Clip | The Cheetah Children - Cheetah Mom Teaches Cubs to Hunt

Watching mom is the best way for cheetah cubs to learn how to hunt. She stalks and takes down a ram almost twice her weight, but ‘down’ doesn’t always mean ‘out’ with such a powerful opponent.

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(chirping) (rustling) [Narrator] As she closes in on her prey, the lesson suddenly becomes more compelling.

Watching her is the best way to learn how to hunt.

(ominous music) A signal from her tells them to keep still for the next few critical seconds.

(rustling) (squeak) The wait is over, and they're eager to get closer to the action.

(growling) They've never seen her do this before, and their murmurs betray they're anxiety.

(murmuring) The ram is almost twice her weight, his sharp horns are a lethal weapon, and front row seats have become to close for comfort.

(growling) She needs to clench her small jaws around his throat until he suffocates.

It seems to be a textbook kill, (dramatic tense orchestral music) (rustling) (growling) except down does not always mean out.