bekoff, Marc. The Emotional Lives of Animals: A Leading Scientist Explores Animal Joy, Sorrow, and Empathy – and Why They Matter. New World Library, 2008.

Michels, Dia. If My Mom Were a Platypus: Baby Animals and their Mothers. Platypus Media, 2008.

Mock, Douglas W. More Than Kin and Less Than Kind: The Evolution of Family Conflict. Harvard University Press, 2004.

For our younger viewers, Kingfisher Editors puts out a series of books about baby animals in different habitats, including grasslands, polar regions, rain forests, rivers, oceans, and around our own neighborhoods:
Schofield, Jennifer. Baby Animals in Grasslands. Kingfisher, 2004
Schofield, Jennifer. Baby Animals in Polar Lands. Kingfisher, 2004
Schofield, Jennifer. Baby Animals in Rain Forests. Kingfisher, 2007



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