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Jacana chick
Big Feet and Buoyancy

This video from the Nature miniseries Okavango: River of Dreams shows how African Jacanas’ unique feet help them search for food and hide from predators.

Animal Observation: Understanding Unusual Behavior

Naturalists use scientific reasoning to explain unusual behavior in this video from NATURE: Undercover in the Jungle. When a spider monkey climbs down from the treetops, naturalists wonder why it would unnecessarily risk its life for a drink of water.

Bob Paine - Keystone Experiment
The Discovery of Keystone Species

In the 1960s, a young scientist named Bob Paine manipulated the small ecosystems in tidepools of the Pacific Northwest. Learn how this simple experiment led to a revolutionary discovery.

Keystone Interactive
INTERACTIVE | Keystone Species Sampler

From the southern reaches of Patagonia to the islands of the Indian Ocean, students are invited to explore a wide range of stories that showcase why “keystone” is a critical term in understanding how systems function.

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